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  1. Ok, Coffeegal... I'll start thinking more positively! I like hearing someone else say their goal was to get to R before they graduate, because right now, that's how I feel! lol! You give me hope! I think one problem I have is that one twin is self motivated and a great student, but the other one kicks and screams and cuts every corner he can find with school. Argh! That's frustrating with any curriculum, but especially a challenging one like TOG. If they were both like that, I wouldn't even try doing TOG. But since I do have one that is very hard working and likes to be challenged,
  2. Thanks, Renaissance Mom, for the encouragement. I keep telling myself we can do this, but then I start thinking...I need to stop doing that!! :) I think I will go half speed and add in WttW. Does WttW also cover writing, or does it need a separate program?
  3. Thanks for the replies! I considered doing 3 units each year but was afraid I would get overwhelmed on how to split each week. Going 2 weeks per 1 would be easier. :) Any thoughts on how to break up each week's lesson to do 3 units a year? I also thought about adding WTTW next year if I split it in half, but was leaning more towards adding BJU lit instead. Is WTTW easy to use? I've used BJU lit off and on over the past few years, and I know it's easy to use. I've never had WTTW in hand but have heard that it's great. Any thoughts on which is better for lit foundation--BJU or WTTW?
  4. Hello, We will be finishing yr 1 TOG this year, putting us in yr 2 for 9th grade (twins). We did yrs 3 and 4 of TOG in 6th and 7th, but we have not used yr 2 yet. I have heard many people say that they wish they had split yr 2 into 2 years. If we continue on schedule, we will be done with the cycle in 11th grade, leaving 12th to either do yr 1 again (ancients, which I REALLY do not care for, but then, I'm not the one that counts!), or basically be free to do whatever we want for that year. My question is, since we have an extra year to mess with, should we take 2 years to go through yr
  5. Okay!! Thanks, Freesia! I like it!! I think I forget how little history most kids have in ps...I probably need to quit obsessing!
  6. You know, I was just outside mowing, thinking about my "problems" with school, and I think part of it is, well, I really don't like ancient and middle ages history! Thinking back 4 years ago, I was a bit all over the place then too. By the time we switched to TOG, we were starting year 3, which gets me to where I like history! So, I think you're right. I think I will slog through the next year or so on our own, using MOH and Spielvogel West Civ as a spine and throw in whatever I want extra (like Famous Men series) just to get to exploration...which in TOG, is actually not that far off. I
  7. Elizabeth, I threw MOH at them because I wanted to do the Bible timeline along with history, and MOH is really the only text I knew that did that. I'm adding Bible reading and the Early Times series (which I really like) and historical fiction along with it. It's going ok, and the boys like it (most likely because it's easy), but I'm having them read several lessons every day which will put us in the Middle Ages by January. Then I got thinking....yes, waaay too much thinking going on here (which is why I need something to guide me)....why not just have them read through all 3 MOH this y
  8. Thanks, Elizabeth. (If you remember, I'm the one who went to school with your hubby--chalkboard eraser throwing...) We've been using TOG for the last 2 years, but I was feeling a little overwhelmed looking at the Rhetoric level, so that's when I decided to do 2 years American history followed by 2 years of world history using BJU for high school. I agree with note taking with the harder text; however, I was kind of liking the thought of NOT doing any reading with them. That's how TOG is. Just the discussions. We're doing BJ's earth and space this year, and it's going well with them readi
  9. Any thoughts on America: The World's Last Best Hope? I love the way it reads, but not sure if the "facts" come through. There was also another one suggested on this forum, but I can't remember the name of it. Something like Patriot's History...IDK
  10. Hmm, ok. Thanks. Out of curiosity, which college texts did you use?
  11. I'm planning on using the new Read with the Best American literature and comp program next year with my boys who will be in the 9th grade. It is a 2 year program, and she suggests using Hakim's History of Us over 2 years along with it. We already read those a couple of years ago. So...I want to use BJU's American history program, but I'm not sure if I should use the 8th grade or 11th grade text. I am planning on using the activity books along with the text and adding in historical fiction and biographies during those 2 years (9th and 10th). Since it will be spread out, I was thinking abou
  12. Several years ago my brother in law, who worked for AIG at the time, gave me a complete set of the God's Design series. It is the older version. I was thinking about using the chemistry and physical science ones, but the new ones look so much better! Does anyone know if the content is any different? Would it be a waste of money to buy the new ones just to get it in color and in better format?
  13. Is Exploration Education advanced level too easy for 9th grade physical science? How about Science Shepherd Life Science for 9th? Too easy?
  14. Is the Advanced level of Exploration Education physical science too easy for 9th grade? It says 7th - 10th, but not sure...
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