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  1. I would read them in order of publication. There is no need to know any of the "history" from the Magician's Nephew to appreciate the books. I think the revelation that happens when you read the Magician's Nephew in publication order is so exciting! It's like "Wow, that's so cool!" FWIW Magicians Nephew is my favourite and I would still recommend reading it in publication order. The light bulb moments are much more intense that way.
  2. Just send you some info about a professional educational editor that I know. She is currently laid off work and doing "side jobs" to help supplement her family.
  3. Send her a message via Facebook and tell her that she hasn't returned your emails but you noticed she has been on Facebook so you thought you'd try there. Tell her you've also tried to join the Yahoo group but haven't heard back from that either.
  4. I read this book "You're Wearing That: Understanding Mothers and Daughters in Conversation by Deborah Tannen It has an entire chapter on mothers and their daughters hair. It described my relationship with my mother to a "T"
  5. Once you have an Apple ID set up you can take your credit card off the account then no one will be able to purchase anything.
  6. This is what I do. Not on purpose to exclude anyone. That's just how I've always done it.
  7. I know one family that did gymnastics/cheerleading with one daughter while the other daughter and son barely did anything and both of them resent their sister because of it.
  8. I haven't read the rest of the replies. I would leave it alone. I wouldn't punish him for it. It was an accident and he feels bad. If he didn't feel bad I think it would be a little difference and you'd have to deal with that. I think mercy needs to take over. I remember breaking an expensive item by accident and my dad didn't talk to me for three days. It was the worst punishment ever. We were just talking about the other day and he was laughing about it and saying how it really was no big deal and he just went out and replaced it. I started crying - I'm an ADULT now, I shouldn't be crying over it. It hurt me so much that my dad wouldn't talk to me I was still emotional 20 years later.
  9. I'm from Toronto and there are pros and cons. Multicultural - LOVE it!! People are not as friendly as other parts of Canada and it wears you down. My DH teases me that I can't go out without someone saying something nasty to me and I'm nice and minding my own business. He's watched from a distance and then come in to rescue me. It's insane. Homeschooling is generally good. Weather is pretty decent too. I still want to move. That probably wasn't helpful.
  10. I'm currently in Ontario and have lived in BC and Alberta as well. Weather wise, BC is the least mild. In Ontario homeschool is fairly easy. If your children have never been registered with a school in Ontario you don't really have to do anything. Just homeschool
  11. I escaped from my babysitter unnoticed when I was three and walked to my parents restaurant. It was the middle of winter and I only had a coat, not even zipped. My mom went straight home and fired the sleeping babysitter watching my two year old brother and one year old sister.
  12. Yes, my daughter had some and it was only a year and a half ago. We're in Canada though. The brand is "Baby's Own." I think they're called diaper shirts, that may help with your search.
  13. A friend of mine just got an awesome job with amazing pay in North Dakota!
  14. I would recommend working up to the recommended dosage. I was on it and I started it at the prescribed dosage and I got really sick. Chills, headaches, etc. I looked at the side effects and it was exactly that. I called my doctor and he said to work up to the dosage and I should be fine and I was.
  15. I just went online to find a decent recipe for beans in the crock pot so this is pretty funny and timely. I have a bag of black beans instead of pinto does that matter. What does soaking them do? I've never done this before.
  16. My friend had a polar pregnancy and it was devastating for her. She had to have a D&C. One mutual friend told her that she had a D&C and it wasn't that bad. Don't say that. Her D&C wasn't pregnancy related and it hurt my friend a lot. I treated as a miscarriage and babysat her other children. Made dinner for the family, etc.
  17. Hate to break it to you but it doesn't change. DH and his brother STILL do this when they get around each other and they're 51 and 44.
  18. Oh, one of THOSE days... shudder... LOTS of patience to you
  19. DH would know the answers to most of the questions and he has only missed one doctors appointment for our daughter since she was born and it was an unexpected emergency visit and he was there as soon as he could be. We usually go together because we both want to be there, not because one doesn't trust the other. Our doctor likes it he says he rarely sees fathers so it's nice that we come in as a family. Plus we use our family doctor instead of a pediatrician so we usually talk about issues either one of us are having too.
  20. No one had my first name, maiden name combination - no one. Then I got married and I now have a very common name. I HATE it!
  21. Every time I post a reply to a thread (and not a controversial thread - usually stay away from those) I'm told my response will be posted when approved by a moderator. This hasn't happened before. Did I do something wrong? Is is because I don't have a certain number of posts? Is this new? It wasn't an issue before. I makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong and confused.
  22. We have six car driveway but we're not allowed to park more than two cars in the driveway because others might think it's an eye sore.
  23. Could you imagine what his wife (Pat Robertson's) was thinking?
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