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  1. Test posting, users are reporting problems.
  2. I've been switching the forums over to a faster server. The problem you've reported above should be fixed. If not, please repost! Thanks, -Jedi Bob
  3. After doing as much as I could with server tuning, I added more hardware to run the forums last night. It seems to me that this helped quite a lot, even today during peak times. Let me know if you get any more server-busy messages. -Jedi Bob
  4. Could anyone having a problem please try again? I believe I have fixed it. :party: -Jedi Bob
  5. You are my best schmoopikins ever!

  6. Hi Babe! Love you! :001_tt1:

  7. I had to restart the forums this morning after a brief outage... after the restart everything went back to the "the new normal" of running much better than before. Thanks to all for keeping the feedback coming! -Bob
  8. Jedi Bob, you rock! Thank you for all you do.

  9. Hi All, I've been working for the past couple of days to tune the forum software and server configuration to improve performance. :hurray: I think the changes I've made should have improved things substantially for most users - please let me know if you think things are better. -Jedi Bob
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