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  1. Do you reheat in the microwave or the oven? How long for a large amount?
  2. My immediate family is fully vaccinated and will all come together at Thanksgiving, regardless of what the extended family does. The grandparents want everyone to visit them, and I'm sure that will happen somehow, even if the whole family isn't there at once.
  3. I've known several teens who resolved this through chiropractic adjustments to their tailbones and/or through exercises that stretched muscles by the tailbone. I suggest you ask around to find a well-recommended chiropractor. (And while your ds may feel like he's the only one, he's not. As you said, people don't usually talk about this, but desperate moms talk. I have known of eight - yes, eight! - teens who had the problem in four different families. Some did eventually grow out of it, but for the others chiropractic care and/or exercises for muscles in the tailbone area helped.)
  4. Hmmm.... That might work. I'll take a look. Thanks!
  5. Dh asked my help, so I'm asking you, LOL! What's something super easy he could take for a 6:00 a.m. breakfast for 12 men? He wanted to take an egg bake, but then realized that meant getting up an hour early to put it in the oven. With oven heat-up time and travel time, he'd be getting up at 4:15. Not ideal. Has anyone tried the pre-peeled hard-boiled eggs from Costco? Maybe pair those with some of the Danishes they sell? Other brilliant ideas?
  6. I see. I'm glad you cared enough about your friend to give her the information she wanted. I'm also coming from a place of frustration, as I see people on both sides of the issue losing compassion for others. That concerns me greatly. Some have stopped listening or engaging with people who think differently - caused by differences in opinion on this topic, but refusing to engage on any topic - and it seems some have genuinely stopped caring what happens to their fellow human beings who think differently. That is how I understood what you wrote, and that's what I meant when I said it was sad. I apologize for misunderstanding your meaning.
  7. I have great self-control when it comes to not eating things that are bad for me. I never drink soda or alcohol or coffee. I rarely eat chocolate, and then only a tiny amount. I turn down dessert more than I accept, and if I do, it's only a small serving. But give me something salty or spicy, like a tube of Pringles or a bag of super-strength Gin-Gins, and I could easily eat the whole thing without thinking twice. Why is that??
  8. I'm another double spacer after periods. Ah, that class. "F, space, FJ, space, FJK, space, FJKL, space..." Thank you, Mrs. Benson.
  9. I have friends who won't get this vaccine. They actually aren't anti-vaccine -- their kids are more vaccinated than mine are, if you are talking about regular vaccines. They are concerned about this one, either because of the lack of long-term studies or because they or their family members have some health issue that they fear may get worse with vaccination. As I know several people who have had significant reactions or have experienced worsening health issues, I can't fault anyone who avoids the vaccine out of fear of that happening -- I hesitated for a long time, too, for the same reasons. Since mainstream medicine has not offered much in the way of treatments until this new drug, of course people have been looking at alternative treatments, with or without proof of efficacy. That's normal human behavior. So is feeling frustrated or angry with others who see things completely differently than you do; however, if you want people to change their minds, you have to influence them, and that generally requires kindness and compassion. Hostility drives people away.
  10. I loved my Judeo-Christian Tradition class in college. The Jewish rabbi/professor who taught the first section was very interesting, and I, too, ended up taking a class at the campus synagogue to learn more. It was interesting, although not as deep as I'd hoped. This was back in the 80's, and there was a lot of focus on communes and baking your own Challah, with less focus on actual religious faith. The Catholic priest and Lutheran minister who taught the Christian sections of Judeo-Christian Tradition were good, too, but again, there was so much to learn. I later took an RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) course at a local Catholic church to learn more, and since I was upfront about being there to learn, not convert, that left me free to ask the hard questions all the converting-to-marry people had, but didn't feel comfortable bringing up. The priest was a truly delightful man, so kind, and he explained everything we wanted to know. It was a great course.
  11. ((Moonhawk)) Changes like this are hard. I wish you the best as you make the transition to your new business.
  12. Yes. We went with a no/low-shed dog, and I'm so glad we did. When I do find dog hair, I'm genuinely surprised. Our cats were gone for at least a year before we stopped finding hair.
  13. Yuck. People can be so terribly disappointing. I remember Vision Forum as the source for cool kid items - spy ciphers, ping pong ball guns, dinosaur fossils, etc.
  14. Just be sure you follow the requirements of the schools where your dc wants to apply. One university in our state specifically requires homeschoolers to provide the name and credentials of all teachers - their degrees and the conferring institutions, if possible. Crazy, but it's selective and wants to be sure homeschoolers come in prepared to succeed. ETA: Less selective schools in the state don't even want course descriptions. It all depends on the school.
  15. The longest we've ever had to wait was four weeks, but that was for my now 24yo. It's gone more quickly since then.
  16. Our local Costco was out of ultra soft Charmin and was limiting ultra strong Charmin and Kirkland TP to one per customer. The sliced Kirkland turkey lunch meat and Kirkland dishwasher pods were back in stock today after not being available for a while. Gala apples were back, too, in place of the Fuji apples they've had for a few months.
  17. This. I can't even fathom a cause-effect connection between a secure upbringing and failure to work hard. Knowing how to work hard comes from learning how to work hard, which can happen in any kind of family.
  18. Puberty and time spent with positive role models is what will mature them, not a particular age or reduced exposure to video games. IME, boys tend to act 10 or 11 until they hit puberty, whether that's at 12 or at 15.
  19. I wouldn't do it. a) lying about his age will bother you b) your dh doesn't want you to do it c) in the unlikely situation that something went wrong, you'd have an under-approved-age kiddo with a vaccine reaction and a lot of explaining to do, insurance issues, legal issues, etc., etc. d) his immunity may have waned, but it may have not Instead, I'd a) give him daily doses of vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and maybe some quercetin - leading up to vacation and while there b) have him mask when appropriate c) have him use a Qtip to wipe nostrils with hydrogen peroxide after returning from public spaces
  20. You may want to research these supplements and effect on focus: DHA (omega 3). Options with higher DHA levels: Nordic Naturals Omega Focus. Nordic Naturals DHA Xtra. Nordic Naturals cod liver oil. zinc iron B12 P5P (pyridoxal-5-phosphate)
  21. Oh, got it. I totally misunderstood! I thought you meant you'd seen him on the porch, visited her, and then stopped to see him after you'd already talked to her. My mistake. Not weird at all!
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