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  1. :party: That is great news! I can't wait either. Basically, I love the program except for that one killer flaw. But if that's going to be history, then I'm a happy camper. Thanks!
  2. Yep! And at least you figured out you don't like it without getting too tied up in it!
  3. Dunno. If you're just trying to assign one assignment, you can drag and drop. I usually do auto-assign. I didn't start having problems with the assignment calendar until it started getting REALLY full. Now it takes every inch of my patience with this program for me to put up with the super duper slow assigning. They absolutely must fix this feature, or I will definitely jump ship next year. This year is already planned out, but a 10-30 second delay on everything I type or click is unreasonable. But where you are, just starting---it should work fine.
  4. Try going to Admin, School Info, School Years, Students (at the bottom of the "School Years" page), then click on the "add" button" to add her as a student.
  5. Go to Admin, Users, and click in the triangle/arrow in the upper right. Select "New User."
  6. A learning plan is the selection of courses assigned to one student. A lesson plan is a component of a specific course. For example, WWE as a component to the course "1st Grade English." You might have a lesson plan just for WWE. In that lesson plan, you can generate a list of assignments (for WWE, I did 4 days a week for 36 weeks, with each assignment labelled as a chapter and a day). When the lesson plan is assigned to a course and a course is assigned to a student, it will automatically show up as something to be assigned in the assignment calendar under that student. I use "auto-assign" and bam! WWE is assigned MTWTh, every week, as part of 1st grade English. Repeat for every resource, every course, every student. (For TOG, I just made lesson plans labelled "TOG 4 LG History," etc, and added the assignments individually.) Clear as mud?
  7. Can you be more specific? I found it pretty easy to figure out, so maybe if you share what you're having trouble with, I can try to help. At what point do you get stuck? I
  8. Yes, young, and it comes through in unexpected places. In discussing Beowulf in MOH 2 it describes the story of evidence of humans co-existing with dinosaurs.
  9. Seriously. I had no idea. I kind of like our cat, but my life would go on without her and now I have to worry about this, too. We'll be selling our house in a few years. I guess this thread has taught me that if she dies, I will not rush to get another cat, even if the kids bat their sweet little eyes at me!
  10. :iagree::iagree: I love getting down there to visit that one. AND--Plimouth Planation is free on August 31???!!!! That's great to hear! We live an easy drive away but we've never gone....so expensive! I think we'll try to get down there. Thanks for sharing! Oh, and by the way, I don't think you'll really get kids motivated to go to MIT by visiting the dorm rooms. I guess they were nice in McCormick, but the ones I saw in East Campus and Bexley were no great shakes. Harvard, now...those are some beautiful rooms.
  11. :lol: This was hilarious...thanks for sharing!
  12. You don't strictly *need* the classroom CD, and you could make do with the individual CD and the Guide pedagogique (GP). The individual CD has the just songs and raps, so you know the tunes. If you buy the classroom CD, you get the songs, raps, and all dialogues & exercises from the textbook. The script for those dialogues/exercises is printed in the GP, so you could just read them yourself. Even if you have a great accent in French (even if you are a native speaker), I still think there is value to the CDs, because they have lots of different voices speaking French. There is always the danger of a student's getting used to only the teacher, and then not being able to survive in situations with other speakers. Plus the CDs purposely put background noises on the tracks, to strengthen the real-life simulation of the listening environment. Personally, I think they are well worth it. I don't know about the Amazon shipping problem. It would certainly make me hesitant to buy that item from Amazon.
  13. I agree that there's hardly any reading. One thing to note is that in the workbook much of the writing is in French handwriting. That was tricky for my dd. You might be interested to know that there's a coordinating series, "Apprendre a lire avec Alex et Zoe," which I believe is a phonics program in French. I love Alex et Zoe, which you probably know if you've been reading old posts! :001_smile:
  14. I think you can't just have the entire schedule just work for the new child, but all the lesson plans and courses are saved, so all you have to do is reassign them to the younger child. The auto-assign feature is pretty powerful, so unless your scheduling is really bizarre it should be able to do the new schedule quickly.
  15. Yay! Thank you for this question and the answers. This was a question I didn't realize I had, but my littlest is a lefty and I have zero experience with this. I'm glad HWT will work, since that what we already use, anyway! I guess somewhere in that TM is something about how to teach a lefty!
  16. I was nodding right along with you until I got to this. What! Sacrilege!
  17. Regarding the assignment calendar, I think that right now it's not the best way to view the assignments for the child. It is the place to schedule them. They told me they are adding a "switch to weekly view" option on the assignment calendar, which should help the assignments be a lot easier to read. I imagine eventually they will add a "day" view option as well. For no, what I do to see the results of my assignments is to logout and log back in as my child. That is a little annoyance, but the logout/login features work so quickly that it doesn't bother be. Then I can get the weekly view. Then when I can see how it looks, I log back in as myself to continue. I think the Assignment calendar is the weakest part of the program right now. I have a lot of stuff scheduled for 4 different kids, and as it stands the assignment calendar is on a 5-20 second delay for everything I try to do. Talk about frustrating. This is the only part of the program that really worries me. If they don't fix it, I won't be able to continue to use OLLY because I just don't think I could deal with any additional slowdown in the Assignment calendar as I add another year with fresh assignments (in a year). But I feel confident that they will fix it. It's a brand-new program, and they are working on improving it, so I am coping now and trusting they will fix it. I've already installed one update--a pop-up showed up when I opened OLLY, and I just clicked "yes"--and everything worked seamlessly. Now I'm off to explore routines, because I haven't really worked with that feature and I'm curious to give it a whirl!
  18. Yeah, for now it will work great if you fall behind. I wrote the company about bumping backwards (so if you actually manage to get ahead you can move all assignments back) and they said they are working on that feature. Better and better!
  19. I ordered from europeanbook.com. There's also Schoenhof's, which I think carries it but their website is a mess--www.schoenhofs.com. They do have free shipping over $50. Sellers on Amazon seem to have some good prices. I think for the best prices on this program you probably have to piece it together. I remember I bought most from europeanbook.com because they had the best price on the classroom audio CDs (like, by $30), and I just bought everything else there because the price difference wasn't huge and I didn't want a big hassle.
  20. Make sure you select the student you want to assign it to. That's in the upper right corner. Choose a student, assign a course, assign learning plans to course, and assign lesson plans to learning plan. If you did all that, maybe it has to do with the school year. As in, perhaps you're planning for the 12-13 school year but are looking at the "active school year" of 11-12. HTH
  21. Yes. Just go to the week you want to print and hit the Print button. (Use Next Week and Prev Week to navigate.)
  22. Not only do I not have a problem with it, I am perennially astonished that other people do. I have several naked art pictures on my wall, and one Rodin simulacrum miniature of one of the naked Danaides, and my children have grown up with these. I don't think the kids have once mentioned anything about nakedness in art. It's like it's its own special context, where nudity is par for the course.
  23. :iagree: Exactly this. I've tried spelling programs because I feel like I "should" be using them, but in reality my kids seem to be good at spelling (so far). These programs took up time, and I realized that since they are already testing above grade level on spelling, I wouldn't sweat it too much that they still occasionally misspelled words. Now, at 13, my oldest two rarely misspell a word. So it all worked out and I'm glad I didn't spend any more time than necessary on this boring subject.
  24. I should add, too, that for me the main draw of having this is to make sure I use all my resources and that we stay on a reasonable timetable I always get really excited about different material, but then I just kind of forget to use it. I don't need to produce complicated reports for my state, either, so I'm using it just for my own benefit, and to stay organized.
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