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  1. I’m not sure if this one is the right type of Christianity for you, but it’s a lovely school. Houghton College, in NY. They have a full scholarship for NM finalists, semi-finalists offered thru the Honors group. It’s a tiny school, though I’ve heard very good things about it.
  2. I thought it was pretty well known that the royals were not ever considered highly intelligent, though that was before William and Harry became adults.
  3. Some type of seafood chowder, salad, home-made bread and razzle-berry pie.
  4. Oh, if you can’t get one now, and you believe that he really believes rehoming was best, then I’d let him visit the dog. Let him take pics, bring it a treat, etc. Maybe he needs some sort of closure, and seeing that the dog is in a good place may do that. You may still need to stress, tho, that your home was NOT the best place for the pup. ETA, it’s been over 5 years and I still regularly bring up memories of our old dog. It’s gone from intense sadness to just comments on what reminds me of him.
  5. I’m so happy for you. My mom had a bad head injury, was rushed to the hospital and had a small stroke while being prepped for surgery. Time is certainly of extreme importance. Safe travels for you.
  6. I’d wait to see how he feels once he gets there. It’s not like high school, usually, when you only have 5 minutes to get between classes, unless he schedules his courses right after each other. I went to a huge university and there was only once or twice that I had to hurry across the vast campus. Is the campus hilly, are the sidewalks in good shape with no large cracks or craters, lol. I have no idea if those would affect a skateboard. I think once he gets his schedule he’ll see if one is needed. I’d prefer a bike, but then I’m an old fart and longboards may be more in style now.
  7. How about finding a cute planter and filling it with different succulents? They only need watering once every couple weeks, at least mine do fine with that. There are also types of fancy begonias, or painted leaf begonias, that are gorgeous. I have very little sun on my house, but they grow fine with indirect light. I water them weekly. They don’t bloom( if so, they’re small and plain) but the leaves are amazing.
  8. We’ve skipped it for years, but my son is grown. When he was young, it was merely a day to have a big meal with friends and family, nothing more.
  9. I follow a couple called the Golden Ratio on FB/Twitter. They have 5 large dogs and got a few of these rugs this past summer. I’m sure if you asked them they’d answer; they seemed to be happy with them the last I heard.
  10. My son hasn’t been home since March. All I want is for him to be able to get here during December so I can cook all his favorite meals , bake cookies and cakes, listen to him gently snore in his bedroom, wash the 60 pounds of clothes he’ll haul home, play Scrabble so we can secretly pair up to help his dad lose for once, listen to all his tales and drama of grad school, and sit in our dark basement and slaughter bad guys together on Call of Duty.
  11. I’ve been watching something on Amazon that was $110. A couple days ago I noticed it was now $163. There’s no way I will buy it from them now, even if they put it on sale in a few weeks.
  12. I use the King Arthur recipe for blueberry muffins. They’re more cake like than store bought muffins. You could probably mix up a homemade cake recipe, add a cup of berries, then top it with the sugary stuff.
  13. My mother in TX is toasty warm now, she woke up miserably cold but told me she then set her heater to 79! I’ve been telling her for days that she needed to bring her porch plants in, but she refused to believe me, said ‘her’ weather channel predicted lows of 57, never was a fan of my liberal news channels. I will spend the next 3 days listening to her sad stories of dead plants that she dearly loved. It’s 19 here, which will also be the high tomorrow. Plenty of snow for the dog to exhilarate in. Only 180 more days and things will warm up.
  14. Did you mention where a huge majority of their weapons come from? That’s important, too, tho probably can’t be spoken of due to the everloving worship we have of freaking guns in this country. And your passion for this is extremely similar to my passion for Palestine. Due to prejudice of people’s skin color, country, religion, etc, the media turns a blind eye to the atrocities committed on innocent people, including children. Every damn day. The US media sucks in so many ways.
  15. I think these guys are brainiacs from Texas, but....
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