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  1. If anyone has used this, I'd love to hear your thoughts/experience. Thanks!
  2. I plan on having my twin sons, rising juniors, take the PSAT this fall mostly as practice for the SAT's. They have done very few standardized tests and my goal is for them to feel as comfortable as possible. Any suggestions for how to prep this summer? Is one study guide better than another? How much time per day for study? Khan academy? Any suggestions from those who have gone before would be so helpful for us. Thank you so much!
  3. We stopped in KC in the fall on our way to visit our daughter in MO. We did the Lego Discovery place, Crown Center and Union Station. I wish I would have known about the WWI museum. Oh well, maybe next time:)
  4. I wanna play!! Are we doing this in September? I try to get in 10,000 steps daily. We were at the beach last week and I didn't walk nearly as much as I thought I would ( helping to watch 8 children on the beach may have had something to do with that;) but one night I was literally steps away from hitting it and so I just walked around the bed in our room. Seriously.
  5. I did a brief search but didn't come up with anything so thought I'd ask. What are your experiences with Plan to Eat? In my ever growing quest to make my life easier, I'm considering trying it but don't necessarily want to pay $$ or go to all the trouble of importing recipes if it's not helpful. Anyone? Thanks:)
  6. Oh, I forgot to add that their newest interest, in the last year or so, is making stop animation movies using, wait for it................Legos;)
  7. LOL! I'll tell my boys that I want them to go outside and do something and then I'll see them in the driveway playing with...................Legos!!
  8. You guys are awesome! Taking notes, thank you;)
  9. Our entire immediate family, 17 in total from 16mos to 53, are vacationing in the Outer Banks next week. This is a first for us and we are so excited. I know there are tons of things to do, restaurants, etc. I was hoping those of you who have been there before would share your favorite restaurants ( date night and family oriented), coffee shops, ice cream shops, shop shops:) places to take the kids and the like. We are in Corolla but are happy to drive anywhere within 30-40 minutes. Thanks!!
  10. My boys are 13 and I don't see Legos coming to an end for them any time soon. They have recently discovered Minecraft but that counts as "screen time" here so it's limited. They can do legos as much and as long as they want in their free time.
  11. This is pretty much what we did last year. I read a chapter on Mondays, discussed a little and that was that. No quizzes or tests. My boys enjoyed the stories.
  12. We've started "school lite", just enough that I can feel justified calling it a school day but not enough to cause a melt-down on anyone's part:). We will be going on vacation next week and then will ramp up to full speed the week after that. And my boys were surprised to find out that they are now officially 7th graders:) Edited to add: Pay no attention to the siggy, have to change almost everything in it.
  13. Thank you for all of these suggestions. Planning geography for my 7th graders and you all have made my work so much easier! Bless you!!
  14. I am in the middle of planning my 7th graders geography course and came on here to ask about travel videos. The Globe Trekker ones look like they will do nicely and I appreciate you "previewing" them for us. Thank you for sharing all your hard work!
  15. We pick up the boys from camp this morning! Cannot wait to see them. I expect them to be very tired ( and happy, I hope) and for me to have a day full of doing their laundry;) I did get some school planning accomplished this week as well as fun things with dh. We took a daytrip to Annapolis, went out to dinner with friends and played mini-golf last night. Oh, and watched Les Mis;) Now, it's back to reality. Pick up boys Do LAUNDRY! Some school planning Dinner: Grilled Pork Tenderloin, grilled corn on cob and lemony potato salad (directly from this month's Southern Living) Now it just needs to stop raining :glare: :grouphug: Jean :grouphug: Praying
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