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  1. We just got back from the doctor's. She got the vaccination and had 3 vials of blood drawn (she is being tested for hair loss). Other than a sore arm (I would have a sore arm too!), she is fine. The hardest part was fasting for those tests especially since we were forgotten in the waiting room. The computer didn't know we were there! I had to go remind them that we had been sitting for 30 minutes and my daughter was feeling a bit yucky from no food. Anyway, it's done and I'm glad that's over. :-)
  2. Thank you for all the replies! My husband is undecided on getting this vaccination for her. I needed some encouragement to help him understand how important this is. She has an appointment tomorrow to get the shot; now I just need to discuss it with him tonight. Thanks again!
  3. I am assuming most here went ahead with getting this immunization for their child. Any adverse reactions out there? Anyone NOT get it and still able to attend college?
  4. I don't know why this made be giggle....but it did. Sorry, here's the link: https://forums.sonlight.com/
  5. Wow! Thanks for the report. Looks like there are not many who risked it all. I continue to be impressed. But will wait just a bit more to make sure all is well. :D
  6. Yeah, I get those warnings and I visualize my whole digital life going down the drain.....but I so admire your bravery!
  7. I wonder if there's any discussion about it on their forums. Since you already bravely forged ahead, maybe you could check and see if there's any talk about it over there. :001_smile:
  8. I keep getting a warning that I shouldn't go on Sonlight's forums website ('not a trusted site'). Has anyone else gotten a warning like this today? It was okay yesterday.
  9. AHL is Ancient, not British lit. Maybe you meant WHL?
  10. Crochet is the one of the few things in my life right now that doesn't want something from me, is always there when I am in the mood, relaxes my weary nerves, and does what I want it to. ;)
  11. So, are you saying that you can unravel from the other end (the beginning)? To me, that means that you are going to place where your foundation row is. Normally, you can't unravel from that end. You can only untie those stitches just like you are describing the problem areas....the stitches only will untie by hand. No way can you do that for very many rows. Sounds to me like your work is backwards. I have never had where my rows I am currently working on will not unravel except when using a nasty yarn that 'gets stuck'. Is there any way you can fill in the missing areas with a piece added into your work? It all depends on the look of your pattern....would it hide the added piece well? ed And I feel your pain about stressing until you are back to where you were. I do the same thing. If I rip out a couple rows, I have to sit there until it's all back again looking tidy and happy. :) So, don't do anything drastic. Three months is a lot of work to catch up on. I would set it aside for a day or so, catch up on your sleep, and maybe an easy fix will present itself.
  12. Praying for her family.....and my sister is having surgery tonight....she has cancer too. It sucks.
  13. Let's see, yes, the notes have all the comments about slavery. The other resources in Core 100 do not go down the road. I want to clarify and say that I did not state that SL condones slavery, far from it. They do present both sides, but I feel that they go over the top in trying to portray that some slaves indeed loved their masters and their lives. I do understand that some slaves felt that they were indeed rescued from living pagan lives in Africa (Phillis Wheatley comes to mind), but then there were those such as Amos Fortune. He wanted to be free, but that did not come until he was too old to enjoy it. And the name of the war is a minor issue. I also found where he calls it, America's Great War. I think that is much better than any of the terms I've heard. And yes, the North was just as racist as the South, they just didn't need slaves to work in the steel factories! I totally understand that SL gives both sides so that the student can make up his or her own mind, BUT sometimes there is a lopsided amount of Mr. H's way of thinking to achieve a balanced approach (to counter the lopsided approach in regular textbooks). Mr. H is the first to say that he doesn't want to push his agenda, so I know he gets there is a danger there of this happening. And as long as the teacher recognizes the issues, then it can be an interesting journey. I still might use Core 100 again with my dd; it's her last go with American history and I wouldn't want it to be boring. ;)
  14. I am in the process of trying to decide what to use next year for American history. My son did Core 100 a few years ago and frankly, I had a hard time swallowing all of SL's comments on slavery and how many slaves really loved being slaves. Like my dd said to me yesterday, 'it's like a tiger in the zoo....sure he loves the free hand-outs, but he doesn't know any better. And the tiger doesn't have to work for his hand-outs either'. So, your comment about SL telling the truth of slavery, well, maybe I just didn't get what Mr. Holzmann was saying. I know he doesn't condone slavery....but then says it's allowed in the Bible....and then says that many slaveholders were cruel....but there were plenty that were kind too. I understand that not all were cruel, but to own a person is just wrong to the very core of my being. In addition, Mr. H renames The Civil War as The War for Southern Independence, and then goes on to tell the student to make up his own mind about Lincoln (after dragging Lincoln's name through the mud consistently throughout all the notes), well, it just doesn't work well that way. I need to go to bed, but wanted to give my thoughts on this. Thanks for listening.
