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  1. I'm looking for a good book (fiction or otherwise) for elementary or jr. high on Byzantium. Any good new fictions out there? This is decade 2 that I desire such a book when we hit this spot in history. Thanks for any help, Jenn
  2. I'm interested if anyone has organized the chapters of History of the Ancient World by culture rather than chronologically. The younger kids will be studying Sumer / Egypt / Greece / Rome - so I'd like the bigger kids to coordinate with the younger ones. Thanks for any help, Jenn
  3. I made the game for my own homeschool and found the flashcards online for FREE. Apologia's Exploring Creation with Botany FREE Jeopardy Game & FREE flashcard link. You can play the Jeopardy Game online, or use the questions with your personal Jeopardy Game Board. http://www.highlanddove.org/apologia-botany-jeopardy-game/
  4. Emma MacDonald, a 16 year old homeschool teen, released her new CD by a teen for teens that homeschool families made possible through Kickstarter!! Lyrics and snippets for each song are on her website to make sure it's right for your family. To buy a CD or download a digital copy, go to http://www.emmamac.com and we'd LOVE it if you'd share her website with ALL your friends!
  5. I've settled on Apologia's A&P book -- it says it's a biology 2 text, but biology doesn't seem to need much of a prerequisite. From what I understand, an Apologia Nutrition book is in the works. I'm hoping to see a glimpse of it by January when I'll need it.
  6. I was looking for something with more science -- chemical processes in the body and what systems are affected by a protein, etc.
  7. Luann, that's a GREAT recommendation coming from your husband!
  8. I am looking for a nutrition textbook that gives all the information (big words, definitions, processes) on an easier than college reading level. I haven't found a text that goes in depth enough (many are just too light for high school), or they're a college text. Suggestions?
  9. Homeschooling has enabled my daughter Emma to write Christian music for other teens. You can listen to 2 of the songs she'll put on the CD through the link below -- PLEASE LISTEN to her music and let us know if you like it on her facebook page Emma MacDonald's Music). Her title track, Something Greater has everything to do with how she's been able to view the world through the blessings of homeschooling - https://soundcloud.com/emma-macdonald-music/sets/emma-macdonald She's stressing because she only has 3 days left of her CD fundraiser. It ends Friday, Dec. 6 @6pm. If you've considered
  10. Oh, Lori, that's just what I was hoping for - what really *works* as opposed to what doesn't. THANKYOU!!!!!!!
  11. Cosmos Pasachoff/Flippenko is a college level text. Earth Science Tarbuck/Lutgens comes in high school level and college level. and if you're writing up her independent STEMS projects that coorelate with her science as part of the transcript, that only enhances it, right? It just doesn't look substandard to me...
  12. I'm switching gears from 2 creative writing/music/history loving girls in highschool --- to 2 very science/math minded boys in middle school. The boys have been along for the ride, but now I need to focus on their strengths -- which are NOT mine! We had a GREAT year last year with Chemistry: RS4K 1, Ellen McHenry's The Elements: Ingredients of the Universe joining their sisters Quality Science Lab Chem kit. This year has been fastastic doing Prentice Hall's Earth Sci, videos & living books & many Astronomy living books. Honestly, they're upset that I don't have more hands-on fo
  13. :lol: That's sooo funny!! THANK YOU, LADIES!! This was just the information I needed!! I can ALWAYS Counte on you, ladies!
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