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  1. Our previous dog, who looked like a shepherd/deep red collie mix ate a low-mid cost dry kibble for half his life. We adopted him from a shelter, and estimated he was 12 when he developed liver disease. He always had the whitest teeth, the shiniest fur, the cleanest skin. Always trim. Seriously, this dog had no smells whatsoever, and never shed. It was like dirt could not stick to him. He did not like to swim, though. I bathed him no more than 3 times a year. I wish I’d known what his parents were.
  2. Oh, I’ve tried. She’s a nut, though, and refuses to cooperate. Once I asked my husband what he thought she’d look best dressed as. He immediately said he pictured her as an Audrey Hepburn cute scarf and dark sunglasses type. I nearly fell over. Her personality is much more Kathy Bates than Audrey.
  3. I’ve got a Keen Bali slip on. It is the most comfortable, supportive sandle. They make them with straps, too. It’s the only flip-flop type strapless shoe I’ve ever been able to walk in.
  4. Go to Galveston, stay in a nice hotel, swim in their pool, find some place to get a good fish meal, and skip the beach. Hot, dirty water unfit to get your body in, usually the air is so polluted it too is unsafe to be in. The closest I’d get to the water is taking the ferry ride.
  5. I went to Walmart yesterday and noticed the entire main aisle is covered with swimsuits. It’s freezing, we’ve got snow all over, and everyone is still pasty, pudgy pale from winter. People walking in were actually laughing as they strolled past the bikinis. By the time the pool opens, end of June, they’ll have their flannels out for back to school.
  6. Are you near enough to Corning? I saw something called mini-makers,and for ages 5-9, an artsy kids and chefs kids classes. Those two look closed for March, but it says they can be put on a waiting list. There’s also a homeschool group listed as meeting there at the library. Kids under 13 can do this with an adult. May be a way to meet other homeschoolers? Again, I can’t remember how close you are to Elmira/Horseheads One more and I’ll stop, lol. I see that there’s a homeschooling group in the greater Rochester area that has 870 members. Could it be worthwhile to join and then ask if there’s anyone else living close enough to your areato meet-up? I know that the activities are really non-existent outside the larger cities, so maybe some small-town family joined the Rochester one looking for someone like you!
  7. I don’t think I’ve ever swayed on the vaccine issue, homeopathy , or the benefits of essential oils. A while ago our infowar-happy neighbor asked us if we EVER vaccinated ds. When I said yes,we’re not total nuts, he said, “but I thought you were homeschoolers.” I replied that we weren’t those crazy type homeschoolers that did it to protect children from the evil government. He then explains how his son and dil are now homeschooling, and how surprised he was to see that we didn’t research the poisons in vaccines. I had to bite my cheek really hard to say well at least we researched enough to know that pizzagate is fake, Obama’s an American, Hillary didn’t sell uranium, and Sandy Hook happened.
  8. I just saw a pair of Alegrias at the resale shop for $3.99! I’ve not heard of them before. They were pretty loud, tho. I carried them over to show Dh, who just laughed and said I probably should leave them for someone younger. They were very comfortable, too bad I wasn’t 30 years younger.
  9. Dh and I have bachelors, neither of us worked in our major field. We always assumed our son would attend college. He’s due to get his master’s this summer, then on towards the PhD.
  10. Unfortunately, the quotes he read from Australian politicians are eerily similar to some by a couple of American ones. Also, one person spent at least a year hounding a president to use the term radical Islam terrorism; perhaps we need to put someone’s feet to the fire to say radical right wing terrorism. Perhaps some of the billions of dollars spent on the former type should now be shared with combating the latter type.
  11. Wow, I didn’t know that about NYC right in red being illegal unless stated. In this part of NY, it’s legal unless there’s a sign. I definitely need to ask my son if he’s aware, he drives thru the city every few weeks to visit his girlfriend.
  12. God, I hope he isn’t texting, either, even if your state allows it. That would be one of my top rules, no matter what the law says. Being a teen with a mean mom is so much easier than being a dead kid or one who caused a tragedy to another innocent one. That’s a battle worth picking...
  13. Extreme right wing terrorist. He wrote of the leaders he hated, I’m sure we all know which ones, and he praised the world leaders he felt a kinship with. I’m guessing we all know those men’s names, also.
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