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  1. Watching the Bohemian Rhapsody trailer repeatedly probably isn't the best use of my time.  But, man, I"m looking forward to this movie.

    1. TravelingChris
    2. nopenope


      It looks sooo good! Definitely one of the few movies, ever, that I'm looking forward to seeing in a theater!

  2. Just realized we didn't make it to watch any of the Nat'l Fencing Championships this week.  My excuse will be that it was too hot to think.

    1. Corraleno


      It was awesome! St. Louis did a really good job, very well organized, no major glitches. Do your kids fence?

    2. GailV


      No, but it seemed like we should go since it was right here in town.

  3. Dh has just discovered the world of international Scrabble tournaments, and life may never be the same.

  4. Woohoo -- high school graduation is DONE!  

    1. mama25angels



  5. We have now entered the Audition Zone -- dd just had the first of 8 auditions for this month.

    1. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      Sounds fun, but exhausting! Good luck to her!

  6. Last family get together today, and we're finally finished with this holiday season.

  7. Dd just left for DC for an 8 week internship at the Smithsonian, and I'm a weeping mess. Gah, having adult children is so hard!

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    2. Angie in VA

      Angie in VA

      I would be so excited for her and so sad for me. Will she rotate among the Smithsonian museums?


    3. GailV


      She's at the American Art Museum doing lighting for the exhibits for the entire time. And, yes, excited for her, but pity party for me that she's totally independent these days.

    4. swimmermom3


      It is such an exciting adventure for her. Knowing that, makes the letting go a little bit easier with time.

  8. HIdden costs of dual enrollment: It's really easy to stop by the bakery for a croissant after dropping her off for classes.

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    2. alisoncooks


      Yesss. DDs's (twice weekly) class ends at noon...and is conveniently located next to lots of restaurants...


    3. Lizzie in Ma

      Lizzie in Ma

      lol, I'm lucky, by September youngest will be driving and I won't have to take her. ;)


    4. Heigh Ho

      Heigh Ho

      And coffee for both..

  9. Just at Ikea. Dd was trying to edit all the apostrophes used to pluralize the signs on the storage bins.

    1. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      A girl after my own heart!

  10. Caved in and turned on the furnace.

    1. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      Same! A couple of nights this week. Brrr!

  11. Pro-tip: having a tooth extraction and a new roof put on the house the same day isn't the best combination.

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    2. Starr
    3. swimmermom3


      They are pounding on my roof as I write this. I couldn't imagine having a tooth extraction at the same time. The noise is deafening and the house shakes.

    4. Æthelthryth the Texan

      Æthelthryth the Texan

      Oh no. I'm so sorry. We had a new roof put on two weeks ago and there's no way I could've handled that! Hope you feel better and the roof goes fast!

  12. Crazy neighbor is acting crazy. Fun times.

  13. Tree trimmer should've been here an hour ago. I don't have his phone number -- dh does, and he's on a plane heading out of the country. Ugh.

    1. 3 ladybugs

      3 ladybugs

      Ugg! I would do a search on his computer (provided he doesn't have it with him) and see what comes up. Good luck!

  14. Both kids officially out of town for the week, and the house to ourselves!

  15. Wedding dress done! And the ballet director just asked me to make the bodice for Aurora's tutu, so next major project already underway!

  16. Dd: I want to start an interior decorating line that's called "The Well Trained Mind Palace"

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    2. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      Perfect! She can base the fabric design on that! lol

    3. cintinative


      will it have a throne made of books? =)


    4. GailV


      All Sherlock Holmes, of course.

  17. Aaaaaah! SWB is coming to our local homeschool expo!

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    2. GailV


      Good point, Chelle -- I'd spend the entire weekend agonizing over grammatical blunder. OTOH, if she stays here she can more easily autograph all my PHP books.

    3. GailV


      Ironic that I goofed up typing that.

    4. Chelle in MO
  18. Celebrating that dd did NOT get cast in a musical! Woohoo, think of all the spare time we'll have!

    1. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      I know that feeling! Sometimes I'm secretly just a little bit happy when my boys don't make the baseball tournament playoffs! I like to call it "looking at the bright side!" lol

    2. FuzzyCatz


      LOL! Have definitely had those moments. Especially as we're going into the last 3 weeks of a BIG show.


    3. GailV


      Yeah, we're in tech week of a different show right now. And she just got roped into this one 3 weeks ago during performance weekend of a different show when current show's director needed to quickly replace the head flying monkey. I've reached my limit.

  19. The cat just brought in a small rodent and released it in the kitchen. Dd, the rodent whisperer, trapped and released it back outside within 10 minutes.

  20. Giselle is over, sigh. Now on to the next show!

  21. Taking dd to the airport for the first leg in a semester abroad.

  22. Allergy season. Achoo!

  23. This year I got roped into helping with Winter Jam. It turned out to be an interesting day.

    1. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      Interesting in a good way, I hope! :)

  24. This year I got roped into helping with Winterjam. It turned out to be an interesting day.

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