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  1. He does tell me that it's easier to just add it in his head, without making a ten (without doing 7+8 = 10+5). We've been doing the story and the dump game though, and those are helping.
  2. Yes, we are using manipulatives - egg cartons, C-rods, ten blocks - all of it! He can move a one from the egg carton to make a ten, but that's the only one he can get easily. He can't do it in his head or split the number.
  3. My son did Singapore Math last year and did fine with all of it except for the making a 10 concept. We're re-visiting it this year in 2nd grade because I really want him to have it before we move much further in the 2A book but he's still struggling. I have the teacher guide and am using all of the suggestions but he's just not getting it. Should I try a different math program? This is very frustrating for both of us. He used to love math and now he says he hates it.
  4. Thank you - so many great suggestions! Now I will not dread writing time on Monday so much. :001_smile:
  5. I think I will put the book aside for now and come back to it later. In the meantime I'll try simpler dictation and shorter copy sentences. He's very interested in writing letters, so maybe that can be his writing for now. (In the meantime, his 5 year old sister will happily copy anything I set in front of her!)
  6. Maybe that's all it is. We are only on the second week in the book. So did you make him do it or not do writing for awhile? I'm not sure what approach to take.
  7. He says that it is too much writing. The dictation is also a struggle. The reading/narration days (where I write) are fine.
  8. My 2nd grader (7 year old boy) is really struggling with writing this year. It has never been his strong suit, but after a morning of crying, tears and tantrums over it I am at a loss. Last year we did Writing with Ease Level 1, and although it wasn't his favorite part of the day he did complete the exercise each day with minimum difficulty. This year we're doing Writing with Ease Level 2 and it is not working for him at all. Suggestions please! Is there something else that would work better for him? He does a page of Zaner Bloser each day as well, and that is not an issue.
  9. Thank you both - very helpful! I will start with Essentials A and even if it's a review we can then move on to B.
  10. My 5 year old daughter wants a math book like her brother (he's in Singapore 2A). I don't feel she's ready for 1A but when I looked at the samples of the K Earlybird and Essentials they looked too easy. Which should I use for her? I didn't homeschool my son until 1st grade so haven't used any K math curriculum yet. Thanks!
  11. I'll look into that - thanks! Apologia is the one I've heard most about, so I haven't even looked into others. I just need a little more structure than last year for science.
  12. Last year I did not use a formal science curriculum but I have been reading so many positive comments about Apologia that I thought I might try it for my 2nd grader this year (along with my Kindergartener, as much as she is able). I looked at the Apologia site, but I don't know which to order. Which is the best one to start with? Thanks
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