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  1. I have a neighbor who does the same thing. They let their dog out of their front area to roam and use the bathroom wherever it wants. Unfortunately, where it wants is my house. It stops and pees on my Jeep first and then craps in two or three different places in my front yard. I have confronted the guy and he laughed at me and told me he has no control over his dog. Now, they let the dog out when they know we won't be paying attention. I called housing (we live on a military base) and they said they can't do anything about it. They told me to call the base police when it happens, but that
  2. My MIL has hated me forever. I guess because I didn't need her to be a replacement mother and I didn't want to be her best friend. My DH is Navy, and after his first duty station, we have lived pretty far away from family (mostly because we are adventurous and want to experience different parts of the world). I guess she probably blames me for taking him and my kids away from her. She lives in GA and his first duty station was in GA, about 2 hours from her. My oldest two were born there. She only visited us a handful of times the whole 4 years we lived there. We were expected to visit her at l
  3. DS 17- no clue (actually would love nothing more than to be a professional soccer player, but realizes that probably isn't going to happen), interests in cooking and would maybe like to learn more about radiology; will probably join the Navy to figure it out DS 16- Navy submariner like his Dad DS 14- Marine sniper DD 10- a rock star or a football player like Marshawn Lynch or maybe a scientist that studies space stuff
  4. DD 5th grade: Switched from Fix It Grammar to Jr. Analytical Grammar. She loves it and is WAY happier. Dropped K12 Literature to just read books. She started out liking the K12, but I think got bored with it. She asked to drop it in favor of just reading, which made me happy since she doesn't usually like to read. DS 8th grade: We added Writing With Skill 1. He still does EIW, but on a lighter schedule.
  5. Yes, all 4 kids, DH, and I can all do that. We have been taking the kids into water since they were little babies. The oldest three, DH, and myself are all SCUBA certified even (we had to swim 200 meters and tread for 10 minutes). My daughter will be SCUBA certified later this year, after she turns 10. Being able to swim has always been super important to me. I grew up in Texas and Florida and have always loved the water. It was important that my kids did too. My husband is in the Navy, so we have always lived close to water.
  6. I was taught the one that looks like a 2 in the 80's but my husband says he was taught the other way. We just had this discussion as I was looking for cursive books for my kids. Both kids decided they want to learn the one that is like a capital Q.
  7. I would have said, "Wow, you did a great job! Thank you for doing that for me. Next time just make sure you give this spot a little more attention." DH would have said, "You missed some spots." He is a nuke in the Navy and doesn't have many social skills, lol. Plus, I'm beginning to suspect he acts a lot like how his dad acted.
  8. I am excited to be bringing my youngest 2 back home! For curriculum, I'm excited about BookShark for both kids. I really want to get them to love reading.
  9. My goals for my upcoming 8th grader are to get him to take more responsibility over his work, get him ready for Algebra 1 in 9th grade, and get him up to or at least closer to being on grade level for his English skills (reading, writing, spelling, etc.). He was in public school for K, homeschooled for 1st and half of 2nd, homeschooled for 3rd and half of 4th, and public school ever since. We move a lot and I'm not always happy with the schools, hence the back and forth. He will be homeschooled for 8th with the intention of going to public school (which is really a DoDEA school) in 9th, bu
  10. I have level 5 and level 8 to use next year. Level 8 doesn't include the grammar (it's separate in case you want to use it). Level 5 has it included, but would be easy to leave out if you wanted. Just skip to whatever lesson the writing part starts.
  11. We have 4 kids and vacation quite a bit (hubby is Navy, so we've been all over the place). If you asked my kids, they would hands down, without a doubt, say the best vacation ever was the cruise we took. But we've never taken a big National Parks trip before (we have actually spent most of my husband's career OCONUS).
  12. I will take a look at both of these. Thank you! I am looking for a list where each book is listed chronologically. Or even just suggestions for the best books to read and where they fit in on a timeline. I have looked at so many book lists the past few days, lol. They all have great suggestions but I don't know how to narrow it down and pick the best.
  13. I think we are going to use Hakim's History of US for 8th grade. I have tried searching for a list of literature to go along with it, but so far haven't come up with much. It is for my son, who will be in 8th grade, but reads more at a 6th/7th grade level. Any suggestions or places I can find a list like this would be great! Thank you!
  14. I ordered Essentials in Writing for next year and it looks good. I researched it and thought it was secular, but it's not. The religious content is pretty mild, but I admit I was a little disappointed that it was included.
  15. I am pulling 2 of my kids out of school next year to homeschool. I think I finally have most of it figured out. Here is what my 8th grader will be using: English: Essentials in Writing 8 Fix It! Grammar Book 1 Apples and Pears Spelling B English From the Roots Up Need something for Literature Reading for Bookshark 8 Math: Not sure yet. I have no clue where he is at with math and he's taking his time finishing the placement tests. History: Bookshark 8 History with Reading Geography: Knowledge Quest Expedition Earth Science: Elemental Science Earth and Astronomy
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