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  1. I would have picked the "weird, but funny" option if there was one. This was essentially my reaction: "What? LOL. Weird." But, I can't get it out of my head today. puppymonkeybaby puppymonkeybaby puppymonkeybaby And I have a strange desire to go watch it again. Yup, I think it did it's job.
  2. My clothes aren't trendy. I'm wearing what I usually wear in the winter - jeans, boots, solid color tee, cardi. It's cold here. I add a hand-knit scarf/shawl when I go out. My makeup and nail polish are more trendy. Today I'm rockin' a dark fuchsia matte lip and shimmery gold/neutral eyes. On my nails I'm wearing a smoky navy creme with dark metallic grey accent nails, 2 on each hand.
  3. I got to customize the colors on my latest phone. So, the front is black, the metal around the sides is dark grey, the back is a darker blue ballistic nylon, and the accents (around the camera lens on the back and on the speaker on the front) are metallic violet. I like it. I don't use a case. I also get a free design refresh in about a year, and I think I'm going to pick the black pebbled leather for the back, and I haven't decided if I'm going to stick with the black front/dark grey metal combo or try the black front/champagne metal. And I then I will probably pick either the metallic red, violet, or pink accent. Most of my previous phones have been black, although I did have a pink one and a silver one in the pre-smartphone days. I would never get a white phone unless that was the only option. I just don't like them! Something about the contrast with the screen I don't like. I like black phones much better, they blend in with the screen better.
  4. I first heard about this back in October...looking forward to it.
  5. I do a lot of "uh-huh" and "mm hmms" and tune the rest of it out as best as I can. But my ears get tired too. I need to be inside my own head sometimes. Non-introverts just don't get it. And I hate to say it, but sometimes I resent it when I'm busy working on something, and then someone constantly talks and and pulls me out of my head, without first asking if I have time right now or if I'm busy.
  6. I have been noticing this exact problem since early December, and I've even commented about it before. I could put some things in my cart on a Monday, that all say Prime (and with none having those messages that say they might take an extra day or two for processing,) and then when I hit checkout, some might say delivery on Wednesday, others Thursday, and some Friday. To me, that is not the Prime 2-day shipping that always arrived like clockwork before. (It was always 2 days when it was UPS for me.) Although to be fair, at the same time, a few times I ordered late on a Friday, it shipped out on Saturday, and it was at my house by Sunday morning at 11am. I like that, but it doesn't really make up for the times when Prime shipping is obviously taking 4 days or more. (I had one that said Prime and it took over a week!)
  7. You know, I was on vacation last year, staying in a hotel, which has all sorts of different noises, and it sounded like there was a truck outside. I eventually got up and looked...no truck. Then I thought maybe I was hearing someone else's A/C running. But I stayed up looking at information and that was the first time I had heard of The Hum. And I thought, huh, that's weird. I wondered if I was hearing it, but I thought probably not. And I was wondering if I had heard it before, because silence can be pretty loud and almost hum-like at times. I feel like I have pretty sensitive hearing, but I have no idea if I can hear what people call The Hum or not. It would be interesting to go to a place that has frequent reports of it and find out.
  8. Lol! Sorry. Go have fun if you want. :)
  9. Hey, it seemed like it was needed. :) And I do feel that every sound has a logical explanation. :)
  10. Waiting on an EMAIL? Insane. The boy did the right thing. Even if someone were worried about faking, isn't it better to deal with a possible life-threatening situation first, and worry about the other consequences later? I had a friend in Jr. High and High School who had asthma...she always carried her inhaler with her, and I saw her needing to use it a few times. It makes me upset every time I see someone talk about inhalers or epi pens being locked up, since those are things that are needed NOW, not when someone gets around to answering an email!
  11. I have snow on the ground and snow piles in my yard that have been there for weeks without melting because it has just been too cold, but that's probably not what you want to see, as I don't live where this weekend's storm is supposed to hit. But really, anyone who wants snow should just come to my yard and take some, cause I'm done with it. :P If I'm lucky it might start to melt in March.
