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  1. I had a similar problem for the Algebra 2 solutions manual. I found mine on Abebooks. Try looking there or eBay for a used copy.
  2. Our March 14th SAT was canceled. I thought all of them had been because of COVID-19. I expect the scores would be delayed because of COVID.
  3. Yay! I figured out the newness of the updated forum and found my old post. It is First Start French, in case anyone else is wondering!
  4. Please help! I had asked this before ages ago, but since the change in the forum, I can't find my post. Once they outgrew Salsa, my kids used to watch these videos online that were free that featured kids learning French (in one set of videos) and Spanish (in another set of videos). In the French videos, I remember one of the episodes in which they visited this man's apartment and he taught them the names of fruits and food. Then in another episode they were taught the words for members of the family. The teacher only spoke to them in the target language but the children spoke English. I always forget the name of these and where to find them and a Google search was not helpful at all. Anyone know what I am talking about?

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    In new condition. $110 ppd. This is the curriculum that Elsie Iudicello at Farmhouse Schoolhouse uses with her preschool boys.



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    I have the unused student guide and activity pages as well as the instructor text and teaching guide. Everything is in Like New condition. $22 ppd for the two books.


  10. We pull from Pio Peep as well, and memorize prayers in Spanish.
  11. Have you seen this? http://www.thehomegrownpreschooler.com/product/a-year-of-playing-skillfully-printed-version/

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    My husband is a software developer. He has been creating a tool to help homeschoolers plan their day-to-day lessons in a more visual way. His app is called My Visual Planner, and now he has reached a point where it's ready to be tested by a selected group of people. I thought this forum might be a good place to ask. You can go look at a description of the planner and some screenshots of it at https://myvisualplanner.com/ (but you can't actually sign up for the free trial via the website yet). Some background: I was frustrated with forgetting to use the videos and Pinterest pins I had saved and wanted a planner that imbedded them in the schedule so I would not forget about that skip counting video, or that cool science experiment. So my husband created this planner for me. We hope it can bless others too and thus want some feedback on it. He would basically need you to: - Use the system for your lesson planning. - Make note of any problems you may encounter (including visual issues, buttons not working, or any functionality that may not work as expected) and email them to him as they come up. - He would also like to schedule a couple of meetings (via skype or similar) to go over your experience using the system, feedback such as ideas for improvements, etc If you would like to take part of this initial testing of the system, please pm me and I will pass on your information. As a thank you for your participation as a tester, you will get a lifetime membership to the site. Julie Nurturing Learning Nature Explorers Club


  13. My daughter was advanced doing 1st grade math and even some 2nd grade math in kindy. I pushed her ahead too much because she was able and compliant, but now she hates math. If your daughter's not enjoying but just complying, I'd slow down, spend more time playing (try games from www.educationunboxed.com - they will still stretch her math skills but be enjoyable). Keep the lessons short and don't worry if the math book doesn't get completed by the end of the year. My daughter's in third grade now doing Saxon 5/4 (which Veritas Press uses for third grade, so she's not really that ahead anymore) and while it isn't hard for her, she can't enjoy math. I would keep the flashcards (but ask her the questions while she is doing something pleasant like coloring or jumping rope or on the trampoline, swing, slide, etc) and not do speed drills at all. My six year old just started drills in December, but I spent his whole year of kindergarten doing "flashcards" while he played physically on our mini trampoline and the small slide we used to keep inside. He also likes kicking a soccer ball back and forth as he answers questions. . I ended up learning from my mistake and didn't push my son. He is ahead (second grade math Singapore at age 6) but only does one page of math per day. He loves math, but despises writing and doing school (he'd rather read and play) and I am mostly letting him do that.
  14. While I can't answer your specific question, I wanted to offer encouragement for the Lyme disease. My two kids and I were diagnosed with it in January of 2014 via a naturopath (one who does bioenergetics) and with the help of colloidial silver and other naturopathic medicines were able to beat it within 6 months. My daughter (6 at the time) had especially bad symptoms of it - her excellent memory suddenly was very poor, and her muscles ached all the time. If you haven't looked into a naturopath who does bioenergetics, I highly recommend it. PM me if you'd like more info.
  15. There's an app we used when my son was in Prek and K called Calendar Time. It's handy because it takes up no wall space. It does a pattern each month and incorporates money and clocks. You can set the level to make those questions easier or harder. You can have multiple accounts for different students as well if you have a first grader for instance who might do their calendar time independently. While it does not mention seasons (I can get my husband to add that in. My son already knew his seasons when I had my developer husband make me the app. I was on bed rest two years ago for 12 weeks and needed a portable calendar time.) it does ask the weather for each day and then graphs it. I can get my husband to add in seasons if that is something people want in a calendar time. My son already knew his seasons when I had my developer husband make me the app. I was on bed rest two years ago for 12 weeks and needed a portable calendar time. With the smart boards at schools, we've just come to find out that some schools are actually using this app in the classroom! Anyway, you can go look at the screenshots and see if it would fit what you need. https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/calendar-time/id705434014?mt=8
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