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  1. No, I would not eat them because of the cinnamon. If you are serving these or peanut butter rice krispie treats at a get-together, please label them to help others know about the possible allergens.
  2. Don't let a group of extroverts guilt you into more activity than you want. We're going to a public event on the 4th only because our teen is participating, and I don't expect us to stay long. Otherwise, we plan to have a quiet weekend. I'm okay with that.
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    My dh was cracking up laughing about the lizard Loki - it looked like a young alligator wearing the Loki horns. There's obviously a story behind that one.
  4. When I was a kid, our summer blankets were flannel, basically like flannel sheets. So, we'd have a regular sheet and a flannel sheet, then a bedspread or comforter that was just for daytime during the summer. If you went that route, your dd could use all of it, and your sil could use just the two sheets.
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    I'm really wondering where they're going to take Loki in the upcoming movies, assuming he survives this series. His character is growing by leaps and bounds -- self-awareness, honesty, concern for others... what's next???
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    Dh pointed out tonight that the music is always different for the end. I'm not positive that's true for episodes 1 and 2, but 3 and 4 both had songs with lyrics, and they weren't the same. I'm really, really enjoying this show. 🙂
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    When you watch today's Loki episode, be sure to keep it on through the mid-credits scene! It's an interesting set-up for next week!
  8. Lial's paperback Introductory Algebra would be great for this. It teaches directly to the student. Be sure to get the student solutions manual to see how the problem is solved.
  9. We started buying glasses at Costco for the price, but we've stayed because they seem to do a better job getting the lenses right than whoever makes them for the optometrist's office. Also, in case you aren't aware, Costco caps the price on glasses for kids. I don't remember what it is, but one of my teens picked some pricier frames once that still ended up really cheap, just because of dc's age.
  10. Congratulations! I hope he's as happy about it as you are! Would accepting it mean giving up homeschooling?
  11. I saw it painted or flying on cars and trucks periodically as a kid in the rural Midwest, back when Bo and Luke Duke were driving the General Lee on TV. The people who displayed it were rednecks, good-ol'-boy types who liked to hate the local sheriff and some of his deputies for occasionally spoiling their fun as they raced around in their souped-up cars and pickups. While I did see a certain amount of racism from them, I really don't think that was the intent in flying/hanging the flag on their trucks or painting it on their cars. They just wanted to be like Bo and Luke. I'm a bit farther north now in a city, and I rarely see it here. I occasionally see one redneck guy flying two Confederate flags from his pickup bed as he speeds down the road, but that's an anomaly here. I don't know his motive. It could be anything from your list, or it could be that The Dukes of Hazard is being shown in reruns again, and he wants to be Bo or Luke. He certainly drives like they did.
  12. Congratulations! How wonderful that it pulls together so many of your skills! May this be the start of a long, rewarding career!
  13. Would you be willing to share an example for one course? I can't envision how fitting a course description into one column would reduce overall space, since it would take up more lines to make up for less width.
  14. You are not insane. Keep your boundaries intact!
  15. Search here for previous threads on wisdom teeth. In a nutshell: Ice face 20 min on, 20 min off for 1st day, 2nd day if she's willing. Prevents or reduces facial swelling, pain. Ice packs, frozen peas, etc. Don't use straws. Can cause dry socket. Keep a written schedule for pain meds and follow it for 24-48 hours.
  16. Community colleges still generally want to see transcripts that show courses and grades. When I called to speak to an admissions officer at our local cc about my dc's transcript format, she was grateful, answered my questions, and told me she wished all homeschoolers would follow a standard format for transcripts. She said I wouldn't believe some of the crazy things they received.
  17. I'd try to get it evaluated today, if possible. Regardless, I'd eat garlic several times today - garlic bread, raw garlic between apple slices, etc. One of my dc had a growing staph infection that wasn't getting better with antibiotics, and adding garlic turned it around. (Garlic is a natural antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal - not always strong enough to handle infections alone, but it can help.)
  18. One of my dc enjoyed a composition course from Jana Bontrager (Big River). Another dc enjoyed a creative writing course with Jess Woods (Excelsior). I have no idea if they are teaching those courses now, but wanted to let you know they provided good instruction. I thought both could have given a lot more feedback on students' writing, but that's typical for online instruction; I gave my students additional feedback, as needed.
  19. I make all appointments for my teens, but have them do almost all the talking upon arrival and at the appointment. Our pediatricians prefer to go over concerns with me in the room, and then they have me step out for the exam; they come get me while dc gets dressed again, so we can talk privately for a minute, and then we go back in with dc. They started that at around 13. One of my teens always wanted me to be there the whole time, and the doctors were fine with that. They've always been very accommodating. Although we started with a male doctor, after he retired they only saw females. My female dc preferred that; my male dc didn't care.
  20. Absolutely! Yes, that part was unrealistic, too. Still, I liked that this year they managed a happy ending for everyone. I don't like the possibility that Claire may be leaving the show, though, assuming that there's another season. It kind of felt like a finale, not just a season finale.
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    I've read there will be six episodes.
  22. I've never heard of it, but I hope it helps you! I've seen a lot of things work that I never would have expected, so if your doctor thinks this is worth a try, go for it!!!!
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    MCU fans, what did you think of Loki??? I'll start: WOW!!!!! What an interesting premise. This is going to be a great series! 😀 Tom Hiddleston is wonderful, as always. I liked Owen Wilson's character, Mobius.
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