  12. For those who are spooked by these stories and need a dose of reality: There are no ghosts, or spirits. Every sound has a logical explanation. Even when I was little, I would listen to sounds in bed at night, or in the morning when I woke up, and would eventually be able to identify them. Some houses have a LOT of settling noises that don't necessarily sound like settling noises, others not as much. There are a lot of other strange noises. For example, in my current house I have a huge wall that creaks whenever the heat is on; the refrigerator has been know to make some really odd sounds that don't sound like a refrigerator, and the TV setup on the first floor occasionally makes these weird vibrating/whirring noises. The first time I heard ice/snow slide down the roof of this house, it sounded like a noise that was *in the room* but it wasn't. At night when it's quiet, it's a lot easier to hear things that you wouldn't normally hear, and from farther away than you might think. I've been in bed and heard the people talking before...it's the neighbors, but not the next door neighbors, but ones behind us and sometimes even a couple houses down. I do get up and check it out, looking out the window and using my ears to figure out which direction it is coming from. Sometimes people run some sort of machinery at really odd times of the night too. I've heard doors slam and garage doors open that are not ours, but at first sounds like it could be downstairs. We once lived in an apartment where not only could I hear the people above us having a fun time in bed, but then later I heard when mice started scurrying in the ceiling. That was strange at first. I was glad when we moved. Hearing noises that wake you up can be a sign of anxiety. I've heard these noises, and I always go investigate: I check the front door, sometimes I go downstairs to the basement, but if everything checks out and I don't hear it again. then I know it was just in my head. There is even something called Exploding Head Syndrome, that an estimated 20% of people have, who hear loud noises that aren't real that wake them up. As far as the OP, I don't know why you heard footsteps, but if I was there I could probably figure it out. People are always asking me what sounds are, I guess because I'm good at identifying them. Also, the stories of people living in garages or basements, or the story where someone came to steal from the office, I find those fascinating, but again, completely logical explanations. I think the takeaway from that should be to always investigate sounds that you can't immediately place, and look perhaps where you might not think to look. That's what I do. I've been known to walk around the house, even during the daytime, listening for a sound, first trying to place whether it's an inside or outside sound, but once I've placed it, I can be confident what it is. Oh, and I have this one piece of tape in my bedroom that gets blown around whenever the heater turns on that freaked me out the first time I heard it, because it can sound like whispering or someone shifting something around, but I would have to move a whole bunch of heavy stuff to get at it to remove it, because it's under heavy furniture, and I'm just not that motivated. EDITED to add: And sometimes, if it sounds like a duck, then it's actually a duck. On the roof. In the morning, quacking for 15 minutes and waking me up. The duck on the roof returned 2-3 more times within a period of a week or two, never more than two houses away from where it originally showed up.
  13. I voted that I know how to drive one, even though I haven't driven one since high school. My mom drove a stick at the time and taught me how, and I did drive it a good amount at the time. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to pick back up again. But I doubt DS will learn, as we don't have a stick and probably won't ever buy one. We don't know anyone who owns a manual.
  14. I've been whining about the snow since the week before Thanksgiving when we got 14 inches. There's been snow on the ground for weeks and keeps snowing more on top of it. So no, it's not too early to whine.
  15. I started a Bullet Journal in March of last year. One of the draws for me was that it wasn't pre-printed with dates, so it didn't matter if I skipped some days, or even longer (since I skipped about two months during the summer last year, and random days since.) With a dated planner, I always felt like I was behind if I didn't fill it in. I've been using a squared Moleskine, and I like it well enough, but I got a good deal on a Peter Pauper Press Essentials grid notebook last month, and I'm going to use that for my next one. Great paper quality. I will probably end up trying a Leuchtturm 1917 at some point too. But I've had a love affair with paper since I was little, so I just want them all. But it doesn't matter, you can use any old notebook. It's the system that matters.
  16. I love carrying a big purse, but I do not always fill it up. I like having the option of putting stuff in there when I need to though. Normal contents: TWO wallets (yeah, I know, but I don't know where else to put all the store loyalty/punch cards... I would never remember to bring them otherwise. Since it's more like a zippered pouch, it also carries two pens and a small notepad.) Makeup bag Earbuds Small bottle of contact solution or rewetting drops Small pack of tissues (which I would not carry if it weren't for DS and DH needing them so often) Fem products Hand sanitizer Keys Phone And since it's winter and I need them every time I go out: a scarf and knitted gloves that I made. Those obviously are taken out when it's warm enough. What I have carried regularly in the past, and still do sometimes: Small pack of Wet Ones (Dorito/Cheetos fingers on a kid, anyone? Has come in handy at other times too.) Small hand lotion Travel or disposable toothbrush when DS had braces last year But I like having the bigger bag for when I want to put my knitting in there, or a couple of water bottles, or my Kindle. But those things don't live in there, they come out when I get home. Usually the bane of my purse are papers...receipts, other papers. But one wallet has a pocket for receipts so that has been helping.
