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  1. Where would I find a reading specialist not in the school?
  2. Thank you for your response. We have gone through the stevenson's program (green and blue book). She can sound out words. She is just very slow at it. Has very little fluency. And and does "mix up" sounds. The mixing up of some sounds is mostly becouse she can't remember which rule to apply. But there are a few (3 or 4) she just messes up all the time. (Th she says "f"). That's why first SLP said LIPs. The second SLP said if you have used phonics programs for so long and she still not getting it switch to whole language. She said to teach things in context (big picture). I will look into the program you mentioned.
  3. Ok I am back from my meeting with the school. They said they don't believe my daughter has Mild Intelectual Disability (IQ 63). They think she is learning disabled in writing, reading, and math. But they will not qualify her becouse they have not worked with her. So they don't know if she has had adequate intervention. Lol (7 years of one on one work not enough). I went to them for guidance on how to teach her, programs, or ideas on what would work. I brought them sample of every thing we have tried. They told me at the last meeting that LIPs program would be helpful for her. But this meeting they said LIPs would not help becouse it broke down sounds. The SLP this meeting said to use whole approach for all subjects. Does anyone know of any remedial language arts, reading, or math programs? Or ideas on how to make my own? Thanks for your help, Kim
  4. We are homeschooling. I went in to see what elts was going on. It could not just be dyslexia that was causing all of her difficulty. She and I would like to continue homeschooling. She still likes learning and I don't want that to change. But at the same time I am afraid I am not providing her what she needs. Maybe the school knows better how to teach her. I had hopes the school would guide me on how best to teach her, recommend programs, outline resonable goals. The neorophyc we saw last year said my daughter would be able to do high school level math (does not seem resonable to me). We do not get any money that I am aware of. But if she was labeled she would be eligible for services after high school.
  5. I did get a "draft" report. There are no recommendations on it. Basically just explains the scores. It does also state that they show not put to much weight on the teacher scores for adaptive functioning because I am not a classroom teacher. So.... If you take out the teacher scores her adaptive functioning does not meet the requirements for a Mild Intelectual disability. Would she qualify for services based on IQ alone? She had woodcock achievement test. In fact her scores were slightly lower than they expected which is why they wanted to do another IQ test. Most her academic scores were severely impaired a few moderately impaired.
  6. The school sent me these test score. They told me we would talk about the scores at our meeting on the 30th. Can anyone give me some idea what these score may mean? Do they suggest mild intellectual disability? Her last iq (last year) was 71 now her IQ is 63. Is that to big of a drop to be considered accurate? Most of her IQ scores are in the 70s (9 scores) and 80s(5 scores). Which on the bottom of the test results shows that's what they were expecting (actual, predicted, difference). How do they come up with their predicted? How do they come up with her general IQ? Thanks for your help, Kim Woodcock-Johnson IV Gen IQ 63 Gf-Gc composite 74 Comp-knowledge (Gc) 78 Fluid reasoning (Gf). 77 S-term work mem (Gwm) 73 Cognitive efficiency. 74 Oral vocab. 73 Number series. 75 Verbal attention. 82 Letter-pattern matching. 81 Phonological processing. 59 Story recall. 76 Visualization. 89 General information 87 Concept formation. 87 Number reversed 73 Draw a person. Extremely low range lacked 5 expected items. Estimated age equivalent is about 9 years old and consistent with GIA ABAS-3 PARENT FORM (Father & Older Sister) Adaptive Skill Area. Standard Score Communication. 6 Below Average Community Use. 6 Below Average Functional Academics 3. Extremely Low Home Living. 8. Average Health & Safety. 6 Below Average Leisure 4. Low Self-Care. 9. Average Self- Direction. 6. Below Average Social. 7. Below Average General Adaptive Composite 75 Low Conceptual (Communication; Functional Academics; Self-Direction) 71. Low Social (Leisure; Social) 75 Low Practical (Community Use; Home Living; Health & Safety: Self-Care) 83 Below Average ABAS-3 TEACHER FORM (Home-school Parent Instructor) Adaptive Skill Area. Standard Score Communication. 5 Below Average Community Use. 4 Low Functional Academics 1. Extremely Low School Living. 5. Low Health & Safety. 7. Below Average Leisure. 5. Low Self-Care. 4 Low Self- Direction 6. Below Average Social. 6. Below Average General Adaptive Comp. 66. Extremely Low Conceptual (Communication; Functional Academics; Self-Direction). 66. Extremely Low Social (Leisure; Social). 78. Extremely Low Practical (Community Use; Home Living; Health & Safety: Self-Care) 71. Extremely Low
  7. Thank you for your responses. I will look into a language evaluation. I have asked to join the social group. Could you guys tell me what special Ed materials you are using? I have not heard of any made for homeschoolers. Thanks again, Kim
  8. My daughter has CAPD. She can not tell the diffrent a between some sounds. For example the a and e sounds. She thinks the word bed and bad are the same. I have tried to show her how the mouth shape is diffrent but that does not seam to help. she has used earrobics but cries and has total melt downs when asked to use the program. She states that it's just to hard. And this is a child who generally is very compliant. Is there anything elts I should try? Someone had Mentioned a device that is kind of like a hearing aid that the audiologist could help us to get. But that sounds expensive and money is tight right now. Would there be any other alternative? Maybe speech therapy? Thanks for your help ladies.
  9. Thank you for your responses. I agree that she should not have labeled my daughter with IDD. I feel like this testing was a waste of time and money. She was labeled with anxiety 2 years ago at the other testing. We took her to a child psychologist for help. After 4 visits we were told the she was fine and did not need this kind of treatment. I can see she maybe anxious more than others but it does not really interfere with her life. She still functions fine. I don't know why she was given this label either. As for the CAPD we were given many idea on things that would help her but nothing on how to remedate. We have been using earrobics. But it frustrates her a lot. Is there something elts she could try? And one more question I originally went in for testing becouse she is very far behind in math and is not really making much progress. She has used reflex math all last year. Seemed to have memorized her addition and subtraction facts. So this year I switched her to multiplication with review of 10 to 15 addition/ subtraction facts daily. She is now forgetting the facts she had previously learned. The dr did not even address math at all in recommendations. What kind of testing should I ask for to address this? Thank you so much for your help,
  10. What is a regional center? Her IQ according to the neurophyc was 58. So she would meet that requirement. What kinds of services do people with MID usual get? The things the dr recomended could all be done at home by us. Except for the part were she recommended an IEP.
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