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  1. I think part of it is the definition of upstate. Many see that as the area just north of the city, others see it as all of NY except the few counties around NYC. The more rural areas are definitely more “it’s not that big of a deal” mindset about the virus, tho of course it’s a generalization. I’m not far from Medicmom, but a different county. My area is frankly a low-educated, rural, conservative area. It’s a source of pride to piss on Cuomo, a place where if you’re not conservative, darn it, then you must be a Commie. People didn’t experience the trauma of NYC, and because they have an intense dislike of Cuomo they tend to lump NYC in with their bias. We didn’t get as sick as NYC, why are we being treated the same as them, basically. So I guess I’m saying that as you get closer to NYC, or maybe Buffalo/Rochester, the people are masking and distancing more. My closest town is tiny. I went to Walmart and Wegman’s Friday morning. Very, very few people at Walmart were masked. Right next door at Wegmans every single person I saw had a mask on. Call me prejudiced, but I think that they attract two different types of customer, for this town. When we go an hour north to a university town, people at both Walmart and Wegmans are masked. Last anecdote: we stopped at the gas station. A man got out of his car with a mask. Another group of guys walked out and started calling him a p@ssy. He quickly yanked the mask down. I don’t know if he knew them or not, but it perfectly describes the mentality of many here.
  2. I think the video you saw was taken from a store camera. I thought they walked him across the street where his life was then ended. The video of him being killed was taken by a bystander. I also read there are redacted body-cam videos but I don’t know if they’ve been shown.
  3. Thank you. A bit off topic, but I think the 4 instances you describe above also apply to soldiers.
  4. There’s a lot of interesting facts under the Minneapolis Police Department - History wiki.
  5. As sad as this is, I can only hope he will find a happy life with the new family.
  6. She could also look into the free cell phone program, it depends on income levels and varies between states.
  7. And I’m pretty sure the lawyer that represented the police officer that killed Castille is now representing this cop.
  8. When the president of the US says that football owners should throw the son’s of bitches out if they kneel, and his rally goers there freak out in ecstasy, do we really think that we, on the whole, want true justice? I think we are screwed almost beyond repair, and will take so much more revolutionizing than this country experienced during the Civil Rights era. Why is the man who killed Floyd not in jail? The same reason the killer of Eric Garner walked free.
  9. And honest to god, how often do the cops that act like this actually end up in prison? I’d guess that a big portion just get a job in a different city. And how many times have they gotten away with atrocities because they weren’t caught on cell phones or body cams( which amazingly often aren’t turned on or working when things get iffy) But I totally agree that we should give everyone a fair trial. Even child molesters and serial killers. We do that because this is the USA, and it’s an integral part of us. It’s not for them. But I also know that it’s also ingrained in us as a nation that POC aren’t as deserving of the same things “we” are. When skittles, hoodies, sitting at a lunch counter, loose cigarettes, and fake $20 bills can get you killed in America and we debate it over and over.
  10. This. I do want to say, tho, that I wish every single person in America would take the time to follow Rev William Barber II. I am not religious, I’m not a believer, but I absolutely love listening to him. This man understands. He’s amazing.
  11. My garden isn’t planted yet. I’ve got one patio tomato in a big pot. Our yard doesn’t get much sun, so I usually wait until June to get plants, that way they have time to grow nicely at the greenhouse before having to struggle at our place. Our port grapes are just now leaving out, I love how the green is tinged with pink at this point. The outer beds that surround the actual garden have become overgrown with oregano, chives, and sage, which is great because there’s not much room for weeds. Oh, there’s a hugecatnip in the center. I think it stayed green under the snow. Our cat will be perpetually stoned the next 6 months.
  12. I love mints. They spread like wildfire, so I plant them around the yard in bare spots, and it smells great when Ken mows. Do you like anise? There’s Mexican mint marigold that’s similar to an anise flavor. It grows in perfectly rounded clumps and has cute yellow flowers.
  13. I try to get to bed a bit late, around 11 normally, then up by 8. It helps if I force myself to get up at the same time, instead of going to sleep at a set time. I don’t have a tv there, no phone or books. I love a cool room, but I usually keep the window cracked open all year, too. I guess crickets and frogs are my white-noise. About 4 hours before bed I take a long walk or exercise for one hour then a warm bath. For some reason a bath/shower right before bed doesn’t work. Dh swears that having a big tablespoon of peanut butter right before bed helps, but I think he and the dog just like to stand in the kitchen and snack.
  14. Definitely have her make an appointment with the office of aging. They can find the best fit Medicare plan for her income, they can tell her how much savings she can have and still qualify for any help. There are programs that will pay for part D Medicare, meds, for those that are just above the Medicaid cut-off. Is there a county senior lunch program? Here they serve lunches for $3, I think. They don’t sound yummy, but there’s usually a lot of cars there so I imagine they’re enjoying the fellowship. I think a person can receive up to $5,000/year without having to declare it on taxes?? I know things are shut down now, but is there a local, indoor pool that offers exercise classes? That would be good for her knees. And again here, there’s a super low cost to people her age for YMCA membership, maybe that would be a nice gift? And if she needs help with groceries, the rural areas often have mobile food banks once or twice a month. There are several here, combined with church food-banks. The days are listed in our local free paper, and it’s possible to get groceries from them once or twice a week, as most don’t require that you live in the hamlet. During the mid to latesummer they get very popular, I used to think they were carnivals because there’s always a striped tent, but it’s just extra popular because of all the fresh produce being offered.
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