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  1. My kids started CC in late elementary, but I wish we would have enrolled earlier. That being said, I think it would get a little "old hat" if you repeat cycles. Each child will differ in their ability to be in a class for a few hours during the early years. I think 4 is a bit young for the program, but it is doable by 2nd/3rd grade for sure. Each community may vary (even year to year), so be educated in what is available in your area. Since it will be your first homeschooling experience, you may want to put the money elsewhere. School can be easy,fun, and affordable in the early years. Save your energy and dollars for the later years when participation in outside classes/activities is more common. Just my two cents!
  2. I was just expressing my opinion because someone asked why this could happen- it's a discussion board. The world is evil, what can I say? It has been through the ages.
  3. Sorry, don't mean to offend. Tis true there are other peaceful and loving religions/cultures/mindsets in the world. That is why I prefaced my post with IMO.
  4. IMO- violent video games/movies, loss of morals/lack of Christian values, medicating children, drug/alcohol use with young adults, dealing with bullies, major economic issues, broken families... I have no problems with guns... a gun in the wrong hands- that's the problem.
  5. My dd has an exteme gag reflex and is very picky. We've always encouraged new foods, but she is "scared" of them. It comes down to sensory issues. It's annoying, but she will gag and puke over a bite of macaroni and cheese. She is doing better, but does not like "mixed" foods (cassaroles, spaghetti, meatloaf, etc). This all started when she was around 2, before that she had no problem eating most foods. She has always thrown up over finger paints, silly string and gets sick when people burp around her. She even gagged at cotton candy. I was finally able to convince her that cotton candy was not evil and she did eat a bit. This past year she finally decided that cheese pizza was okay. She also can really tell the difference between "cheap" tastes (like frozen pizza) versus homemade or pizza chain. She will not eat pizza from the grocery.
  6. They are really cute. My aunt got dd a house and several dolls last year. I had never heard of them before either. We saw a cute tree house for them this morning at Walmart. DD doesn't play with them very often, though.
  7. :grouphug: I think many writing teachers are just nasty by nature. DH has had similar experiences in high school and grad school, although the grade was lower than a B (C-), caused him to lose undergrad college credit and lose his Honors Diploma in hs. Vengeance was paid though last year when he wrote on to Law Review in law school, won an Outstanding New Associate award, and became an editor.
  8. My First Piano Adventures is a great series if you wanted to try it on your own.
  9. It was so hard to pass up this deal this morning. They still had dolls when I looked online, but I didn't want to spend the money and dd is already getting a bunch of AG stuff this Christmas. How exciting for those who got one. An amazing deal!!!!!!
  10. I have known a couple of families do this, including very close friends. It's a noble cause and I know with God all things are possible, but it can be very hard. Sadly, in these cases the move and ministry did some terrible emotional damage to these families/marriages. Here are some considerations: - one family had plywood (2 by 4's) blocking their doors for safety on the inside - kept a gun in the house - guard dog - didn't play outside (unless dad was home, then cautiously) - cars broken into often - local libraries are not always someplace you would want to go by yourself - being around poverty/crime all the time is hard on you emotionally if not used to that kind of thing - bars on the church windows - church experience is not the same because inner city problems are not usually surburban problems, no like-minded women/children to socialize with
  11. My dd fell in love with that horse too. I told her its not going to happen between us or the grandparents. My mom did find her a bigger plastic horse her dolls can ride on. I like the Our Generation (fake American Girl) horses at Target. They are pretty neat and have adults and foals. They are still bigger and come in a nice gate box. I believe they come with things like blankets, brushes, etc too.
  12. Awesome! This will go along great with Galloping the Globe's Christmas Around the Globe.
  13. :grouphug: :grouphug: And more :grouphug: . This was my dd, although she would take a few cat naps. She LOVED watching baby videos (like Baby Einstein) from 3-months on. It held her attention and it was my only sanity for the early years. Having a high needs baby is so hard and almost no one understands. BTDT. :grouphug:
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