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  1. This was cringeworthy. Says he tested negative for it, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts he passes that cough on to his toddler by drinking from her water bottle
  2. I know they sell otc pinworm meds at Walmart, it’s right next to the pharmacy counter here. I wonder if it’s the same type drug that people abroad use.
  3. It’s the VP who’s tasked with it now. At the end of 2015 and the Ebola epidemic, Obama set up a permanent directorship at the NSC to coordinate pandemic preparedness and actions with all of our government agencies, as it becomes imperative to know exactly what the others are doing, from national security to health to getting truckloads of food to needed areas, as the Chinese give did in Wuhan. Trump dissolved it after a year. So here we are, folks, listening to our admin say they don’t know if the vaccine will be affordable, how many masks are available, and that the stock market fell on Monday because of a primary debate on Tuesday. Not a lie, you can google those three things and prove it yourself. Everybody say a prayer for Pence, he’s gonna need it.
  5. I know that the snow doesn’t stay as long along the garage walls where the rocks are. Our house and garage and shed are in mostly shade, and it’s damp here. The shed and garage tend to have small clumps of moss growing on them and have to be cleaned each summer, I’m sure the moss is damaging.
  6. We live on a hill and plow our drive, too. Our garage was built a couple years before we bought it. I think it’s important to ask about the slab, to make sure it doesn’t crack in the freeze/thaws. Do you need a window? We have a sloped shingle roof but would like to replace it with metal someday. Do you need space for a work table, if so then make sure there’s electric outlets nearby. Ours is built into a slope, with tons of small rocks sloped on two sides, instead of dirt. One side wall and the back wall is concrete. And once it’s built, watch out for winter-time mice. We stored the bags of bird seed in there in a plastic can and the mice found it. Really dumb of me. They crawled into the air conditioner filter of our ToyotaRAV repeatedly, but were never able to get into our ancient Volvo. One winter our cat slept in the garage, had a raised bed and a heat lamp. When I disassembled it that spring I found that a family of mice had signed a peace treaty with her and had constructed a tiny castle under her warm bed.
  7. I think the missing sheets in the linked pics are just from the kids trashing the rooms. I have no problem with a room strewn with a ton of toys, as long as the kids are shown how and when to put them away. A day or so with a mess like that and the space is honestly unplayable. What drives me nuts is the many commercials I see online and while I’m playing games on the phone. I totally understand that they need to show me the $2000 unbelievably cool bare mattress, but seeing hipster couples wrestling each other on it while their adorable kids and cute dog bounce around makes me cringe.
  8. I’d find a sturdy, color coordinated vase and fill it with peacock feathers to set in the middle under your photos, along with the lamp. I think you can buy them at craft stores; this I just found googling.
  9. When I googled it for Reddit, it shows talk about it started in 2013. Sounds like something bored, dumb young adults have been giggling about for a long time. Who knows, maybe the mind numbing, never ending winter of February has taken hold of their little brains.
  10. I see. But in the debt thread May mentioned both types as being somewhat less of a man- Scarlett’s case and one where her friend refused his parents help for their special needs child because he thought a man takes care of his own. Then it was called a cultural response. I had only rarely heard of one type. I didn’t give a hoot as to if it was correct or not, I only wanted to understadnd what culture thought that in the 2 instances May gave, as I could not think of one. It seems to be more of a personal dynamics decision. Sorry.
  11. I See, I would guess those with more money would maybe be inclined to help, and those who weren’t so financially secure might think their kids shouldn’t get help? But then my own extended family doesn’t fit that. So I thought maybe it’s the way a person grew up. My dad was horribly city-poor, my mom was dirt poor from the country. Both hungry Depression era. Wealthy as adults, my dad was a giver and my mom not. Then I wondered if it was related to political preferences, because I know the “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” is at the fringes of a certain faction. Maybe I was thinking culture of origin, when it’s more of a family culture, as @FuzzyCatz said.
  12. Thanks, this is what I was inclined to think, then I came up with a few examples that seemed the opposite, lol.
  13. Scarlett, I’m sorry if it bothers you that some are still tying this to your story. I was merely wanting to know which culture thought this way, as it was mentioned there.
  14. Thank you! This is the type of info I was wondering about.
  15. Good grief. You’re still not understanding the question, lol. I said the only time I’d heard of turning down help was from old family type shows where the head of the home felt bad for accepting help, so when I read a similar view in the debt thread I began to wonder which cultures she was talking about.
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