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  1. Everyone I've known with pet rabbits said the rabbit was in charge of the other animals. One friend had a beagle that killed wild rabbits in the yard, but was terrified of the house rabbit. Bunnies bite, kick, body slam....
  2. This makes me think of something I read recently about humming and singing activating the vagus nerve, which provides a lot of health benefits; maybe purring is the kitty version.
  3. I know someone who gets this with allergic reactions. Benadyl tonight might not be a bad idea. If it's the MSG in the fried rice you've just finished off, you should start to see improvement tomorrow. Until you can see a doctor about it, read your labels carefully! You'll want to do some Googling, too, for foods to avoid, to be sure you don't eat something with it or closely related ingredients.
  4. Thank you for updating! It's good to see you here again and to know you and your family are okay.
  5. I don't know about dog smell in a couch, but Zerorez did an absolutely amazing job on our doggied carpets and on our 10yo couch (not doggied, but not clean, either). Instead of just smelling "better," with Zerorez they smelled truly CLEAN. No other professional cleaner we'd had previously ever came close. There are some locations in Florida - maybe there's one near you? https://www.zerorez.com/locations
  6. Wow. I can't even imagine prices that low in our area! There are only two houses here for sale under $180; both are tiny (around 800 sq ft) and major fixer-uppers. The average price here is 340K, but it ranges up to a couple of million. New construction is running around 575K for an 1800 sq ft 3 bedroom 2 bath ranch with unfinished basement.
  7. It's cooled a bit here. Houses were getting multiple offers well over asking price in 1-3 days, and now it's taking a week or more for most. Quirky houses were selling quickly a year ago, but now they just stay on the market indefinitely. Prices are reduced slightly from the highest point, although they are still 30-50,000 over pre-Covid prices.
  8. Are there activities specifically for teen homeschoolers in your area where your dd could meet other homeschooled teens? Sports classes or teams, fine arts, speech and debate, etc.? I didn't shelter my dc from non-homeschoolers -- in high school, all three of my dc have had close friends who were not homeschooled -- but the most healthy friendships my teens had were among the other homeschooled teens. I'm continually amazed the more I learn from my dc about how their homeschooled friends have really had their backs, offered support, understanding, etc. And sometimes it takes trying different activities with the same kids. One of my dc knew a bunch of nice kids through fine arts classes for many years, but it wasn't until playing sports together that they became true friends and sought each other out for social activities.
  9. I think everyone's out of energy these days, and some more than others. Take time for yourself, absolutely. Still, keep in mind that you do want relationships when this period is over. Staying in occasional contact with the ones you want to be close to again will help with that, if you can manage it.
  10. The injections probably mean giving them to yourself in your thigh. If that doesn't thrill you, you might try taking sublingual B12 (methyl cobalamin); here's one option. It says they are chewable, but you can let them dissolve under your tongue. Supposedly, that helps with faster absorption.
  11. I like the name "Desmond." Of course, even though I'm familiar with all the other Desmonds mentioned, the one that immediately comes to my mind is the one in "Oh-Bla-Di, Oh-Bla-Da." 😀
  12. I don't see a price, just the amount of money they've raised. Am I missing it somehow?
  13. Ours learned to turn on the Roomba. Then she learned to ride it. Good times! It only happened in the middle of the night once when we forgot to put her in the laundry room, but it was certainly a startling way to wake up!
  14. When my cats were kittens, they zoomed around for a couple of hours in the night, and the most enthusiastic one would zoom up onto the bed and pounce on me. Repeatedly. It took about 6 months of being tossed off the bed 5-6 times a night for her to learn I didn't want to play that game, but she did eventually learn. After that, she'd just hop quietly up onto the bed to sleep near me, like the others did. I loved being able to wake up in the morning and immediately hear the sound of purring. I'd open my eyes, and there she would be, gazing at me happily from about a foot away. I felt very loved. 😊 ETA: Once I got married, they didn't sleep in the bedroom anymore, and they did. not. like that. Because of the yowling and door pounding, they were relegated to the basement laundry room with a thick pad attached to the door to quiet the pounding. I think we added some foam tape between the door and frame, too, to prevent it from banging.
  15. I'm glad it's going well so far. Daytime kitten activities are great. It's the 2 a.m. ambushes that get distressing, lol!
  16. He's beautiful! Does your wife have a name picked out yet?
  17. Yes to the carry-on size suitcase or duffel for flights! Maybe a smaller duffle for weekend road trips. Tool set - handy at college and after wireless earbuds
  18. If you do decide to get another cat, I suggest you try to find an adult cat that likes other cats. Kittens can be extremely annoying to older cats, who don't always appreciate being pounced on, bitten, chased, etc. I had a friend who had four cats, two very old and two very young, and the younger ones - particularly the young male - irritated the older ones to no end.
  19. After the highly publicized church shootings in recent years, many churches have started having armed guards/off-duty police present during services. Even if there is no one in uniform or visibly carrying, there may be law enforcement among members of the congregation who are carrying at church in case of emergency.
  20. Are you wanting to provide for college needs or do you want a gift your dc will just enjoy? What are your dc's hobbies?
  21. I don't understand why you think a house of worship having an armed guard means you can't leave your politics at the door. My church has an armed security team made up of off-duty or former law enforcement or military present in every service, just in case of attack by who-knows-who-or-why. Crazies wanting to hurt people while they worship come in all stripes.
  22. Very well done. There are aspects that diverge from the books, as typically happens with shows, but they are still very good.
  23. What great suggestions! You all have been super helpful! Thank you! 😀
  24. Unlock Math has short video lessons, and you can print the matching instruction pages for reference. The assignment problems are corrected immediately, and you can see detailed solutions. Assignments can be redone with new problems as many times as a student needs to cement understanding. It's not cheap, but it has a free trial, and I believe there's a month-long money back guarantee. You'd want to double check on that. Unlockmath.com.
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