  15. My son began with IEW in 4th grade I believe. He could not write well at all back then, but then again most boys can't. It did immediately improve his ability to see into a sentence and I do think it appealed to his sense of order. He continued with IEW on and off through his senior year. I personally did not like the program. That doesn't matter I guess, but it always felt like fingernails on the chalkboard when I heard those nasty who/which clauses or saw those checklists. I wanted a free thinker. Hah! He dealt with it and survived and now he's looking into getting a Master's degree in Creative Writing. He took the good of IEW and left the rest. He dropped the checklist early on and changed the format of the outlines. I asked him the other day if he thought IEW was worth the effort and he said the best part was initially knowing how to do the keyword outline and fused outline. But for both of these he changed somewhat, using the 'improved' form for his college papers and co-op classes he has taught since then. I think IEW, for us, was good as a jump start, a good foundation to build on. I just never liked the confines of it, but then again, he's now the writer and I'm not. ;)
  16. Thanks, Lisa, for sharing your experience as well. I don't feel so alone in my pain. Yup, you just never know how something 'wonderful' will actually work within the constraints of one's own family and the student's workload (real or imagined ;)).
  17. I get ill every time I think of all the money we spent this year on two online classes that did not work out for my dd. And the thing is I came here for recommendations and they both had glowing reviews from just about everyone. I can't stress this enough: take every review with a grain of salt. Something that works for many may still not work for your student (or for the parent who has to experience endless frustration making all the technology end of it work). Granted my dd needed extra attention with good, detailed feedback, but I don't think that's too much to ask for over $500 a class. Anyway, won't do online again. :glare:
  18. This is late in getting to you, but CONGRATULATIONS to you and your son. You have been so encouraging to me on this board. I am glad there is a good search engine here so that I can always pull up your old posts. It's funny, I only found THIS thread when I was doing a search for Lori D. (I wanted to reread your posts about American Literature). :-) BTW, we used Conceptual Physics this year and that book is way cool. So much better than Apologia for us. Anyway, hope to see you back here soon!
  19. Just wanted to say 'thanks again' to those who helped me with my little difficulty of forgetting to pat the turkey dry. The beast turned out great and I'm sure it was all that water I left on it. ;) It was moist and delicious. Well, maybe I'm stretching the truth on that one just a bit, but at least, no one got sick! :)
  20. Thanks to you guys too! Looks like we were all posting at the same time. So far, so good, the turkey is smelling great, with another hour to go. Yeah for me!
  21. Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to answer. I'm feeling better about it now; my aunt also told me 'don't worry about it'! :) Happy Thanksgiving!
  22. I just put a turkey in the oven. I haven't done this in many years and forgot to pat the turkey dry before adding all the seasonings. I did rinse it with cold water over and over again, but just forgot to dry the skin with paper towel. Will it be okay or should I did the thing back out and redo everything? I just don't want to make my family sick with bacteria still in there because I didn't pat the dumb thing dry. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :001_smile:
  23. http://www.frenchteachers.org/concours/gc_about/gc_specs.html Moki4, you might find the site above helps with figuring out what constitutes what in each French level. :)
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