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  1. Anyone go from CLE 410 to saxon, and which one? or did you switch solely from CLE 600 to saxon 8/7? Just trying to line up with the co ops in the area.
  2. So... drummmroll... I can't really afford it, but if God has called me, then I will go... And He will supply the need. He has already had someone give me some of the Classical conversations supplies for free! So, my kid will not go into essentials, and I will be a tutor for Foundations - My oldest has already gone through Ancients-Contemporary history, so I will be trained properly to finally help them through memorization techniques. (I can't do memory work on my own, unless I am held accountable by other families.) I get lazy with any drill and kill type of work, so this will force me to d
  3. Really liked this thread. Glad to see the different perspectives. I was going through several personal pro's and con's myself. But Really happy about the not having to make it our spine: Entering into CC this year: Pro's: Never could do memory work without a co-op, so now's my chance. Positive praise from other people helps with my lack of praise. The memory work is thorough for the items they chose. I can do it for one year, so that the vocabulary for every subject is touched upon so that when they get to it later, it will click. Personal choice on home curriculum will not hinder this
  4. https://www.facebook.com/suriafan/videos/10150523593249975/ is this lattice method? Should I just use this and be done with it? (he won't necessarily think about it in his brain in a mathy way though, right?
  5. all about spelling transition

  6. is on my mind

  7. classical conversations

  8. ALB- I am in the same boat! Spelling WO B for one and R&S 3,4 for my older! I like both. My son needed R&S because he officially started in 2nd grade for his spelling. Juggling the 3 kids, and learning issues, everything came together when R&S came along. My girl can do Spelling workout fine, but my son needed R&S because of the Christian teachings and the focus being just slightly different. My boy has an aversion to writing. So, even though it is great reinforcement for some to write the words in sentences, Spelling workout last page was another reason for my son to dislike
  9. Considering God's creation is good for the the first accounts of creation. It covers lots except for chemistry and physics. Oops, nevermind, doesn't have enough of a history component for your needs.
  10. Yeah, we did switch to graph paper but the facts were being messed up and then he wouldn't add up correctly because he erased and put it in the wrong column etc. The MUS way was to put enough space to multiply everything out and then add so you would carry over the tens or hundreds number underneath the problem line not on top of your equation and cross off when you've added. I am thinking about just letting him write out his times tables more then use it as a cheat sheet for that day to do the harder problems later . I am glad that I wasn't the only one in this boat. http://forums.welltr
  11. 5001! brown used JC penny belt==============> booyah booyah booyah (underneath) Slach e (There-- the name was cut to a smaller size...) Yay Me! edited ....NOOOO!!!! by the time I wrote this I was 5070? what gives??!??!?!
  12. SOOO close! I am 8th away to being the 5000th post writer!
  13. One Step- I looked at it. Lots of counting diagonally. I don't know if I could implement that on my own. (Besides youtube videos.) I made many mistakes doing it that way. I understood the premise once though. I will consider it. After a few weeks of LOF maybe and the copying the http://donpotter.net/pdf/multiplication-matrix.pdfchart for awhile and then re try the multi digit stuff? Then, if it fails then Lattice? 6 times tables through the 9's he still hasn't mastered. I am thinking about making Life of Fred my math Spine curriculum. I just can't see how I can take away the teacher
  14. Barefoot Mommy - Wow... I didn't realize the SM's HIG's were so important as well as the suggested manipulatives you just mentioned-- I figured I could just use the same square rods from Math U See in place of the cuisanaire rods , and the textbook was all I needed (I have so many manipulatives in the house, counting bears, flash cards, Sigh... You would think they would incorporate the teacher's stuff with the textbook.) But now my son loves LOF. He will have finished book one in 1 week, today is Sunday he can do the last 3 chapters in one day. If he continues at this pace, he can fi
  15. I have been searching using ical on the computer to plan. Too bad there isn't anything to populate the fields quickly.
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