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  1. We’ve used the Flexi since our GR was 8 weeks old. Never had a problem. If we want her to be able to wander ahead and sniff in the bushes, we let it out full length. If she needs to be close to us, then we adjust and lock it. Easy peasy, as long as the walker stays aware.That’s the whole purpose of the lock. A dog can pull their owner unnecessarily no matter what type of leash. A dog can tangle around another person on any length leash. Leashes need to be replaced when worn or thin, or if the clasps appear loose/weak. It’s up to the human in charge to react to the situation appropriately. When in public spaces or wilder areas it’s just common sense to keep a dog’s lead closer. But hey, I’ve been walking our dog in state parks, along cliffs and waterfalls, and have seen numerous parents allowing their kids to run ahead in flip flops, pushing and laughing as they race along the often wet, often slippery trails, forcing the well behaved out of their way. The gene pool is occasionally no more than a puddle, in dogs and humans alike. Cats are a totally different story. ETA she never enjoyed her crate at night. When she was a few months old we took her on a trip and left it at home; she slept on the floor next to our bed and was perfect. She tended to carry her blankets and smaller dog-beds all over the house, so we got a baby mattress that slides under the bed. She favors the backrest pillows over all, for resting and “ entertainment”. This one’s named Mr.Minty
  2. If they want it, how long does it take to sell a home there? Do you have a place to go?
  3. Yep, it’s s bleeding heart vine, but not the same plant as a regular bleeding heart. Also called a glory bower.
  4. I’m still waiting for summer. Seeing as I’ve needed a sweater a few times recently I guess I’ll have to wait until next year for it.
  5. We’re often too lazy here to haul the grill out of the shed, so dh just makes a sauce and puts them in the slow cooker for a few hours, then broils them a couple minutes. I just bought a package. It’s corn harvesting time now, and a big plate of ribs and corn on the cob is how we sadly say goodbye to summer.
  6. I have no opinion on the topic, but thought how hilarious it is that he considers Stony Brook to be in the middle of nowhere. It reminded me of my son’s girlfriend; she’s from Port Jefferson and told us she always thought they lived sort of out in the country. Then she went to SUNY Geneseo, lol.
  7. This. My son’s research partner is going thru a second bout of cancer, and there are times when he’s not feeling well enough to drive.
  8. Kathy, she’s adorable, as are the boys. Looks like she really enjoyed digging into that cake!
  9. We had dozens of feral hogs visit our yard in TX, we were surrounded on 2 sides by farmland and a pond. They would wander around the pond edges, but never bothered the yard or came close to the house. One large mother would bring her babies out in the evening and our dog would play chase with them. When mom was ready to leave, she’d stand and face our dog, look tough, and he’d run off. We had many armadillo, they’d dig little round holes but nothing serious. We had several peacocks who moved onto the property and pooped all over the sidewalk and porch swing. Raccoons ate a few chickens. Animals do what they’re meant to do. The only creatures I disliked were copperheads and cottonmouths, those were shown no mercy. Holes and the occasional dead bird? who the heck cares. Venomous bites? Nope.
  10. I think that there are millions of ignorant people who still think they have a chance of becoming rich enough to screw the rest. Plus, stupid people are easy to con.
  11. I don’t know, Janeway. I think you come across as one heck of a heartless person here, and that’s the nicest thing I can call you. But I still would be concerned for your kids if you decided to break the law. No matter what kind of scum you are. Because it’s a CHILD, for God’s sake. Didn’t he have some things to say about stuff like that?
  12. We were out driving the backroads yesterday, partly to entertain the dog and to take photos of deer. We stopped at a 4 way, and I was focusing my camera out the window when I realized people were running, adults and kids. My first thought was wow, I’ve never seen any Hispanics around here( nor black or Asian, for that matter). Then I was horrified when I realized they were perhaps immigrant farmers and I’d scared them. I made dh stop so I could yell out to one little girl that we were only taking pics of deer. I felt so miserable.
  13. She is one of my favorite authors, I loved listening to her interviews. I remember my son had an undergraduate honors course that centered around her Beloved.
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