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  1. Here (http://amblesideonline.org/LivingBks.shtml) is a link from Ambleside Online that has a pretty good explanation. Hmmm ... my link didn't work right the first time
  2. The only thing I use the TM for is the book recommendations for each letter ... there are usually 1-5 books listed at the beginning of each letter's lesson that I can look for in the library (sadly, my library doesn't always have them). Once I went through the TM on the first letter, I had an idea of what else to do :)
  3. Also, evidently you used to have to paste in your own prints (?) but they're now in the book.
  4. Wonderful! I've already downloaded them, thanks!
  5. Hi! My name is dawn and I'm 35. I have three children (as you'll see below). My husband and I have always wanted to homeschool (we talked about it before we got engaged!) and we're now on our way as we're doing some "preschool" with our oldest. I have a degree in Social Studies Education (don't boo ... it was certainly part of what caused me to want to homeschool!) from the Ohio State University. We're Christians and intend to school "classically." Some books I like are WTM (obviously), Wisdom and Eloquence, and Dr. Perrin's booklet about Classical Christian Education. I'd like to like Teaching the Trivium, but it seriously bores me to tears ... I'm sure I'll refer to it often in the coming years. Dr. Perrin's booklet helped me tie ideas from WTM and W&E together. I really like the idea from W&E about scoping and sequencing from 12th to K, then finding curriculum that fits what you want to teach. I'm in the enviable position of being able to work toward a goal like that since I don't have to do "K" for 2 more years. Otherwise, I like to read and play with my kids. I don't like housework (understatement of the year). I like to make parenthetical comments (probably too much ... oops there I go again). We live in Central Ohio where I was born and raised. I've enjoyed reading (particularly the K-8 board) and look forward to getting to know you all better.
  6. It is the "Spanish Kids Songs CD" It doesn't sound too goofy so far, there are a list of songs on the site. The songs are translations of songs we sing or latin folk songs (I'd guess): The Spanish list corresponds with the English (there aren't English songs) ... I don't see how to make columns, sorry. The songs aren't obnoxious in any way (in fact I lost track of them in the background as I was cooking dinner) other than they are obviously not professional singers [shrug] We've only listened once, and I could do without Feliz Navidad, but so far so good.
  7. I received this yesterday, May 6, so the turnaround was pretty good :) Looks good so far, I saved files and played the cd ... my kids enjoyed listening to the songs.
  8. I have a 3 year old who has been doing Spanish through a library story time. She wants to do more, so I was checking into The Easy Spanish Jr. I emailed them and asked if I should start the Jr. and if there would be much overlap going into the main curriculum. Marie responded immediately ... and on a Sunday night! She suggested that I start with their CD of songs and games (there are coloring pages on it too) for my 3 year old and do the Jr. next year. The CD was only ~$20 which fits perfectly into my budget. I have *not* received it yet (ordered 4/26, and they're in Canada) so I don't have a review. They also have a video of how the real curriculum works that you can watch on their site. I've been impressed with the customer service, so far. Blessings, dawn 2Sam 14:14 Margaret - 3.5 (Phonics Pathways, ETC Book C, MEP Lvl 1, IEW Poetry, and lots of fun!) Nathaniel - 2 (wants to do whatever his big sister is doing) Rebekah - 11 months
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