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  1. I need one too so I'm keeping my eyes on this thread!
  2. How fun! We finished last Friday. Its a great feeling to be done!
  3. I agree barely reading at 8 is not normal. Sound like he's making great progress though.
  4. If it is challenging her,no need to have her do more. I dont have a problem with my dd doing different grade level work. Just recently dd got to fractions and decimals and just advanced even more quickly. I had thought too that she wasnt as advanced in math but I think she was just not challenged enough or not interested. I would let your dd just progress at her own pace,she might even out later.
  5. Abeka is a very solid program if you want spiral. Pretty advanced too. We are switching to bju next year because abeka tends to review more than DD needs. Bju is mastery. Abeka was very good though,just alot of review.
  6. My daughter is 6yrs old and we've started 3rd grade already we are doing, Math: abeka 3 Language arts: abeka language 4 Science and history: abeka 3 Reading: Christian light education gr 3
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