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  1. Sure. There are humans on this earth who get their jollies from destroying the lives of those they think below them. Those are worthy of my hate.
  2. I’ve said it here before, I live in a rural area full of Trump supporters who fly Confederate flags. My neighbor believes in every conspiracy on infowars. Those types I refuse to engage with, as I see that extreme to be dangerous. The rest are just people I speak to without any thought of politics. At this point in my life, I know who not to waste my words on. Except here, occasionally.
  3. My parents bought their headstone decades ago fortheir family plot, but my mom remarried after my dad died, so the headstone had to be replaced to say Father &Son, when my brother died. Mother and her new husband then bought a plot and headstone in a tiny, historical cemetery about 20 years ago. They were so proud to be eventually buried near Davy Crocket’s family; I’ve got old pics of them clowning around on their graves. She thinks I’m going to hell for wanting to be cremated. Old people are weird, lol.
  4. I’m sorry. Deaths of family members have always brought extreme friction in my family. It happened with the passing of my grandparents, father, aunt, brother and one last month. I am sick of the drama, exhausted from listening to the repeated tales, and also embarrassed for my own anger at the person now grieving. I’ve told my son to cremate me, put me in a cute container on his desk so I can hear him talk, or spread my ashes in a cool forest.
  5. Not always. At a funeral home recently the least expensive casket was $8000, not including your choice of whatever the coffin is enclosed in underground, I think it’s called the lining. I know there are places where caskets are cheap( Costco?) but it seems like the funeral home ‘business’ is easily able to take advantage of grief struck family. I’ve dealt with very caring ones and fairly cold ones, and both were very expensive. I have no idea what the costs and skills are involved with the embalming aspects, though. The headstone/monument business also is expensive. We just paid almost $400 to add a death date. The engraver was less than 15 minutes from the site.
  6. Ours don’t match. We got the first one in town, so it’s our area code, but the Verizon store employees there are extremely unhelpful and quite ignorant, so I decided not to waste my time with them. The other phones were bought at a store a few hours away with a different area code.
  7. Thank you for that thoughtful answer.
  8. It’s become too commonplace. It’s not that people don’t talk about it for fear of copycats, it’s that we’re becoming desensitized. I have no desire to start a thread on non violence, I know a long thread wouldn’t contribute an iota toward ending violence . I also know adding more guns won’t either.
  9. It says so much that a school shooting of kids could receive a mere handful of comments on a board full of parents. To quote a wise guy, the next slogan should be “It’s time to make the unthinkable unthinkable again.”
  10. Oh, but he is the the best political cartoonist! Spot on, 100%, absolutely positively sees into their tiny, evil, heartless souls. But then I wish those that he caricatures to an everlasting hell, so maybe I’m a bit biased. As an actor, tho, his rubbery like mouth bothered me, and I hated him in The Mask. I think his movies were more for pre-teen boy type humor/gags. But I did see him on Seinfeld’s Driving in Cars show and really enjoyed listening to him. Rachel Ray tries so hard to be cute and fails pathetically, tho I think she’s a good person. I’ve never seen any reality show worth watching, and those I’ve sampled the hosts are as obnoxious as the contestants.
  11. I’m so sorry. Goldens are the absolute best dogs.
  12. Well I just shut down the basement stove, we kept it going a few days extra to use up the last couple of bags. Most of our windows have been open the past week because of the wonderful spring breeze. I hate heat and humidity, and after 7 years here my definitions of those have really changed. We’ll bring out the portable AC in a few weeks, unless it warms quickly, and then it’ll be done by the end of July. It’s never really humid here, but once it reaches 75 I’m too warm. We’re driving to Texas soon and I’m going to be a miserable, sweaty, itchy mess. My mom told me they turn the heater on in the mornings, and I know it’s been in the upper 60’s to high 80’s there! Dh said he’s putting me in the backseat and letting the dog in the front once we reach Arkansas because he knows I’ll be non-stop bitching about the weather from there on.
  13. There are too many. But Martha and Bill on Fox News, don’t remember their last names. Their facial expressions drive me batty. One always squints and looks confused, the other looks extremely constipated. Another journalist named Glen Grenwald- he always sniffs and snuffles thru interviews, someone needs to remind him to bring a tissue !
  14. I have no problem with jello in dessert form, but you’ve really crossed the line if you add mayo or cheese or the flesh of an animal, or Spam! I remember a donut shop that a neighbor worked at. She’d bring us these brownish glazed ones with nut sprinkled over. I think they were maple, but the smell of them nearly killed me. That smell, and one other, I was able to recall easily years later, and I’d use it to claim I was sick and needed to stay home from school; I could think about it and throw up on demand. And now after all these posts of mine, I realize that I probably was a very picky eater, but affected more by texture and smell. It never dawned on me before.
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