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  1. A friend of mine was in the hospital and had given birth. They gave her an Ambien and that night she peed the bed. She didn't remember much about it other than the nurse yelling at her and making her change her own sheets. (bad experience) I told the morning nurse what had happened and she said she HATES that they give anyone Ambien. She said she routinely deals with people peeing the bed, walking down the hospital hallways naked and all sorts of stuff because of Ambien.
  2. Dinosaurs were birds now? Crap....I guess I need to start doing some reading before we get into dinosaurs around here.
  3. This is why I haven't been to this forum in a while. I realized homeschool parents are just as judgmental as every other group. :( It was very disheartening. I, too, loved school. So, yeah...maybe my homeschooling is more like "school at home." We have real school desks in front of a chalk board and white board. I do sometimes ring a bell to get the boys to come to the room. (which they love, by the way) I do use worksheets (again, which they love), specific books for each subject. It works. I really think I am going to start having my boys raise their hands in some situations. It's something they need to know. When we go to the library story hour they need to raise their hand to talk. In class at church they need to. It's one of those life skills and why not teach it along with everything else?
  4. We are only 18 lessons in, but I LOVE it. I guess at this point my only complaint is for my oldest He'll sound a word out right away, but they still go through saying each sound like two or three times. I just tell him to be patient. When things start slowing down and he's really grasped it, though, it seems to then jump on to something a little more difficult. He starts getting a little board about one lesson before story time, but then story time hits and he gets excited. I'm just amazed at how much he's learned in 18 lessons. This is the only reading program we've done, but I love how they gradually introduce left to right, say it fast, moving from mark to mark. At first I couldn't understand why they were doing some of that....at the beginning with just pictures....but then it hit me and I felt stupid. :)
  5. I've been a Sparks, Cubbies and Puggles leader and am a Sparks director now. I also have a Cubbie and a Sparkie. :) I LOVE AWANA. Re: getting more verses signed off on than you thought they'd get. I have amazed parents all the time. Their kid will do a handful of verses and they thought they knew one. If you drill the kids they do know them...forward and backwards and what they mean. BUT....if you only want them doing the one they worked on, I'd tell their leader. I totally understand wanting to go more in depth with the verse. Or if they are very capable of doing two or three, just work on three during the week and make sure they have a firm grasp. Re: Security. Talk to the leaders and directors! Sometimes it takes a parent bringing up a concern to get something going. I go to a very large church now with a very in depth security process. It's something we discuss every week in our leader/director meetings. Talk to someone and let them know you'd appreciate a little more strict security measures. Talk to the pastor of the church if you need to.
  6. T-Mobile here, too. I've had it for years and love it. Great coverage and inexpensive. We always put on $100 at a time so the minutes don't expire.But I think you actually only have to do that once and as long as you add minutes before you run out, the new minutes don't expire either. Or something like that.
  7. Ack. This thread is too long....nobody can keep my posts straight. NEVERMIND!
  8. Sorry....I meant a general "you." I don't know how to phrase what I'm thinking. I don't think there is any way that we, as mothers...women, can understand the way our sons...especially at the age where the hormones kick in...think about sex/sensuality/women's bodies. Our brains do not have that visual thing theirs do when it comes to our hormones. Not saying nothing is visually sexually stimulating to a woman. Of course it can be, but I really don't think it's the same as with a man. I just think that with sons we have to be hyper-sensitive since we aren't able to understand. Yes, I still think we should teach them the way our society looks at things is wrong (oversexualization), but we can't assume teaching them that will change the way their brain is wired. If we do teach them those things we should still take into consideration their age and the fact that there's a good chance they are still going to struggle with certain pieces of art. And this is coming from a Christian pov.....I just feel that I have the responsibility to never put my son into a situation that is an obvious temptation for him...that could cause other struggles. It's not going to be a struggle for every boy. But I can't say that just because I teach him certain things it isn't going to be for him.
  9. The popping them up and cleaning them thing is appealing! Do you just lay them down...they aren't stuck down or anything? Can you use them in basements?
  10. Absolutely. And I have no doubt that happens.
  11. On the same note, I really don't think anyone has implied that any boy would think every nude image is erotic. I'm thinking, at this point, nobody is understanding what anyone else is saying.
  12. My initial point is there has to be a line somewhere. That line is going to be different for each person, which is fine. To assume you've done such a great job making nudity "normal" and disregarding their feelings is just as bad as assuming everything is going to turn them on and therefore keeping them completely sheltered. We don't have that much control over them...they are still individuals and no matter what we do they are still going to react in their own way.
  13. I think it's incredibly unfair to say a boy who finds a painting which you find to be completely innocent to be "hot and heavy" was trained to feel that way. Sure, for some, but that is a very unfair generalization. I have no doubt there are young men who are just biologically very visual and no amount of trying to desensitize them is going to work.
  14. We have hardwood all over our house, including the playroom, and my boys have never minded. I just have a rug in the middle of the room to add a little cushion. :)
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