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  1. Remembering the other things you've shared about this couple, particularly with the 2 yo, I urge you to be outside any time your dc are out there. These people aren't quite right, KWIM? It really does sound like they are trying to "groom" the dc. Going into another neighbor's yard to talk with your dc over the fence so they could be closer to your dog and kids? Yikes! Please don't count on the older ones to tattle after the fact - be there yourself! The weather is nice. Take your book or laptop out, if you want, but be there!
  2. It happens every time. In fact, the last time we took a break, we went through it on the first day back. When I asked ds in frustration how I could get him to pay attention to his math lesson without yelling at him, he told me, "Mom, it's that thing that happens every time we take a break. It'll get better." And he's right, it does. Every time. Over a week or two. When I feel like you do right now, I try to do something we'll all like. I ease into the day slowly, as far as the quantity of work (because none of us is quite ready for the full load yet). We take longer recess breaks. When emotions get high, I read them a book, or we do our history outside with me reading while they swing. It makes us all feel better, and we accomplish something, too. You mentioned that the child you have the most difficulty with is the one that procrastinates by arguing. You know, it may not be laziness as much as perfectionism paralyzing him, particularly since he is very bright. Mindset is a very good book to read about that. Also, some kids honestly don't realize how much work others have to do to get the level of success they have acheived, even when they are right there and should have noticed it firsthand. They just don't. It comes with maturity (and repeated explanations of how much time the others have to put in). Regardless, you know you have a child that is more difficult to teach than others, for whatever reason, and he honestly takes more of your energy. Plan for it. Expect it. Be delighted on those days it doesn't happen, but don't expect that to become the norm just because it happened once or twice. Do whatever you have to do to make yourself up for it (and that may mean finding some way to give yourself the margin you mentioned wanting in your other post).
  3. Everything on my computer is bigger than 80x80 pixels or 19.5 KB, and everything I find online that I like is bigger, too. How do I convert them?
  4. The bag was opened, if that matters. Part of me says to chuck it, and the other part says to eat it. Any food safety experts here today?
  5. My ds, 11, doesn't like to read fiction very much. He prefers non-fiction, hands down. However, if I read to him while he's eating, or if we listen to books on tape during meals or in the van, he's fine with it. Actually, he remembers a great deal and seems to have pretty good insights. However, I don't use historical fiction that much. For history, we usually read non-fiction, both together and individually. The fiction we read is usually just a good story.
  6. The store-bought bean flours are just dried beans that have been ground. They are harder to digest, though, because of that. If you can handle store-bought bean flour, you could probably handle doing it yourself this way. However, if you could soak them first, like when planning to cook them, then dehydrate them again and then grind them, they would be easier to digest.
  7. I can't remember who wrote about that on the old board, and now I can't find the link to get there to search. Did the project ever get off the ground? Is it available?
  8. I don't actually own them, but a friend bakes really cute bread for parties with them. She told me they are super easy - just spray with Pam, put in some Pillsbury bread dough, pop on one end, and bake standing up. They come out beautifully, a very fancy addition to party sandwiches. She broiled some chicken salad with shredded cheese on them, and they were delicious and impressive!
  9. Thank you for these book suggestions! I'll explore online to see what they are like. Does anyone have any other ideas I should investigate while I'm looking?
  10. I'm trying to figure out what book I'm looking for. I'm trying to find a book that helps guide mothers in helping their daughters to develop graciousness, charity, gentleness, and all of the other "womanly" and general virtues. Something that doesn't assume the mom is highly skilled in the qualities covered would be great! Ideas?
  11. We don't need the assistance, thankfully, but if we did, I'd be glad it was there and use it. I remember all too clearly being young and broke, my paycheck not covering my very, very frugal lifestyle. Extra work still didn't cover the expenses. I ran out of savings quickly and had nothing left. I remember literally spending my last dollar, and after that bumming food off my friends for awhile until I was able to earn more. It was really quite humbling. If I'd known food stamps existed, or even food pantries or soup kitchens, I'd have been there in a heartbeat. With children to provide for, I'd be there even faster. Feel no shame, apply, and feed your family. That's why the money is there.
  12. Sometimes we get others, if dh is offered a "professional" discount on financial magazines, but these are the ones we get consistently from year to year.
  13. You are supposed to itemize your list. We do it together most of the time, one of us typing the list and the other reading off book titles and telling if pb or hb, describing clothing with size, color, gender. Generally, we make the prices about what Goodwill charges for similar items. When we get the receipt, we just staple it to the list we printed out and file with the tax stuff. So, our non-school books and nice clothing go to Goodwill. If it's junkier clothing or if it's household stuff, we may save it for a garage sale (amazing what will sell for $.25 - it adds up!), we may donate it (with receipt) or we may Freecycle it. It just depends on the mood.
