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  1. I totally agree. The chem book needs more math problems. There are a couple-three things you can do. First, write Apologia's helpline. They used to have supplemental problems that went along with the textbook. Secondly, you can write Dr. Jay. His blog address is here: http://blog.drwile.com/?p=1232 He is also on Facebook as Jay Wile. He may be able to give you some of his resources or at least provide suggestions. Thirdly, what I did for my practice problems for class was simple: I took the problems in the book and just used different numbers and phrased the questions differently. You can make a game out of it: what would the answer be if it had this value, etc. A small reward if the correct answer is given works wonders. There are some GREAT pages for high school chem lab. I would not buy an additional book. Take a look here: http://www.hschem.org/Laboratory/labs.htm#LABS http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/sci_edu/farber/ http://siraze.net/chemistry/sezennur/experiments.htm Hope that helps. Steve
  2. I have been teaching Apologia Science online now for 10 years. If I can help by answering questions about the curriculum or ways to teach it better, please post here. I will do my best to answer. Sorry, I can't help with the elementary years, because I have not used taught it. If you have elementary curriculum questions, there are some REALLY smart moms who use this site, so post away :001_smile: I'm sure you will get good answers.
  3. Steve Rosenoff here. I'm a former TPS teacher. You will not find a better French teacher than MadameS. The mic issue can be overcome by purchasing a quality USB headset/mic so that sound adjustment can be individualized.
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