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  1. We had a nephew and my children's first cousin born. We get tons of photos & videos, and we regularly Facetime them. They are having a virtual baby dedication at the beginning of October. I know that isn't what you meant. You want to hold the little baby, I sympathize. Really I do. We are having to make so many sacrifices during this pandemic. I am noticing people vary greatly in what they are comfortable with. Many people are sending their kids to school, and visiting relatives & friends. My kids (10, 7 & 4) haven't seen anyone in person since February. We felt very
  2. Usually we buy the DVD, but then immediately rip it and store the digital files. We watch the digital copies. We don't buy digital copies directly, because they never give you the actual files. We don't use the DVDs because we have little kids and they would scratch or lose them. The DVDs are stored in a zipper binder in a safe place. BTW we do the same with video/computer games. I can't imagine keeping up with all the optical disks and always helping the children to start their videos & games. I don't think the disk drive on our Wii even works anymore . . .
  3. I agree. I also think if they cleared up the misunderstandings as quickly as possible, they would have more resources to devote to the children who are in crisis.
  4. I think I agree. But I will say that just as we have a right to refuse CPS access. We also have a right to invite them in. And at least for me, either way my decision would have been based a large part on fear. I let them in, because of fear of unnecessarily dragging out the process. If I didn't let them in it would have been out of fear of them misinterpreting something they saw or heard. It is a scary situation, of course fear plays into it. I don't know what CPS could do to alleviate the fear. Their very presence at your door is an accusation. They have the power to take your child
  5. I agree. Although that isn't exactly what happened. They allowed me to become a member in an hour for a $40 emergency fee in addition to the normal fee. Only after I had joined did they give me the legal advice. But I was impressed with the legal advice. I am also grateful they allowed me to join to get advice on a situation in progress. I assumed it worked like insurance where you have to join before you have a problem.
  6. HSLDA sent our acceptance email for membership. Dear Mrs. & Mr. Husband's first and last name . . . Seriously HSLDA right off the bat. My husband & I don't even have the same last name.
  7. I believe it. In that moment, I didn't care one whit about my rights. I totally understand and agree with the argument that if I let her in and cooperate openly and so do most everyone else, then her experience will be that only very bad people exercise their rights. It has a definite societal cost. I played my part in eroding all our rights. If it is any consolation . . . she was young and eager. I explained the position of hslda & many homeschooler would be to cooperate only as compelled by law. I explained why. I briefly outlined the history. I explained why I chose differe
  8. So the update: It went way better then could be expected. My 3 yo napped through the whole thing. The big boys were great---vibrant, happy, obedient, and obviously smart. They nicely played mouse trap with my mother. We invited her right in she sat on our couch and talked to us for 1/2 an hour. Mostly she was satisfying her curiosity about homeschooling, and commiserating about how stupid the complaint was. She asked us a rapid fire list about risk factors: drugs, alcohol, spousal abuse etc. We talked briefly about rules & discipline. She never had any interest in leaving t
  9. I agree it is far fetched, but we literally didn't talk about it. So . . . also how would the neighbors know they don't follow directions. The neighbors have kids, so they know how kids are in that regard. . . their kids aren't angels or anything. I am dealing with today, today. Tomorrow I will worry about who reported us and why. How do we prevent this from reoccurring etc. Ananda
  10. Update: I joined HSLDA out of fear. Apparently, you can join after the fact. So I got real legal advice. Go me! He suggested a middle road because that was what made us most comfortable. We will keep the meeting, invite the cps worker into our living room and have brief conversation with her. My mother will play with the children in the adjoining play room or dinning room. So they will be able to see the kids. She will not tour our house. If we become uncomfortable, I will excuse myself to talk to legal council (ie HSLDA).
  11. About the following instructions thing: ds9 is generally good, he can be spacey or distractable, when overwhelmed (which becoming increasingly rare) he does melt down. I have given him coping skills and worked with his teachers to allow him to leave is overwhelmed. ds6 is generally good. We have been having trouble with attitude. He cries and whines and makes a martyr out of himself. This is a problem that we are actively parenting (with no effect). ds3 is on the stubborn end of normal for a 3yo in following directions.
  12. I joined HSLDA in fear. Apparently you can join after the fact. They game me two names of local-ish lawyers to call.
  13. This was the CPS workers reply to our inquiry regarding complaint: I am not able to give you the physical copy of the report. However, I am able to summarize the report for you. The report just stated that the children are currently homeschooled. The report stated that ds9 has been wearing a pull-up and that the children will have difficulty following directions. When the report was received, the children were checked to see if they were registered as homeschooled. The report stated that there was not filing for exempt school under the name D--- (children & husband's last name) for t
  14. I will consult an HSLDA & an attorney. I agree that it isn't worth the risk. I can take the financial hit. (Probably, I actually don't know how much an attorney costs.) But wow . . . a neighbor tattles on us for legally homeschooling and I have to pay a but ton of money to defend myself. We have decided to go through with tomorrow's visit. My mother is here for support, 3rd set of ears, and child control (so that we can focus on the workers). We will answer the specific allegations, but be circumspect about anything else. We are insisting on receiving the specific allegati
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