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  1. I'm in CA too, and this doesn't surprise me! I'm glad to homeschool. I'm not sure they really care about challenging the kids nowdays. Its more like just getting them to go to school so they can keep the doors open kind of an education.
  2. We are switching to bju this year from abeka(at least I think). I too was wondering how much of the teachers guide I would use. I haven't ordered the teachers guide yet since I have yet to find a used copy of the 3rd edition tg! It sure is expensive! DD will be doing 5th grade.
  3. No I do not say a thing. Although sometimes I would like to when I know she knows something but I keep a straight face.
  4. We've been off for 2wks! loving it!! We will probably take off until mid july or beginning of august.
  5. I liked abeka handwriting for K.. they have manuscript and cursive. DD did manuscript.
  6. very cool! We used CLE for 1st and 2nd grade. Interested to hear how it is for algebra!
  7. Don't do Abeka 4th Language. DD did abeka k-3 and we liked it but when it came to 4th it was soo much repetition! Plus they kinda threw all the rules out at once which made things confusing!This year we are switching to BJU 5th grade and we already received it and I love what I see! Not soo much review that dd will get overwhelmed. I love that it has alternating writing chapters.
  8. For younger kids my dd-7 has typing instructor for kids, she likes it but I would think older kids would be bored with it. Mavis beacon for the older kids is what I would use. We've never used the regular typing instructor.
  9. COTTON BALLS!!!! Yuck.... every time I read that my skin crawls!,, I can't stand the feel of them.
  10. I let my DD who is 7 go at her own pace. Even if that means going way beyond grade level. She's been doing pre algebra and taught herself algebra to my amazement. She should hit algebra by 8 and I know she is more than ready since she showed me she can already figure it out. I'm just really working on cementing the basics first.
  11. I agree with the others,as soon as it bothered her.
  12. hugs, I can't eat when stressed either. Its normal for some ppl. It will get better.
  13. lol that happened to me a few weeks back. I'm 30. Except the kid made a remark.. I told my hubby I still have it...lol
  14. just wait until she throws out her multiplication facts faster than you can think. Its kind of embarrasing for me..lol
  15. We started out with abeka which is great for advanced learners. K-3 I loved abeka.Christian light education is good too.
  16. lol that's how it goes. My DD is small for her age and ppl ask her if she knows her alphabet yet. She gives them the strangest look! Lol. Oh and if I ask her to add or subtract anything she gives me the whole this is so boring line. Even multiplication and division is too easy. These kids act like we ask them to torture them..lol..
  17. We used cle and abeka so far. DD is pretty solid in her grammar from these. We are switching to bju next year because she needs more writing instruction. I have the abeka language A book DD did half but got bored because its so repetitive. Its good if you need lots of review.
  18. i love abeka up until 3rd. We are switching to bju because abeka 4 looked really repetitive. I have bju writing and grammar for next year I'm already loving it! DD hasn't used it so I can't say how good it is.
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