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  1. Dotwithaperiod

    HSLDA wow! and remember the newsy bit a couple days ago about a small polling place being paid to rig 2 polls in favor of Trump, then they got screwed by getting paid less than half the fee? Wonder who the pollster that agreed to lie and cheat? The CIO of Liberty University! Wait, a Christian school????
  2. Never been, but Cuba would be at the top of my list. I think that would be a fascinating place to experience, tho not as cozy as the other spots.
  3. Dotwithaperiod

    Grad school -- where to start? This is just a general time line but it helped my son a bit. As Bootsie said above, it’s very important for him to know exactly why he’s going to grad school in order to research which programs fit his career desires.
  4. How long was the service? I’d be worried if it went on more than 5 or 10 minutes, honestly. Have you ever had those symptoms before with jet lag? I tend to have very quick “dreams” or hallucinations if I’ve stayed up, say 24 hours straight; I’ve never had reading problems. I’m not sure if the timeframe, but there are blood tests that can show if you’ve had a recent heart attack. My sister often gets migraines without pain, but everything has halo like lights around things.
  5. Dotwithaperiod

    Kids movies I hate

    I have always had a pretty big distaste for Disney films, and really don’t care for animated films in general. I spent the longest day in eternity with a theater full of sugar stoked 4 year olds “watching” Milo and Otis decades ago, swore never to watch it again. I took ds to watch the original Pokémon movies, and we enjoyed kid films like Babe and Rescuers Down Under, but he saw few other kid films. It wasn’t until college that his friends took it upon themselves to show him all the Disney stuff he missed. I am totally depressed with the garbage films on Netflix, etc. I may have to start browsing the kid section; I recently watched Kubo and the Two Strings and really enjoyed it.
  6. Dotwithaperiod

    I am going to need a whole wardrobe.....GRRRR

    Whatever you get, make sure you get some of those small packages of hand warmers. You can stick them in your pockets, socks, and bra!
  7. Dotwithaperiod

    Aggressive men

    Yes, I’m waiting for her to explain this part, lol. I’m picturing some scene from an old Harlequin Romance paperback or one of those silly books with a confused looking woman in a low cut bodice standing in front of a swarthy man on a stallion, with a castle in the background.
  8. Dotwithaperiod

    Heartworm prevention question- Dog

    There’s also the chance that a family from a frigid state such as NY will travel to a warmer state, such as TX for Xmas trip and encounter swarms of mosquitoes at the dog park, thus needing a winter-dose of meds. And TX has lots of heartworm cases, not merely in the valley. We worked at the dog shelter for several years, and nearly every incoming stray was infected. My vet here in NY, who I would trust with my life, has said the increase of heart worms is quite troubling. So I give Spy’s article a thumbs down and a huge raspberry.
  9. Oh, I love the various Neil Gaimon wishes for the new year. There’s over a decade of them, and each one is lovely.
  10. Dotwithaperiod

    TA experiences?

    I believe universities today look down on students who enter into a PhD program as a way to get funded, then leave with a Masters. It’s a bit unethical, imo, without clearing it with the university first. DS had to be a TA for one semester, then began receiving funding through their research project.
  11. She was totally in the wrong. Personally, I would not have been embarrassed because I reached the point a long time ago that stupid people or cruel people mean nothing to me, and I have no qualms informing them. Secondly, you’d have to physically carry me in to a Joann’s, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. The overwhelming smells, the obnoxious people, the uninformed employees, and overpriced crap from China drive me nuts.
  12. Dotwithaperiod

    Jazmine Barnes murder case

    This. I believe that Shaun tweeted the girls in the truck heard the shots, looked and saw the man in the truck speeding away, tho it appears the white driver was basically speeding away in fear. It’s a well known fact of the difficulty in determine which direction a gun shot is coming from. There are plenty of sad stories from Parkland about this. As usual, there’s a group of hate filled idiots blaming the victims and somehow Shaun King himself. I was a bit surprised it took this long for someone to bring it up here on the boards. I think we can thank Mr King for his hard work, those that contributed to the reward fund, and the Harris County sheriffs department. I’m glad the man in the truck wasn’t harmed, tho I wonder if he ever made contact with the police to prove his innocence.
  13. It’s pretty obvious that even people who visit our parks are capable of being filthy, ignorant pigs.
  14. Dotwithaperiod

    Not wanting to risk it

    I’m going to guess that what stands out to the OP is that the man is having a sexual relationship and says there is no plan to marry. It bothers some Christians, I think the OP’s religion is playing a major part in her pondering what she overheard. If that’s the case, then perhaps we should get into a debate on living in sin, going to hell for sex outside of marriage, etc. Would definitely be more of an interesting thread!
  15. We moved from TX to NY. We didn’t see a huge difference, though. Cooling our house in TX for 3/4 if the year isn’t much different than heating this one for 6 months. Texas property taxes are skyrocketing so what we pay here is perfectly doable. We did notice an increase in grocery prices when we moved 7 years ago, but after being in Texas very recently I discovered that we actually pay much less for milk, dairy, and meat, and have always known there’s much more available locally, with produce incredibly cheap from the mid summer- autumn. Gasoline is about 60 cents more per gallon here, tho. We don’t eat out much, but I do think it costs more here, and you don’t get those super-sized Texas servings, lol . Healthcare is unbelievably better. I’m in a small town, and the doctors actually will sit down and talk for as long as needed. The hospitals in our former state totally sucked compared to our tiny local one and the regional ones in Rochester. We were also lucky in that the ACA was a godsend for us compared to our time in TX. We are now contemplating a move towards MA. I’m in a bit of a shock after researching the prices of stuff there, and now think we may need to look towards adjacent states.
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