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  1. Tex-Mex foods, that’s it. I’d never live in TX again unless I was incapacitated and someone moved me there against my wishes.
  2. Great. But there’s an easy way to research those that do, to see if anything they say has merit. There are even well respected people with an R beside their name who will tell you their reasons, no need to stick to the biased views of the other side, you know.
  3. Bingo! The schools that require it made their choice, due to examine the health effects, the science of flu vaccines, their concern for ALL the members of their campus community, and also the monetary issues, as it always is. But you know what, they don’t care about the “feelings” of someone who thinks it’s sillyto require college students have certain vaccines, barring medical reasons. ETA I don’t think it’s super common for universities to require the flu vaccine. Maybe for incoming freshmen? After that, it seems that schools just start promoting it in the fall semester that it’s
  4. Walmart had Lee’s midrise skinny. They felt great. I went back for more and found they’d been discontinued.
  5. Our school district has been lucky, it seems like they’ve got kids distanced in class, masked, with protocols in place. The districts are tiny, I doubt there’s more than 10-15 kids per class anyways. Other nearby districts have done well, tho they’re on hybrid schedules. I’ve read that some near Rochester and Syracuse have had case increases and have needed to go online. My son’s school, WPI, has done well, too, last I checked. The students have signed oaths, they’ve agreed to all the rules, and the school spent millions to be able to test repeatedly. They do not allow them to wear bandan
  6. Except you’ve got your facts wrong, lol. The question to him was not will you accept the election. It was if you lose, will there be a peaceful transfer of power. There’s a difference. Peaceful transfer of power is enshrined in our country’s founding since 1800 or 1801, not exactly sure. Wr’ve had 4 years of listening to this person say words, and then have apologists tell us he is being misconstrued. That crap won’t fly anymore.
  7. The other side did not say it. The other candidate would be Biden. Not Hillary. Hillary, as much as some hate it, is not in this race. The president said it. He said he would not say if he’d accept a peaceful transfer of power. Which is enshrined in our country’s founding. To say that is to speak in a dictatorial tone. Or is he once again just throwing out words he has no idea the meaning or importance of? and before we get in to well, Biden’s got a team of lawyers getting ready. Yes. So does Trump. So does every presidential candidate’s team in every election in recent history.
  8. You can watch documentaries about it, with Reiner and O’Connor talking about how some thought it was hilarious to make fun of minorities and women. I’m sure the same type viewers if forced to watch it today would think it was a show lambasting them instead of what the actual show was about.
  9. Some people can’t not worry about it, as one person here said she just doesn’t worry.Another poster writes about having food snatched and cops shot, etc, while seemingly not mentioning the anger over cops making themselves judge, jury, and executioner, the millions of peaceful protests, etc. That is done on purpose. When the leader of the US can not say that he will agree to a peaceful transferral of power, he has basically said he ok’s violence. Why aren’t we as upset at that as people are at buildings being burned? I don’t give a flying flip at those who say we see this every 4 ye
  10. Great show. Meant to show the stupidity and ridiculousness of racism and bigotry. Many people never understood that.
  11. Well, I think the protesters have all of our missing canned goods- the leader of the free world has repeatedly told his rally-goers that they’re throwing cans ( it morphed to tuna cans a couple days ago) of food instead of bricks.... Our Aldi has a limit of 2 cans on tomatoes.
  12. I’ve never used pectin. Apples have so much pectin already!
  13. If you’re talking about different views such as those that swirl around politics, lol, maybe you can find local pol party headquarters and offer to help. Another, and I have no idea what your beliefs are, would be to find the nearest center that provides birth control/women’s health exams- ours are still using volunteers for letter writing and having zoom meetings. Are your local animal shelters open? Some here, when closed, still needed walkers for dogs that they didn’t have fosters for. Do you have a version of meals on wheels? I think many are still delivering to shut ins. ETA- I
  14. Nope. I cut off some a couple years ago, when it was clear that they followed a dangerous imbecile and his goons. I don’t have time to waste on anti-science, conspiracy theorists, faux Christian fools. Really, life is better when you don’t have to have conversations with someone trying to convince you masks reduce oxygen, Beto wants to take your guns, Dems would make it legal to kill a baby after it was born, the dangers of chemtrails, etc. It’s even better when you don’t have to waste time asking yourself why and how a human could be that willfully ignorant. Use that extra time ma
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