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  1. I have read that some people combine volumes of FIAR, doing them out of order to complete an around the world study. That sounds very interesting to me, and I have heard rumors that there is a list that matches the books to the country, but I have not been able to find said list. Can anyone help me out? :D Thank you!!!
  2. As for the three you initially asked about I enjoy shopping in Johnson Creek and it's easy access to a lot of areas. Watertown would also be a thought. If you're thinking a little more rural, maybe look for something in between the two? I also like Sun Prarie, but am not sure about property taxes for that area...
  3. If I could live anywhere in WI, it would be Door County, but that's for me and not you. Centrally located to where - the entire state? Or Madison / Milwauke? Have you checked out Elkhorn, WI? I guess it depends on what you consider 'close' to things. Where I grew up is an hour to Madison, hour to Milwaukee and hour and a half to Chicago. It was 1 to 20 minutes to get to a decent grocery store. That seems the norm for me, so...
  4. Just jumping in with both feet here... The most important is prayer, but the other thing I do is remind myself over and over (and over, and over, repeat...) that contentment is a choice. There will ALWAYS be something different about every situation that could theoretically make it better. I have to remind myself to choose to be contented, or even happy, with what I have or the situation I am in. Otherwise I can easily find myself if-only-ing or what-ifing away my life. hkchik DD (16) DD (3)
  5. I found it became repetitive (began to repeat menu choices too soon / too frequently). I believe I have two recipes that I received from them that I continue to use, otherwise we have moved on. Also, and this is specific to us, I had to do a lot of meal substitutions due to food alergies...
  6. Thank you for the input so far. I was very interested in Chalkdust, until I saw the cost. It does seem to make sense to have her take an Algebra 2 class again - but what about transcripts? Half of her high school time will come from the public school transcript which will show Geometry and Algebra 2. So if I have her take Algebra 2 again, what do I call it on a transcript? As far as college - she wants to go into international affairs, so history and language intensive. Thanks for the input so far!
  7. We are beginning the homeschooling journey this year, and I will have a Junior in high school, planning on attending college. She has not excelled at math, but is not bad at it. Some of the problem is that she simply lacks confidence. Some of it is that in PS she has been allowed to move from math class to math class without actually mastering concepts. She is set to take pre-calculus next year, and I am trying to figure out which curriculum to use. I am stuck on Teaching Textbooks, Thinkwell or Math U See. Math is not my strong point, so I need something that I don't have to teach (I do have a tutor standing by if necessary). I keep reading that Teaching Textbooks is not as advanced as other curriculum, and I think that would be ok for her. If some / much of it is review that would not be a bad thing. I also hear great things about Math U See, but is that something that is teacher intensive? Her senior year she will probably take math at the local community college, so I really only need to get her through the next year, but also prep her for the SATs... Someone please advise me... I'm so confused. Thanks!
  8. I second the Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss. I have actually used it in a classroom before. The kids actually all understood the parallels, and it ended up being a powerful lesson.
  9. IMHO - the only concern I would have is what if she loves it? If you are dead set on homeschooling her for Middle School, what is your plan to get her home without hating you? My oldest dd will be homeschooling for the first time next year - her Junior year of high school. Public school has been adequate (we are in a "great" system), but she wants more.
  10. Please allow me to slightly modify my question: Does anyone have a recomendation that doesn't cost $500 - $600 dollars? Thanks!
  11. Hello all! I am new to both the boards and homeschooling. I have spent the last week reading through posts, and have gleaned a lot of useful information already. Thank you! I will have an 11th grader next year, and we would like to complete an AP level US History class. Does anyone have recomendations on a curriculum to use? There are so many choices, and I would really like her to score well on the AP test. We will be tying an American lit class into it. Thank you for any help!
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