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  1. Thanks so much for the replies, Ive got loads to google now!(one of my favourite past times.) Thanks again x
  2. They can do a vaginal hysterectomy these days, my sister had it done 2 years ago here in SA, and she had no cut and was fully recovered after 2/3 weeks. Two years on she says it was the best thing she ever did! Goodbye periods - hello white water rafting any day of the month!!:001_smile:
  3. Hi, i know how you feel:crying:, I cant leave the house for three days every three weeks. Without being to graphic, sometimes i have to sit for an hour on the loo, as it's just no use leaving! Also all the blood loss leaves you feeling weak and dazed and sickly! Anyway, i had all the tests and a scan recently, and there was nothing sinister going on!:001_smile: My gynae said, my body is over preparing the endometrial lining every month for a possible egg implantation. It is quite common in women after having kids. Looking back on my nursing training this tends to make sense. He also said if im finished having babies, I can have ablation with has a slight risk of monthly spotting and development of scar tissue. I can also have a vaginal hysterectomy, leaving the ovaries intact. My choice. Im 37 and am thinking which route to go, and trying to work out when my husband who has to travel a lot for work, will be home long enough to help with the two boys. This is difficult, so I might try the ablation first as the recovery is a day or two. I'd definately have all the tests possible to rule out any nasties first. Good luck, i'll be thinking of you!:grouphug:
  4. Hi there, I've been researching programs for next year! Im wondering if I could get advice on the most suitable program for writing, grammar, logic and maths, for a child with HFA/Asperger's. Im using mcp maths and it's working well but as it ends in Grade 6, I'm considering Teaching textbooks.(my ds,10, struggles with Maths.) Which would be the most user friendly programs. I cant view any as I cant get them here in South Africa. I dont want to buy anything unsuitable again, as I've done many times before!!! Also what exactly is a workbox - how does that work? Thanks, any advice appreciated. P.s - I have not done a specific logic or writing program with him before, just comprehension, dictation, narration, spelling, EM grade 4 grammar and a little creative writing.:confused:
  5. Hi, I'm new too, and have been reading a lot and posting a little! (shy!) Im already addicted! My husband keeps asking me what I'm looking up on the laptop, in bed, and i keep telling him I'm researching home school books! Actually I am, but im also reading about celebs, poutine, cats, etc!!:lol: Some of the posts have really made me laugh, and some have made me sigh with relief, as we are all in the same crazy boat! :001_smile: Thanks to all !
  6. You are all going to bed and I am just starting my day at 7:50 am! (South African time) :001_smile:
  7. I am really enjoying reading the responses to your post as I am always on the lookout for new options for my HFA/Aspie kids. It is embarrassing when I think about the amount of stuff ive bought and could not use because it didnt suit my son. I could never seem to find the right maths - which is a struggle for my eldest. This year i photocopied a few pages from mcp to TRY BEFORE I BUY - from a friend, it was a great fit for him and I bought it and he is doing better then ever at maths! It only goes till grade 6 though, so im thinking of reading textbooks??? Not sure how this will work out. It seems he does better with things that are orderly and not jumbled up, he likes to really get into topics rather then touch on them. We use usborne geography and science and he loves reading a section , using the internet links and other sights for more info, and related projects, and apologia flying creatures for zoology. Story of the world was my best ever investment - including the activity book and cd's. He does not enjoy second language texts( afrikaans) and although we do use workbooks he prefers working through readers as he gets into the story that way. It is all trial and error unfortunately! Good luck - its not just our Aspies that have to be flexible! :lol:
  8. We started SOTW1 this year without the activity book. I bought the activity book after a few chapters, and it is fantastic! We love it, and my kids love the review cards at the end which we printed and stuck to card. After each chapter they get a new card and its like collecting soccer cards for them! It is very user friendly. I just bought the audio cd's too and now my ds asks to listen to them over again, at night when he is in bed. They are a hit with my history obsessed son! Now if I could just get Apologia to bring out zoology on cd too... that would be great for my nature obsessed son!:lol:
  9. My ds didn't like the weighted vest at all, but like the weighted blanket, and a cat shaped to drape around his neck like a travel pillow. He especially liked lying in a normal blanket,cocooned with an adult holding each end and swaying him from side to side. This calmed him but as he is now too heavy I have just got a hammock which I will try to use to relax him between subjects. Cant wait to see if it works. When he was little I did a lot of oral work with him on the garden swing as he loves movement! Sometimes i would wrap him in a blanket and hold him tight - for deep pressure.
  10. We started with Flying creatures this year. My ten year old and 7 year old are really enjoying it - and are turning into little bird spotters! Im about to order swimming creatures to use next year. I think it also becomes a very good shelf reference book later on. I have looked at the astronomy book - but dont think ill use this at all. I am going to leave the botony book till after the three zoology books as ive heard it is quite intensive. Being written from a christian viewpoint it doesn't take evolution into account at all - which suits some families but not others, This can be adjusted according to the families beliefs, as i am doing. :001_smile:
  11. Ive been reading all the Jane Austen novels again, so nice! I also just read Francine Rivers, Mark of the Lion trilogy, which is christian based historical and some romance. I loved it - and it was the first christian novels I have ever read! She has some other books that look great too.:001_smile:
  12. Thanks, that's a great idea! He loves watching himself on screen too. I think that will also tie in with RDI - creating episodic/autobiographical memories. (positive memories) Thanks again - will start taking clips tomorrow. :001_smile:
  13. I have tried the kitchen, dining area, over the years, but i find having the school room set up and organised with everything we need and a lot of bookshelves, and drawers of stationary and a couch for reading together - works best for us. The kids love the room and play in it when not doing school too! Lego table, computer station, wall charts etc all in one room! It is winter for us now - so we sometimes read in bed in the early morning before moving to the study room. In summer we sit out at the verandah table and sometimes take a book to study at a relevant place - like the animal farm.
  14. I spent 3 weeks with my son in his grade 1 class when his facilitator was away! With my eyes as big as saucers at the chaos that was grade 1, I took him home and started homeschooling mid year!:001_smile: Angela ds (10) HFA ds (7) Aspie
  15. Hi, im new, and hope this is the right place to introduce myself. Im Angela, married to Phil, we have two boys, Jakeb(10) with HFA/Asperger's and Matthew (7) who unofficially but certainly has Asperger's too. My eldest has a really negative attitude to everything, initially, even if it is something he likes, he always reacts negatively at first. I find it really frustrating and draining dealing with the negativity all day long. It doesnt seem to matter if he knows it is coming or not - so i dont think it is an inflexibilty issue.Once he starts his work/task and gets going he is fine and copes very well with his grade 4 work and excels at history and reading which he loves! He loves the bath but always has to have a good moan first with these sorts of things too. Does anyone else have this problem and do you have any advice? Thanks Angela (mom to ...ahh no... not maths... im too sick... i dont want to...meanie..)
  16. This book looks great! My 10 year old son knows he has Asperger's and what this means. He says his Asperger's makes some things easier for him and other things more difficult and it sometimes makes his head sore. I think he will really find this book helpful! Do you think this the book also suitable for a seven year old? My other son. Thanks Angela (new to the forums)
  17. Hi, im new the forums! Just wondering if there are any other South Africans here. Ive been homeschooling for a few years, but just started a more classical education this year. I have 2 boys, Jakeb (10) and Matthew (7). :001_smile: Angela
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