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  1. Time Left: 1 day and 21 hours

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    Authors Christine Miller & H. A. Guerrero Each book is in like new condition. $20 each or $100 for all 7. Shipping is included in the price. PayPal only. The Story of the Ancient World The Story of the Greeks The Story of the Romans The Story of the Middle Ages The Story of the Renaissance & Reformation The Story of the Great Republic The Story of the Thirteen Colonies


  2. Thank you for your replies and suggestions. I have been looking into each one and am now hopeful that I will find what I was looking for.
  3. I am wanting to find a curriculum that teaches all the types of literature (fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, etc.), along with story elements (setting, plot, point of view, etc) but also covers figurative language. Are my expectations too high? Does this curriculum exist? 😊 It would be for students in 3rd-6th grade.

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    Master Books Science Books: $8ppd/each or $20ppd for remaining 3. Like new condition. The History of Medicine (John Hudson Tiner) The World of Biology (John Hudson Tiner) Planet Earth (John Hudson Tiner) The World of Chemistry (John Hudson Tiner) The World of Physics (John Hudson Tiner) The World Around You (Gary Parker) Apples & Pears Spelling A Teacher's Notes, $10ppd BJU BookLinks set-novels not included $15 ppd for ALL. Treasure of Pelican Cove,Sheriff at Waterstop,Mountain Born,Carolina's Courage,Medallion,Pulling Together Jonathan Park Audio $15 ppd/each. Nice. Vol II No Looking Back & Goes to the Galapagos Mary Dolciani Pre-Algebra (new edition) book, Isbn#0395292697 $8ppd Saxon Algebra 1/2 2nd edition. Hardback textbook in excellent condition. Isbn#093979845X $10ppd Saxon 8/7 Hardback textbook in excellent condition. Isbn#0939798549 $10ppd Easy Grammar 3 Teachers book. $14ppd. Some shelf wear on cover but inside is clean. Draw and Write Through History Creation through Jonah, $10ppd The Answers Book for Kids set, $12ppd. 4 Books. Like new. By Ken Ham Ruth Beechick books; A Biblical Home Education & You Can Teach Your Child Successfully, $10ppd for both books Uncle Rick read the Proverbs audio cd set (like new) $15ppd A Child's Story of America book & test packet, $8ppd Building Spelling Skills 3 (Christian Liberty Press) student book and answer key. New. $9ppd Earth Science Textbook (Prentice Hall) Isbn#0132012359 $6ppd If interested in any items, please message me. Thanks!


  5. I purchase from Vitacost about every other month and have never had any problems. As someone mentioned, the shipping isn't as fast as Amazon, but I usually receive my order in 3 or 4 days. I would recommend giving them a try.
  6. I think Scott777 summed it up very well! My 5th grader just finished Hake 5. I had him write answers in the student book, which is a huge time saver, rather than writing out the answers in a notebook. We didn't do the writing portion of it. It was very open and go and he could work independently most of the time, unless he didn't understand something. On average, he would spend about 20-30 minutes each day on a lesson.
  7. My 5th grader just finished Hake 5. I liked it. It was open and go and he was able to work independently most days, unless he didn't understand something. Lots of review in each lesson which is needed with my ds. We didn't do the writing part; just the grammar. I haven't had a chance to see the other levels so, I can't recommend the best place to start. Starting at a lower level might be better if your son hasn't had any grammar yet. That way it isn't overwhelming and frustrating for him. However, if you like or need the spiral method, I think you would like Hake.
  8. Wow!!! Those are amazing!!! Thank you for your generosity in sharing.
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