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  1. Anyone go from CLE 410 to saxon, and which one? or did you switch solely from CLE 600 to saxon 8/7? Just trying to line up with the co ops in the area.
  2. all about spelling transition

  3. classical conversations

  4. 5001! brown used JC penny belt==============> booyah booyah booyah (underneath) Slach e (There-- the name was cut to a smaller size...) Yay Me! edited ....NOOOO!!!! by the time I wrote this I was 5070? what gives??!??!?!
  5. SOOO close! I am 8th away to being the 5000th post writer!
  6. covd College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) capd-Central Auditory Processing Disorder wm-working memory
  7. So did LLATL work for your VSL? I am really interested to know, cause we have the orange workbook and the spiral Teachers book. Anyone else have a vsl and use LLATL and it work?
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