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  1. We are traveling and listened to *The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler*. We all liked it, Mrs. F reminded me of my grandmother. Interesting story.
  2. I like that too, but likely because that is my own love story. <3
  3. Eliana! This is not the first time I have been thankful for you year of reading mysteries. I really wanted to know if I could start with The Reever's Tale, which is the earliest of the series my library owns. Thank you!
  4. I finished Sprig Muslin by Georgette Heyer. What a funny book. I liked it very much.
  5. Oh, Amy! I'll be praying for you and dh. What a crazy stressful time! Unreal sounds like the best word to describe it!
  6. Wordless: Peeking at Practice Wednesdays with Words: A New Delight in Formality
  7. Thanks! I saw on GoodReads that Robin had read the first, but didnt see any others. My library has 5-6 of the later books, but not the first ones. I could ILL or get some on Kindle, but thought I'd see first if it was worth my time. Hope you got back to sleep and some rest!
  8. Anyone know about Margaret Frazer's Sister Frevisse mysteries? Are they good and do they have to be read in order?
  9. $16 for kindle! Yikes I'll look at the library, thanks mumto2! ETA: library has it on order; I'm the first request. Thanks!
  10. Oh, and I almost forgot. I started the first couple of pages of Gaudy Night. I'm anticipating so much, have heard so often how wonderful it is, I hope I haven't built it up so much that I disappoint myself.
  11. Last week I read Cotillion by Heyer and enjoyed it. I wasn't very far in before I hoped what would happen is what would happen. This week I'm trying out The Unknown Ajax. So far so good (1 chapter in) I also read the newest Joan Smith on amazon for kindle, Wife Errant, and it was funny. Jane, let me know if I can help with the blogging process in any way! I cannot wait to hear about your adventures. Czech R is a country I've always wanted to see as well. I'm excited. VC, continuing to pray for good, clear results from the tests and the coordination of schedules. That can be really, frustratingly difficult. You all are making me want to pull out The Ivy Tree, too. I remember its plot being a little fantastical, but that is true with so many Gothic romance and even the Regencies I've read this year. Mistaken identity, ladies (successfully!) pretending to be men, and other such craziness. Fun but not realistic in any way.
  12. Anyone playing today? Wordless Wednesday: Zoo and Geocaching Wednesdays with Words: A Romance Still Unread
  13. It is definitely a shortcut and if you are doing the work, it goes through their chart and explains each element. It also suggests questions to ask. I think TtC is worth the investment. I don't know that you need the book and the video if you're going to read the book. If having the video will force you to go through it, by all means. Then, again, I felt like my high school English teacher covered the I information very well.
  14. Praying for you and your dh, VC. I'm reading Cotillion by Heyer right now. I realized my mom didn't have it in her stash, so I bought it for kindle.
  15. I bought it at convention but haven't used it. I think it is more like a cheat sheet for the parents to help lead through the discussion. I can look more tonight.
  16. I bought the Kindle version of Narnia because there are 4 of us reading it and that way I don't need 4 physical copies. Anyway, the Boxen stories are included with the version I purchased. Might be worth looking into.
  17. Oh, I just remembered, the folks who wrote Teaching the Classics have a book with comprehension, questions, discussion points, etc in their Ready Readers series for Narnia http://centerforlit.com/Materials/RRN.aspx
  18. I was hoping to keep Hobbit/LOTR for a few years. My little one is only 7 and we've listened to The Hobbit on audio 2x and an abridged/acted LOTR once. I'm wondering if we may do 3 levels of Ambleside Lit or how much Lit there is to 8's Treasured Conversations ... Back to Narnia, though. Soooo fun!
  19. My big problem is that we've enjoyed Narnia so much this year at 7, 8, & 9 that I don't know what to do for next year! (we might finish a book or two in January/February, though ... we're a little behind ...)
  20. Mine is more like a 3-Week Report; time has been going faster than I can get things blogged ... How was your week?
  21. We are using Gillian's list loosely and loving it. One thing my kids said they'd add is Pilgrim's Progress around Dawn Treader.
  22. This is my favorite of Howatch's Family Saga books. She writes so beautifully, the twisting of perspectives from character to character is so well done and I find it intriguing how she resettles the plot of Caesar's life into early 20th C America/ Wall Street. The second book in the series, The Sins of the Fathers is good too, but this one is my favorite.
  23. From what others have said, I suspect it is this third book that is the worst in that aspect. I'll start it soon, I think. Like swallowing medicine, get it over with.
  24. Well, now I have to read Reluctant Widow. I liked both of the others, A Civil Contract is different, not heart racing, but maybe more real in an unreal sort of way. A quiet love story in a crazy plot. It has been a long time since I read The Foundling, and it doesn't stand out in my mind. So I vote for The Reluctant Widow.
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