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  1. I am looking for a good Greek/Latin vocab program for my rising 6th grader. He isn't the best speller and could really benefit from learning "root" words. I have heard of English from the Roots Up, which seems like it would work. Please suggest others for me to consider! Thanks so much!!
  2. Great list - thanks so much! I have Nim's Island and Hoot on my short list that I am just now putting together. I forgot to add "Because of Winn Dixie" to our list of read book/watched movie already. Thanks again!!
  3. Last summer we read the book Hugo and later watched the movie. My boys LOVED it! I want to do the same thing again this summer..read the book and then make a family night and watch the movie. I just need some recommendations for GOOD books. Here are some books we have read and watched the movie. HUGO Charlotte's Web Mr. Poppers Penguins My boys are 7 and 11...they love all genres of books! Thanks in advance!!
  4. My ODS was behind in reading and I used a program called "Right Track Reading Lessons". Cost is minimal...$30 for the book and then a few supplies which are inexpensive. It takes time. We did this program for one full year, but I am happy to report my son is reading above average now. Here is the website: www.righttrackreading.com Good luck!!
  5. My ODS needs multiplication fact practice. What is the best website for him to practice? I know there are many and I don't want games necessarily, but more speed drills. TIA!
  6. Good to know! Quick question...do you supplement with anything?
  7. Singapore didn't work because the concepts taught were easily lost when he moved on to the next topic. When is came time to build on a previous topic, he would forget how to do it so we had to go back and relearn it before he could do his current assignment. It took a lot of time and created a lot of frustration on his behalf. The spiral approach to math works perfectly, because he continually works on previous concepts that are taught. He likes Horizons math, but I want to make sure it is adequate for middle school math. HTH!
  8. My ODS is going into 6th grade next year. He has done 2 years of Singapore math and that didn't go so well so this year he is doing 5th grade Horizons math. I want to set him up for middle/high school and I am worried Horizons isn't the best choice for 6th grade and beyond. My first reaction is to switch to Saxon Math. He needs a spiral math program because the mastery approach (Singapore) didn't work for him. Your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, etc. I will take any and all! TIA
  9. Thank you for the advice - advice in my opinion is best by someone who has or is currently using it. My friend who told me it is a year behind has never used the program. It sounds like a great program! Do you ladies supplement with other writing or no?
  10. This is the problem face with my DS. He just picked up reading with the simple beginning vowel/consonant sounds. I too am afraid that if I do a more structured phonics program that I could potentially mess us his ability to read - if that makes sense. I do feel it is important especially once he starts reading larger more complicated words. Good luck! I feel your pain....
  11. Starting to curriculum plan for next year and I am thinking of using LLATL for my rising 2nd grader. He is a great reader who didn't have much phonics instruction past the beginning vowel/consonant sounds. I have looked through the 2nd grade book and it looked very easy for him although the phonics instruction was good because it went deeper. My friend told me that this program is a year behind and with my DS I should jump a grade. I am afraid to do so, because I don't want to miss anything. Can those using the program offer some advice? Thank you!
  12. My son has been using easy grammer the past 2 years and although I like it, I don't think it is thorough enough. I would like him to diagram sentences. I am not switching him this year, but would like to switch to something different next year. I have looked at many, but Rod and Staff seems to be my front runner right now. What others do you recommend? TIA!
  13. We listen to ours via a cd player. I didn't think about downloading audio books to an ipod...that just opens up a whole other world for me ~ thanks!!
  14. Every day is a little different, but I would say anywhere from 4-6 hours. It depends on how motivated he is that day or what we are learning. If it is history day, he could sit there all day and learn!
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