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  1. I was watching this thread with a lot of interest (and feeling totally betrayed that we still have no photos:D) and then when I thought you were going to put the fence in the wrong place, it was so upsetting to me that I decided I couldn't read the thread any more........Thank you for reconsidering - you're doing the right thing!
  2. midsection line, I love the idea of the framed entry with a pitched roof that the others suggested. I would not do the fake rock either, but put real rock at the base of the new vertical supports that would be in the front of the entry. Also, with a nice new front door and windows, it could look great. I would also investigate whether (from a living inside point of view) if any of the windows could be made taller - probably couldn't go up much, but could start lower......
  3. From someone who has been through legal issues with neighbors and "adverse possession" which you need to research in your state, I can tell you it's legal suicide to put the fence inside of the old hedge stumps. Besides losing the ability to use that strip of land for your own, think about it - you're "giving" it to your neighbors. Not only did they get rid of a hedge they disliked, but somehow they cajoled you into giving you the land! Seriously - DON'T do this. This is from property line disputes 101...........and when I said in the title, to put it ON the line, I mean on your proper
  4. DS was in ps for Grades k-2, and they used Saxon. I wasn't a critic then and didn't have much to comment on. It seemed fine. Then, we started hs'ing in 3rd, I researched curricula and decided to try Singapore. Although good at math, at the beginning of grade 3 he tested at 2A, so we started there and finished 4B at the end of 4th grade. Circumstances warranted him returning to ps for 5th. At the beginning of the year, his 5th grade teacher told me he was the most advanced math student in the entire 5th grade - all classes. The Saxon math was all too easy for him, and we thought the "inc
  5. I remember exactly where I was and how significant a loss it was to the music community. Now decades later, with a son who is a fiddle player, I can appreciate the roots of the Dead's music so much more. However, being a mom to an acoustic musician who practices daily, I don't enjoy the live recordings much - because they seem so messy. But the studio recordings are really wonderful. What creativity with guitar solos and folk music. It's all still in my heart...........
  6. believe it or not, with her then 9 year old boy...Someone had suggested this to her, and as soon as they tried it the bedwetting stopped immediately....
  7. these pants you linked to are probably about the fanciest I've ever worn leaving the house. I assumed you were talking about tights....these look like they could be warn with a blazer........gosh - I wish I always looked that dressed up leaving the house............so what makes these yoga pants and why wouldn't they be appropriate to wear at work?
  8. I have to say, overwhelmingly, it's gone really well. His teacher told me he needed to adjust socially in the beginning of the year. He did come home one day in tears (not like him at all) because a group science project didn't work out. I think he's a pretty bright kid, so the academics haven't been an issue at all. Also, the required homework has gone pretty smoothly because he has an outside authority figure who he respects. Deadlines are deadlines, and he meets them. He also had to do a presentation in front of the class, something that wouldn't have happened at home. This caused h
  9. Florida - Why not try some of Lively Latin. Isn't there a sample chapter? We're sticking with it through BB1 and may or may not do BB2 - we're planning on moving to GP later at some point......
  10. It's quite simple. I chose the download option, because I thought it silly to have all the printed matter sent to me when I could print it out myself as we go. I print out one chapter at a time. THere isn't any "looking for stuff on the computer" mentioned. My then 9 yo son and I both felt it was our favorite curriculum of all that we have used. Right now, he's in ps, so we're picking Latin up again over the summer. I've been really impressed with the program. We wanted secular, however...
  11. One is One http://www.amazon.com/One-Barbara-L-Picard/dp/9997483340 was recommended to me on the board and I think it ranks as one of our favorite books of all time. I read it aloud to an almost 10 yob. It's 14th century - not sure if you're looking for end of the m.a. into the ren., or both time periods. Beorn the Proud http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=Beorn+the+proud we also really enjoyed, especially since the check-out record in the back of the book showed it had sat lonely on the shelf for 13 years....
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