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  1. Ace paces are great for self learners. If you want a christian theme and self teaching I would go with that. DD does a few ace subjects and I really like ACE word building(which is their spelling program). She spells really well and learns the definitions. I like how easy it is for both of us.
  2. We did bju math 5 this year and I thought it was very good. It wasnt too teaching intensive and taught the "hows" very well. Dd was in 4th but did 5th after coming from abeka 3. She did very well. We did cle math for 1st but I found she didnt retain as much as abeka or bju. Abeka was just too much review she didnt need. BJU has a good amount of review but its not overwhelming. We liked it but are going with ACE for 6th grade. I like their updated upper level math.
  3. I'm not exactly sure what you mean but I'm glad we are in CA where we don't have to worry about keeping a portfolio or anything like that. I would say let her go at her own pace. Every school is different even in public schools and some are ahead of others. My dd is 8 and going into 5th grade. She was skipped in private school though so not sure how public would react to that. We dont plan on putting her in public. My thoughts are don't count the work done in the summer as its not during the school calendar year.
  4. That sounds about right. My 8yo dd soon to be 5th grader took the test and placed in TT pre algebra. If we decide to do tt she will start where she tested.
  5. I am still somewhat undecided for my 8yo soon to be 5th grader. She did all abeka k-3 4th grade was BJU 5 for most subjects except science and ss which we used ACE. This year it will be one of two things: Math: ACE UPDATED 6th grade paces or TT pre algebra(havent decided) English: ACE 6th or BJU 6 SS/Science: ACE 5th/6th(we really liked the paces for SS and Science last year) Word building: ACE mid 6th/7th grade paces Music: Violin and Piano. Foreign Language: Hebrew Typing: typing instructor for kids I know alot of people dont like ACE paces but dd loves them. Plus they have updated their math and science/ss and it is actually pretty good. I have found she does better with mastery. She hates doing review as she learns really quickly. Doing abeka math became torture. lol. ACE wordbuilding was great for her spelling!
  6. My dd did Abeka k-3 and did great. I think it gave her a solid foundation. For 4th we did BJU 5 Math and that was really good too. She went from Abeka grade 3 to BJU 5 math easily. I think I like bju math for its slow incremental teaching style. As opposed to abeka which was kinda learn and move on quickly. Next year we are probably trying ACE math because the updated upper elementary math is actually really good and I want dd to really cement the facts in.
  7. no I dont think so, although the kennedys have me wondering... lol..
  8. I vacuum about twice a week. We dont wear shoes in our house and its a small place so no need to vacuum more. I sweep about every other day since we are always dropping things in the kitchen! Mop not as often.
  9. I usually say thank you. Although it does seem weird to say. Especially when ppl tell dd she has such long hair.. I told her to say thank you but still feel its strange to say. LOL..
  10. wow this is sad. It seems she really did try to be found!! I'm wondering why it took them this long to even get these details??
  11. Could it possibly be acid reflux? Its usually worse after getting up in the morning and eating. I have reflux and skipped breakfast most mornings in fear of throwing up because it would make me sick to my stomach. I got it under control but I still can't eat right when I wake up.
  12. wow interesting about the localized allergic reaction. I thought it was normal for it to hurt too, but im guessing with a fever its not. Good to know next time I get one.
  13. well dd was 4 when she started k so I guess I wouldn't mind. BUT I dont think its their business to tell us when our kids are ready to go to school.
  14. I gave pretty much all dd's baby clothes away and we have been trying for another for quite some time! We didn't have room for all the boxes in our small place so they had to go. I figured if we had another we can just buy some more clothes.
  15. I'm not sure I can be that helpful. We put dd in her crib and shut the door. Yes she cried for a bit but went to sleep and never really bothered after that. She only sleeps with us now if shes sick.
  16. I really didnt know if it was one big one. I went to the dr who didnt do tests even though I told her I was feeling nauseas, felt like I needed to push something out, go pee alot, backpain. Low cramps. I honestly thought I had a uti. But they did test my urine and nope all clear. Next day I was having more low cramps,backpain. So much that I went back to acute care. Dr didnt do tests but said my symptoms didnt sound like kidney stones(i asked).. Went home and felt like it was so I researched the remedy,drank it and there ya have it. I felt better within a couple hours.
  17. I did 2oz olive oil and 2oz lemon juice mixed. I'm pretty sure I didn't drink the whole thing because it was sooo gross. LOL.. let me warn you though I kinda gagged on it and I was in the bathroom within 30 min.. lol but it did help. ETA: This is the site I got it and its for kidney stones. http://www.earthclinic.com/CURES/kidney_stones5.html#RF
  18. I would if needed. Not sure if you tried this but I did a remedy for mine when I was in pain using lemon juice and olive oil. (mabe even acv I can't remember).. Let me tell you that worked within a couple hours and I passed mine. Although mine were very small and came out like a bunch of specks. I was in pain before though but after I had no pain.
  19. I'm not sure. I guess if she had the energy, although at that age I can see a person forgetting things and getting tired much more easily. Would she be able to teach things taking into account the changes in technology and educational standards. They are alot different now than say 60yrs ago. lol.
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