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  1. Nope, it's as low as it can get. We shop strategically, etc. We can't really cut it more for a few reasons. My daughter has PCOS and is insulin resistant. This means fewer carbs and higher quality ones. If we were to skimp, it would mean a lot of empty carbs and processed stuff and for health reasons, no can do. I also have some dietary restrictions that make it a bit harder. I'm in the Seattle area. IME, the groceries and produce costs here are more expensive than almost anywhere else, save NYC and Hawaii probably. It's way more spendy than even Los Angeles.
  2. My H was in the Navy for several years. His impression on it was that he saw rampant cheating by the married men..rampant. He was a bit shocked by it (he was single at the time). He also saw a few sad situations where the woman cheated and had a child with someone else while the husband was deployed, etc.
  3. Exactly The problem is with him, his expectations and controlling attitude about it. I'm really shocked that women would ever put up with something like this. I would probably laugh in his face if my husband said something like that to me, or expected that.
  4. So, if I don't believe, I'm just supposed to suck it up and go along? Why are my beliefs, or lack of beliefs, not respected? I have no problem with people praying, but there is no need to do it and trample over the rights of other people.
  5. Same here It makes me so thankful to live in an area like this and reaffirms that I need to stay here.
  6. I would personally choose California over Alabama any day! The cost of living is much higher though so prepare for that.
  7. Exactly, they would not It is honestly offensive for people to assume that others that are not religious must just suck it up and deal when others would not be comfortable if it were a different religion, especially Islamic or similar. Plus, religion does NOT belong at a public school. I would email right away.
  8. I agree, this is INCREDIBLY selfish and I would be beyond angry and there is no chance that I'd go along with it. The child and the family relationships are most important.
  9. I would have him go get it and cook it! :001_smile: Going out sounds good too!
  10. Aww, she sounds cute. I will say thought that my half Asian daughter hates being so small compared to the rest of us. She's 16 and in a family of tall people, especially women. I always say positive things but she just wants to wear heels! :glare:
  11. No, it doesn't shift things one way or another. It's so odd that people believe that! I don't drink milk and never have. I'm lactose intolerant, have a wanky gallbladder and frankly I hate milk. I'm caucasian and 5'11. :) My daughter is half Asian, LOVES milk and drinks way more if it than I'd like, and she's 5'2 at age 16. :) Makes no difference IMO. I don't think that we are even meant to drink milk really.
  12. I prefer it too! I would also watch documentaries than watch movies. I guess I just like to learn, I dunno!
  13. I live in Issaquah :iagree: It is the most beautiful place ever. Not cheap but I absolutely adore it. I'm in the downtown area.
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