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  1. Our library doesn't do fines for kids cards unless you actually lose the book.  They also don't let you borrow adult books on kid cards... except that when DS was 6 and started wanting chess books from the adult section and it wouldn't issue them, they overrode it (I may actually have said "do I *look* like these books are for me???").  It's handy because he now reads all over the adult nonfiction and selections of adult fiction too.  I admit there are a few that may have slipped onto his card that were certianly not for him... but no fines, how am I meant to resist?


  2. I always have trouble getting a facebook link to give to people not on facebook or not friends, so I made this photo public. The link should work. I took this from the street in front of my house.



    I am so insanely jealous of you right now. 


    We watched the live stream here in New Zealand.  SO COOL!  My son was leaping up and down and cheering. 


    The landings look so fake - like a film run backwards.  It is amazing.

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  3. NZ here - we haven't started back yet, won't start properly until after Waitangi day (6th Feb) when we're done travelling and daddy goes back to work :-)


    DS is year 7 this year (y6 Aus I guess) and DD is year 5 (Aus year 4). 


    I have a vague idea of what's happening this year, but I'm sure it'll change.  It will involve a lot of maths for DS and art for DD I'm sure. 

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  4. once as a kid (I'm assuming it was flu)  I was ridiculously unwell and don't remember much of it, apart from raging temperatures awful aches and sleep walking.  I was staying with my grandmother because my mother was in hospital.  All I remember of the Dr visit is him telling grandmother "just tell her mother she has a cold, that's all she needs to know". 

    once as an adult (again, assuming, dr said sounds like it, don't come in) verrrrrry unwell for 10 days, probably a month more before I was really back to close to normal - while family had it that time.

    once as an adult (confirmed by swabs) "swine flu" when they were testing people.  It was confirmed but was the most minor of my three experiences - unwell for 3 - 4 days and back on top of things after about 10 days.


  5. I hope some people turned up.  Lemon Tassies sound amazing.  Onion tart ...  I'm trying to imagine how those ingredients would taste together, but I can't.  I am intrigued though... by custard, do you mean actual custard - like the milky sweet dessert kind? 

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  6. yes, they could ruin it by pulling it out, tipping it or breaking the shell off.  I would wait.  I would also resist buying one - a famliy member insisted on giving my DD one last year against my wishes, she watched it hatch, played with it on the day and then never touched it again.  HUGE waste of money (which I knew it would be, hence asking the family member not to do it).

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  7. So, anyway... I think Fractions is just fine for a young 9yo, but I don't know how many kids that age I'd just give the book to to just DIY. Also, Stan's ideas (the ones unrelated to math) are sometimes a bit out there, so I like to discuss them with my kids, but I can't think of specific books for that, other then Pre-Algebra 2 with Economics.

    ohhhh yesssss.  Stan leads to many discussions in our house.

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  8. Just adding to my earlier comment - while we keep *working* through the books, the kids read and reread the other books all the time - they are often needing to be fished out of someone's bed when we need them for work.  I think that's what I love most about this series - they are books my kids like to read for fun.


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  9. we have just kept moving through until they stopped understanding and then taken time to consolidate.  In the higher level books there are a few more "adult"  ideas - I had to explain to my son what "grass" is, and there are a few things like one about noses needing to be non-co-planar when kissing in geometry, lol!  My son was grossed out at the idea of that.  The higher books are definitely written for an older audience, but nothing "damaging" IMO

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  10. I have a couple of friends like this - during those intense parenting years we kept in touch via email or on the phone.  Once the kids were older evening get together's were more doable, so we do that.  I avoid getting my children together with theirs at all costs, however, because I value the adult friendship, just don't like their kids so much.

  11. Hmm, they don't go back to an easier one if the kid can't get the age-appropriate ones?


    What if the kid needs more than 20 seconds to get it?  Score is zero?  Does the kid know there is a time limit?


    Still seems strange.  Seems pretty unhelpful to score zero if the kid is, say, 2/3 years behind.


    we back up to try and establish a base score - but of course there are only so many questions to go back through.. if you reach the bottom of the test with no correct responses then it is, indeed a zero. Some tests the child knows there is a time limit, some they don't.  We usually try to prompt a response if we think they have it but are running out of time.  That's something I'd comment on in the narrative report though.

    I remember a poster on here ages ago (KPzz, I think) said that if the test scores don't match the child you know, then there is something wrong with the scores.  You would know if your child had such a problem with tasks like the visual puzzles tasks (to the point of her getting a zero) without needing a test to tell you.

    this is so true... there shouldn't be too many suprises in test results, more like aha moments usually.  I tell clients though, that I can only report on what I see on the day, and it is merely a snapshot of the child at that time.  I cross reference with extensive background info and school / home reports to try and make sense of what I'm seeing.


    Which brings up another thing.  I thought IQ was mental age over chronological age.  So there were two sections where the average "age equivalent" was over 15yo, which would give a quotient close to 150, but the score and percentile did not fit with that.  So color me confused.  I should be able to ask the psych about this, but I don't trust her at this point.

    this is the old fashioned ratio IQ score, but is not relevant to current scores


    Block design was also supposedly below average, as was coding (processing speed).  But within a range where it could have been her being distracted or whatever.


    I see several other things that make no sense.  For one, in the verbal section the age equivalent of 14:6 and 14:10 get a scaled score of 14, but in the fluid reasoning section 14:10 gets a scaled score of 11 and 63%ile.  (Kid's age was 10:8 so if 14:10 is accurate then I don't think that is 63%ile.)  Another FR subtest is  ">16:10" age equivalent but only 91 %ile.

    you mentioned poor motor skills - this could certainly impact on coding which is a pencil and paper task.  The rules for block design are also fairly tight, so if motor skills are poor enough they can impact on the result.  This would e commented on in the narrative report.


    The variance in the subtest scores reflects how rapidly those skills develop at different ages.  So if a particular skill is likely to develop quickly at, say age 10, then 5 more points might not make much difference to the scaled score, and only move the age equivalence a few months, but if another skill is likely to develop slowly, then 5 points could be a huge leap in scaled score and a few years in age equivalence.  I'm thinking of one subtest on a test battery that goes something like 7y3m, 7y5m, 7y6m, 8y, 9y6m, 12y, 14y for consecutive scores.  I can also idenitify at least two subtests on that same battery where a 10 year old scoring at 14 would be at the mid 60th percentile... it just means that it's not too unusually to have 10 year olds score at that level on that subtest.  The scores you're mentioning above are entirely possible.


    It sounds like you have a number of valid concerns and more information should definitely be forthcoming (and not at extra cost to you!)  Any subtest that is scored (genuinely) at 0 would get a specific comment from me about what was going on. 

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