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  1. I’d love an invite, as well, when it’s back up and running. Thanks!
  2. It’s our main math curriculum. She supplements with Mathmania because she loves it. I usually stay nearby to help her not dawdle all day.
  3. Language Arts: Dictation Day by Day Math: finish BA 3 (at end of B now) and start 4 History: Story of the World 2 violin, gymnastics, and piano lessons. Lots of books, field trips, and time outdoors
  4. California residents can submit a position letter (OPPOSE) for bills AB 2756 & AB 2926 on the Education Committee's website. aedn.assembly.ca.gov/committeehome
  5. I have a 17yo, a 14yo, and a 5yo so it feels like I’m having a do-over. We used Singapore, then continued on with the AOPS sequence for the oldest, and Jacobs/Foerster with the second due to differences in learning styles. With my 5yo, we’re using Miquon and BA, and enjoying both so far.
  6. I asked my 5yo what she would recommend, and she said: Humphreys series (about a classroom hamster) Magic School Bus books Kingdom of Wrenly Mr. Popper’s Penguins Henry & Ribsy Sir Cumference
  7. 14yo is really wanting to do full time de, so she’s taking the chspe to be able to do so in the fall. We might still do AP LIt at home. First grade plans for 5yo: Math: BA 3 Violin and piano lessons Gymnastics Everything else: lots of reading and exploring outside.
  8. I wanted to keep things simple and short because I work from home. My 5yo reads pretty widely, and she has been reading the Let's Read and Find out series and Story of the World- along with lots of fiction- on her own for a while now. So I thought we only needed to do math together. But despite her love for math, she would find a way to draw it out so one sheet of Miquon green would take 90 minutes. It took a while for me to realize that what she's really wanting is individual attention. So we added in The Human Body book and Japanese,(Human Japanese and Youtube videos) and she's finishing it all in the 90 minutes (including jumping jacks, headstands, and dances in between!) we had been spending on math. And we’re both much happier! Yesterday, while we were talking about her older sister helping tutor at an elementary school, she piped up, "Oh, can I volunteer and teach the little kids multiplication and fractions?"
  9. You’ve raised quite a remarkable young man. I especially loved the end of the article about him thanking his professor.
  10. I keep visiting this thread to motivate myself to start my part off the app, but the part of me who's in denial that my oldest will be a senior in the fall has the upper hand. It's as if my not doing my counselor letter and such, yet, will delay what's inevitable.
  11. My youngest wrote in her dad's Father's Day card: "Please have donuts. Love, me." She never writes anything conventional on special occasion cards.
  12. Dd just finished. She said they were only given two 5-minute breaks. She went to the bathroom during the second one, and by the time she got back, they'd already started. Oops!
  13. Thank you all for weighing in. It was a bit disappointing for the children's section staff and the cashier to agree with us, only to have the manager essentially say, "I know what the sign says but i can't honor it."
  14. We were at a bookstore yesterday that had this sign. A fan of this author, dd scooped up the books on display, expecting to pay about $50 (the Thank You one for ~10, and 8 at ~5 each) plus tax. At checkout, her total was $90, because the register would only take 50% off 1 book. When we told him what the sign said, he agreed that we were right so he sent us to customer service, where the manager would take care of us. Ultimately, manager says they can only take 50% off one book. Dd walked away disappointed. What do you think? Are we comprehending the sign wrong?
  15. On page 14 of the course description above are curricular/resource requirements. Design your syllabus to meet those. If you like one of the sample syllabi, you could also adopt and submit it, taking note of the syllabus #. Sometimes the samples are so complicated, it's easier to start from scratch and tailor it to your preferences.
  16. The statistics curricular requirements are quite straightforward that you can actually just choose a recommended text (we're using The Practice of Statistics) and list the chapters and headings on your syllabus, plus a project or two. English Language is a bit more complicated. In a nutshell, the course requires students to read critically and write in various forms (narrative, expository, etc.) about a variety of subjects. There's also a focus on the writing process, with help in the revision process from the teacher. Writing across curriculum should help accomplish that. For my dd's syllabus, I incorporated some of her history readings and assigned her a few longer term papers. Then, I assigned shorter essays and speeches to help her get faster with writing general argumentation and rhetorical analysis. I did my best to keep my syllabi simple while meeting the requirements so we can still have flexibility with our schedule. I also wanted to just have the basics down and still be able to add assignments as needed. I have approved syllabi for both stats and language. If you'd like to see them, pm me, and I'll email you a copy.
  17. Here's how we did 9th and 10th grade relatively inexpensively. We made use of free resources and bought textbooks used on Amazon, usually for under $5 shipped. 9th grade - Giancoli Physics using a syllabus Kathy in Richmond had posted, supplemented by a physics with lab offered by Georgia Tech through Coursera. Lab kit from Quality Science labs (our most costly expense but was used for 9th and 10th grade and will be used again by her sis next year) -AOPS Precalculus - American Odyssey + TC lectures from library - American literature with homebrewed writing assignments - elective: 3 computer science courses from Coursera we counted as 1 credit - photography using old textbook and Lightroom & Photoshop lessons from mom 10th grade Calculus - MIT OCW Physics - MIT OCW and Rice edX AP Computer Science - free from Udacity, now edhesive History - Western Civilization Literature - Middle Ages Great books mostly on kindle and TC lectures from the library (She then decided to take 4 AP exams: Calculus BC, 2 Physics C, and Computer Science to validate above free classes) Just sharing because I hope that this can be encouraging to someone. We wouldn't have known about all these resources without this forum.
  18. In the elementary grades, I let my kids read what they wished. My 12yo, a voracious reader, remembers how just a few years ago, she would borrow stacks of Hank The Cowdog, knowing they were "terrible," along with classics, such as Jane Eyre and Les Miserables. I think, sometimes, we all just need a light reading to sort of cleanse our palates and set ourselves up for the next piece of serious literature.
  19. Yes! But we have a fantastic library system that allows us to borrow from various city and university libraries. I've been able to review curricula, like AOPS and LOF by borrowing them before making the purchase. We've availed ourselves to language programs, TC Courses, audiobooks, Crickets magazines, etc. Our branch even offers robotics (using mindstorms EV3), handicrafts, and exercise classes.
  20. I submitted and had approved an AP Language syllabus this school year. I kept it quite simple to maintain flexibility, while still meeting the AP co-curricular requirements. I incorporated readings from our history course but you can easily replace those with your choice of literature (mainly non-fiction). PM me if you'd like me to email you a copy.
  21. DD is taking AP Language at home this year (we submitted a syllabus.) She finds the timed aspect of the essays challenging, as she'll need to eventually write 3 essays in 2 hours.What has helped with speed, especially with the argumentation essay, is brainstorming examples from literature/history for different SAT archetypes. Angela in Ohio posted about this method in this thread. Instead of making cards after each reading, she just took one morning to brainstorm with her sister. Rhetorical analysis is another skill she'll need for the class. We used this text for review, as we'd covered some of the devices before .Also, this article on the AP Language site gives a nice summary of the rhetorical analysis expected. HTH! eta: punctuation
  22. Mira Costa College has a San Elijo campus that is not too far from Miramar. You may want to join the SanDiegohomeducation yahoo group: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SanDiegoHomeducation/info. Somebody there will probably have more info for you.
  23. My dd took this MIT OCW class, which she really enjoyed. It covers calc 1 and 2 and prepared her well for the Calc BC exam and calc 3. She enjoyed the prof so much, she even recommends the lectures to her friends who are taking calc at traditional schools. http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/mathematics/18-01-single-variable-calculus-fall-2006/
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