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  1. The chart does not list every possible option for Rhetoric--just a few sample paths. Anthony Weston's book is still recommended in the third edition of TWTM. Moderator
  2. "Back on the burner," but no projected date yet. (That means, don't count on it, but we'll keep you posted.) Moderator
  3. We went through every possible channel to let readers know about the change, including multiple requests to Amazon to update their listing--unfortunately they are completely unresponsive to small publishers. We share your frustration. Moderator
  4. We have cancelled publication, long ago. It is very frustrating that Amazon still shows the book as pending, but this is typical for Amazon. Changes communicated to them are ignored for months. PHP has tried for months to get Amazon to correct the WWS instructor guide listing, without success. Moderator
  5. You may email for the additional lessons now. Moderator
  6. Please allow a little more time for samples to be emailed out. Ms. Worth is swamped with requests. Moderator
  7. You may not post for-sale items until you have fifty posts on the regular message boards. At that point, your sale postings may go on the sale & swap board ONLY. Please do not try to circumvent board policy, or you will be banned.

  8. You may not post for-sale listings until you have 50 or more posts as a regular board member. Do not circumvent the rules by attempting to post on non-sale boards, or you will be banned.

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