  14. I haven't read the posts you refer to, but regarding the article, I don't think it is just an attitude with homeschoolers. I know people who use ps, private school, and homeschool who have this type of attitude regarding getting things free or cheap, and their incomes are all over the board. I think it may just be that more people are homeschooling, so it may be more noticeable when people are vocal about such things. Perhaps there are just more homeschoolers who are willing to discuss money than there used to be!
  15. I knew someone here had to know the answer! I appreciate you taking the time to help!
  16. This sounded familiar, but I couldn't remember the details. I googled, and in a nutshell, kids on the autism spectrum often look out of the corner of their eyes at people because there is something wrong with their rod function (some part of the eye - don't ask me to explain!). It makes what they see look right if they look out of the corner, and wrong when they look straight at it. Giving them cod liver oil provides them with the natural vitamin A they need to correct it. Here's the link of the article I found: http://www.megson.com/readings/BiologicalBasis.pdf I'm not sure if your little guy is on the autism spectrum or not, but if he has other delays it might be a related issue, even if it doesn't manifest as autism. It might be worth a try to see if the cod liver oil helps. Nordic Naturals and Carlson's are supposed to be the best quality.
  17. I realize it isn't a huge deal, but this paint is expensive, and I don't want to open more than I need. There will be about 15-20 kids painting these sun catchers. Which kind of paint works better? How many 3-4" sun catchers can be painted with the little sets of paint tubs? Anyone?
  18. We can only speculate about what you should do, but unless you know why they haven't called him or written him back, you won't know their perspective. Maybe they don't want anything to do with him, or maybe they didn't feel like it when you told them and then they forgot. The first one may be angry at him and doesn't want to talk to him, and the second may not be angry but doesn't want to call back out of loyalty to the first, etc. You won't know until you ask, and any advice you get here will be purely speculative, based on our own experiences.
  19. Is he a fine man that your sons should respect, regardless of his problematic relationship issues with you, or is he really, really someone you'd prefer they never had to deal with... except that he's their father and you feel like they should? If he's a generally decent man who didn't know how to treat a wife, that's different than being a real creep, KWIM? I know when I was a teen I went through a lot of anger at my dad over the divorce and his following choices, but my mom insisted that I keep a relationship with him, so I did. Now, 30 years later, I'm glad she made me maintain our relationship. He's still a little difficult to deal with at times, but he loves me and I love him. I only talk to him every 4-5 months, and we email every 2-3 months, and that's just right for us. YMMV, of course.
  20. after an overnight that it was amazing to him how many of the boys still slept with and talked to their stuffed animals, even when other boys were around. They are so intent on looking big and tough to each other, but then they can't sleep without their sweet teddy or their puppy, and they do talk baby talk to them. So, your ds isn't all that unusual. If the baby talk bothers you a lot, you might just make a rule about not talking baby talk around you.
  21. I'm in charge of crafts for kids at an outdoor event. I thought sun catchers would be good, as the party will be long and they'll have time to dry a while before everyone heads home. I went to Michael's before supper. Simple enough, usually, but today I was brain dead and the staff at Michael's wasn't particularly helpful. So, here I am hoping some of you will share your wisdom!!! I couldn't decide if it would be better to get the regular glass paint or the gel paint with glitter. (Which spreads better, looks better, etc.?) I couldn't decide if I should get the paint in the little mini-tubs that are connected in a row (and if I get that kind, should I go with brushes or with eye droppers) or if I should get the 1 oz. bottles with the squeeze tip. I ended up buying it all, knowing I'll just return whatever you all tell me isn't as good. So, .... please tell me!!!! :)
  22. First, I agree with the others. I had a lot of anger toward my father for leaving when I was a girl, and there wasn't even anything bad said. I can't imagine how hurt she must be. Give her permission to grieve the loss of the "perfect" daddy she wanted to have. Counseling is good. As for the ongoing anger issue, though, I have to wonder if she might have a nutritional or metabolic problem that is causing it. Zinc deficiency and excess copper are related to anger problems. Sometimes the level of copper and zinc are both within the normal range, but the copper/zinc ratio is off and causes problems. Just something to consider looking into. I'm sure you can find good info if you google.
  23. My kids love the music from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. They haven't seen a video of it, nor have I, so I can't recommend one. I'd want to preview it, particularly for the scene with Potiphar's wife. Just in case, KWIM?
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