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  1. I keep going back and forth about what to do with my dd this year. She's very mathy and very language oriented (she wants to be an engineer who writes children's books while being a linguist where there isn't a written language:). Up until now we've been pretty informal and I've been very happy with our homeschool life, but I have 5 kids and want to outsource a little to free up my time to work more with the kids coming up. She's technically in 6th grade. For math, I'm trying to decide if she should finish the beast academy series or go into aops pre-algebra. She passed the aops pre-algebra placement easily, but is only in 4c of beast academy since it's just been our supplemental curriculum. We have always had our primary curriculum be just me explaining how to do things and practicing using real life situations as they come along, and on the days we don't do that, she'll do some beast academy. She knows how to do all the arithmetic it teaches, but the types of problems definitely makes her think (she'll sit her going back and forth between "arrrrgh it's so hard, I'll never figure this out" to crazy laughter, "that was actually so easy" to humming cheerfully as she works...I mostly ignore and enjoy the commentary:) I know she can do it BA independantly, but if she did pre-alg I'd want to sign her up for a class. I don't want to hold her back just because pre-a will be challenging, but maybe another year to mature might be good for her? For writing, she's always been a great creative writer, but we haven't spent much time on essays, mostly because she strongly prefers fiction over nonfiction in her reading (I don't blame her, lol:). I signed her up for WTMA expo1, but I don't know if that's going to progress too slowly for her. She picks up everything very easily, so when she's taken in person co-op classes, nobody had anything but good things to say about her writing, so it wasn't very helpful. I don't want it to be a situation where she does everything correctly so she doesn't get much helpful feedback. That's not to say she won't learn stuff, but I'm not sure how much repetition she actually needs. I just need to have a class that gives her feedback and she can do mostly independently.
  2. I just started spelling zoo with my 8yo and it's the first time I've seen real progress for her in spelling. She's a great reader, has read all the Lord of the Rings, Little Women, etc, but for example when asked to write the wh question words down recently she still misspelled every one. She has hated all forms of copywork or spelling instruction, but she seems to really enjoy spelling zoo because it's low pressure (she repeats the lesson until she gets all the words right) and then feels a real sense of accomplishment because she got all the words right and seems to really understand the rule:)
  3. A good one from my 5 year old this week: After starting a new read aloud: Dd: Can we read another chapter tonight? Me: Sorry, honey, I'm afraid we don't have time tonight. Dd: You know, I think things would work out better if you just held the book open so we could both sit next to each other and read quietly in our heads...just skipping along silently word to word in our heads will be so much faster so we could read more each time. Totally cracked me up! Why read aloud when we can sit silently reading next to each other?
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