  17. Read all the things. Have discussions about questionable parts. Put it into context of the time when it was written in if needed. Read the original fairy tales and nursery rhymes and talk about what lessons they are supposed to teach us. Have faith that your children will be smart enough to figure out what's right and wrong, good and bad, questionable and unquestionable. Not to mention, a book is a safe way to explore what might happen if questionable choices are made. If you don't know what's bad, you can't know what's truly good.
  18. This is probably not what you want to hear, but artificial nails are eventually going to make your own nails worse. The best thing you can do for your nails is to use cuticle oil, often. (Look for one with jojoba.) Cleaning, washing our hands...water, is very hard on our nails and dries them out, and then they break. A lot of people have good results with Bliss Kiss Simply Pure nail oil, and they have a 3 day hydration challenge that I've heard good things about. Many people also find that just wearing nail polish (base, 2 coats of color, top coat) can help protect their nails, and you can "seal" the end of the nail with polish to help keep the water out. Others have good luck using a nail strengthener, and some of them can be used as a base coat. But overusing them can also cause a problem, and there are different kinds of nail strengtheners. You may want to do a little research on it.
  19. Burners. I grew up in IL with a gas stove, have electric now and still call them burners. (And have never heard them called "eyes" until this thread!)
  20. I guess that's why I woke up grumpy from the nap I took this afternoon. I slept away the whole afternoon (seriously, I had a NAP, why am I complaining?) and woke up at 5:00pm and thought, "I have to make dinner now. I bet there's still probably dirty dishes/pots/pans in the kitchen I need to deal with before I can do that." I know it's my own fault for not dealing with them earlier. Now they're taken care of and there's still no dinner.
  21. I was a little worried since I have been having weird arm pain and tingling the past few weeks, but it didn't hinder me today. However, my toes and calves got a workout with all the stretching and reaching to get stuff out of the left side of the closet and put it back. (There are still non-clothes piles in the way of me reaching over to the left side of the closet to get stuff, thus the problem.) I was going to stop after I pulled out all the closet stuff, but since the rest of the clothes were just sitting in various piles right there, I figured I might as well get it all done at once, just like she said.
  22. I KonMari'd my clothes today! I still need to do shoes and purses, but I will either do them tomorrow or this weekend. But I did tops, bottoms, jackets/coats, socks, underwear, pajamas, and scarves. I'm giving away 4 black bags of clothes and throwing away 2 white bags. The socks and underwear I didn't want filled up 1 white bag by themselves. My remaining socks and underwear fit in one drawer, and my remaining clothes would probably fit in no more than two bags. I had to hang all of my remaining clothes for now, because aside from my sock/underwear drawer, my other drawers are taken up by non-clothes junk. So i will have to empty those drawers before I'll be able to put any clothes in them. My section of the closet isn't very big so I hadn't been able to put all my clothes away for a while, and some were sitting in piles, so this is good. (DH's clothes take up like 2/3 of the closet.) Looking forward to getting rid of some shoes and boots I haven't worn in years, and clearing out the shoeboxes so maybe I will have room to store something else in there. I purged quite a few bags/purses earlier this year but I could probably stand to KonMari some more.
  23. I checked scissors, hole punch, measuring cups/spoons, and throw blankets. Scissors I have one main pair that lives on my desk, and gets use for random things. Then I have a smaller pair kept with my knitting stuff. I also have an even smaller pair that lives with my cross stitch, and a pair just for cutting cloth. DS has his own pair of scissors - he had more but I bought him new ones this year and dumped the old ones cause they were gross, and DH has an ancient pair of scissors that are really heavy and I don't like them but he's fine with them. I have a single hole punch, and a 3 hole punch that I've used so much that it started not working well unless it's just a sheet or two of paper, and then I bought a more heavy duty 3 hold punch this year. Measuring cups and spoons I have 2 sets each, because 1 wasn't enough. I'm pretty sure throw blankets just multiply by themselves. We don't have a use for travel mugs, and we don't have any good travel water bottles... none bought on purpose, just free junk ones that we keep getting for some reason, which I want to get rid of, so I didn't even check the box because I never intended to have those junk ones.
  24. Nail polish, makeup, and yarn. I collect it to use it, and I do use it (or have plans to use it eventually in the case of the yarn). I also have a collection of cross stitching stuff, but haven't added to that in years (still have plans to use it!). At one point in time it seemed like I was collecting purses/bags, but I mostly stopped and got rid of a bunch I was no longer happy with. I feel happy that I have collections that I can use, and not just collect for the sake of collecting, like I used to do when I was younger.
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