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  1. I don't remember Mary/Mike/Jeff ~ but I do remember (and have a reader & workbook here somewhere) Mr. Mugs! :)
  2. :grouphug:



    lol, skittles


    Thanks for the return to sanity.

  3. My son has had a TV in his room for a very long time. He also has a laptop with netflix access, a cell phone, and an Ipod. He'll be 12 next month. I'll join you on the wicked side ;) I believe technology is neutral, it's all in how you use it.

  4. Lol, welcome to the land of 'it's my RIGHT to have an opinion.'

  5. Yeah well hey, most of my threads have a life span of maybe a page or, at most, two.. so I'm gonna write that puppy down somewhere :tongue_smilie: ... I truly didn't post it for people to go all monkeytoes on each other though - and I'm kinda surprised. I think - and this doesn't mean anything *bad*, it just means differences in history, laws, etc - that things would have gone quite differently had I posted the thread on a board that was solely Canadians. (Like I am).... kinda wishing I had now, for comparison. Of course, if it was a Canadian forum, everyone would apologize to each other before and after posting their opinion. :lol:

  6. Wow, you opened a can of writhing angry snakes with that post! LOL, hey, but there is the tiniest bit of pride in having a post that has pages upon pages upon pages of responses :)

  7. :) hi! *shares popcorn* :lurk5:

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