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    Happily married wife to my beloved 21 years so far, mama to five fantastic children. Love the Lord!
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    Sunny Florida
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    Family!! Studying God's word, reading, learning, Classical education
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    full time wife and mother
  1. :bigear::bigear::bigear: My oldest daughter is 11. This is new territory for us! :001_smile:
  2. Does every child grow up to think their parent did a cr@p job? No. My husband thinks his parents did a good job. My parents, could have done a lot better, and also could have done a lot worse. What we do is try to be better parents and learn from our parents mistakes. :)
  3. OP, I apologize for not really answering your question, even though it was sorta on topic. I'm just deleting my responses because I've obviously been misunderstood and certainly don't think my personal beliefs are fact, nor am I judging anyone who thinks otherwise. Again, sorry!
  4. I never said it was fact, but said my opinion or what I believe. I even said its something we won't know for sure until heaven. That said, I wish I never opened my mouth on the issue. I certainly didn't want to offend anyone or cause a ruckus... some issues are probably better left alone.
  5. happi duck, that makes sense and I remember that being in the message, like I said it was a long time ago. But what is 'sour wine' exactly? Our wine, their wine, unfermented, fermented, alcohol added? I'm intrigued and am, by no means an expert. Interesting discussion..
  6. My pastor did a message on this, it was a long time ago. No, its not in the Bible, but if you reason through it - he was sinless and didn't want anything to numb him or take away from what He was doing. Why else would he refuse? Just thinking out loud.. :)
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