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  1. Anyone go from CLE 410 to saxon, and which one? or did you switch solely from CLE 600 to saxon 8/7? Just trying to line up with the co ops in the area.
  2. So... drummmroll... I can't really afford it, but if God has called me, then I will go... And He will supply the need. He has already had someone give me some of the Classical conversations supplies for free! So, my kid will not go into essentials, and I will be a tutor for Foundations - My oldest has already gone through Ancients-Contemporary history, so I will be trained properly to finally help them through memorization techniques. (I can't do memory work on my own, unless I am held accountable by other families.) I get lazy with any drill and kill type of work, so this will force me to do it with my kiddos. I just need for them to follow one time line and the intro to Latin is nice. Plus maybe presidents and other random cool vocabulary info. I never got that or art in this past year. I figure once they memorize the timeline the best they can in one year, then hopefully I can forgo the other years of a CC community and hopefully get the understanding of how to "schedule" a full school year in advance to keep me on track. Too bad they aren't using Veritas Press cards. I think Veritas Press cards are way more biblically based -- although very US-centric- which is ok... but eh. At least we get it in a time line for one year. If I can pull songs back up for them every so often, then maybe more light bulbs will fire. The forcing of me to change my late night schedules and wake my kiddos on time, might actually get me to change how I school and they will have evenings more free. When we wake up late, they seem to be schooling all day... Anyhow, we settled on maybe a month of some IEW concepts, LLATL readers and book studies and maybe some projects, some Abeka readers, and Rod and Staff English 2 and Spelling 4. My DS couldn't do any other Spelling program - I tried 4 different ones, this is the only one that worked for him. Since R&S is structured for the teacher and pretty much open and go, I just need to go through more questions verbally, and he won't have to write too much. (Maybe he will like it a lot more in this way.) A culmination of MOH and SOTW or read 2 chapters of CHOW a week for Ancients. Apologia zoology 3. And, if I don't get to those, then I can just let the memory work be ok for all the kiddos. They will have covered art and Music and latin with Classical Conversations, and I will be teaching them piano at home. Last year we seemed to touch every "method" except for Charlotte Mason. Although, I know CHOW is in ambleside online year 3.5 so... maybe-- tight squeeze..
  3. Really liked this thread. Glad to see the different perspectives. I was going through several personal pro's and con's myself. But Really happy about the not having to make it our spine: Entering into CC this year: Pro's: Never could do memory work without a co-op, so now's my chance. Positive praise from other people helps with my lack of praise. The memory work is thorough for the items they chose. I can do it for one year, so that the vocabulary for every subject is touched upon so that when they get to it later, it will click. Personal choice on home curriculum will not hinder this. Frankly, big on MOH in our house here. (We've done 3 and 4 of Story of the World too). Intend on meshing the two curriculum personally with CC as the sole function as a memory helper. My oldest has already gone through Creation - modern history so, this would make him one step closer to mastering the subject and all these subjects are not random facts for DS ~also, my oldest has done all of Considering God's creation, many of the elementary Apologia books (except for zoo3 and human anatomy.) They get to have many aha! moments when all the foundational vocabulary of each subject is laid out. It will force me to wake up earlier and not be a lazy homeschooler. Cons: I am disappointed the history sentences are all over the place, even though they said Ancients for cycle 1 history. The new acts and facts cards are not as biblically based as the veritas press cards. Veritas puts it all in biblical and biblical topics order first. Need to really de- emphasize Greek and Roman influences at home when dealing with memorizing "gods", especially for the littles. Time is a precious commodity for me because I will loose 1 day plus 30 minutes of practice a day.
  4. is this lattice method? Should I just use this and be done with it? (he won't necessarily think about it in his brain in a mathy way though, right?
  5. all about spelling transition

  6. classical conversations

  7. Yeah, we did switch to graph paper but the facts were being messed up and then he wouldn't add up correctly because he erased and put it in the wrong column etc. The MUS way was to put enough space to multiply everything out and then add so you would carry over the tens or hundreds number underneath the problem line not on top of your equation and cross off when you've added. I am thinking about just letting him write out his times tables more then use it as a cheat sheet for that day to do the harder problems later . I am glad that I wasn't the only one in this boat.
  8. 5001! brown used JC penny belt==============> booyah booyah booyah (underneath) Slach e (There-- the name was cut to a smaller size...) Yay Me! edited ....NOOOO!!!! by the time I wrote this I was 5070? what gives??!??!?!
  9. SOOO close! I am 8th away to being the 5000th post writer!
  10. One Step- I looked at it. Lots of counting diagonally. I don't know if I could implement that on my own. (Besides youtube videos.) I made many mistakes doing it that way. I understood the premise once though. I will consider it. After a few weeks of LOF maybe and the copying the for awhile and then re try the multi digit stuff? Then, if it fails then Lattice? 6 times tables through the 9's he still hasn't mastered. I am thinking about making Life of Fred my math Spine curriculum. I just can't see how I can take away the teacher prep time with all the other curriculum and maintain a sane homeschooling time and money budget for next semester. (LOF is borrowed so far...)
  11. Barefoot Mommy - Wow... I didn't realize the SM's HIG's were so important as well as the suggested manipulatives you just mentioned-- I figured I could just use the same square rods from Math U See in place of the cuisanaire rods , and the textbook was all I needed (I have so many manipulatives in the house, counting bears, flash cards, Sigh... You would think they would incorporate the teacher's stuff with the textbook.) But now my son loves LOF. He will have finished book one in 1 week, today is Sunday he can do the last 3 chapters in one day. If he continues at this pace, he can finish reading everything all the way to end of 3rd grade by the end of the summer - Don't know what to do... We stopped just before 3A in Singapore. Trying to do what won't bleed us dry in the funds and the time. My friend is willing to loan us Life of Fred. - I even called the Library to have them purchase a set for our local library. And he self taught. I had no prep time what so ever. I have many of the Singapore texts and workbooks through 6A --I didn't use the HIG's. Grrr... No wonder I'm at a loss. I bought used, and didn't think to research enough about the whole package, because at the used sales, none had HIG's.... I was doing what I could get for inexpensive or free and got so busy, that MUS was easier, cause he would just play the DVD and do the work. Poor kid... this mommy doesn't have all the right tools. Was trying to spend less teacher prep time on math so that english could go smoother. I really botched this one up.... I thought MUS would work... I went through Gamma TWICE... Units 18-27 Grr. I just realized, if I had to buy all the HIG's and have $17.50 for each one, then it'd be $25.00 for 3A, 3B plus shipping and any manipulatives I don't have. I have some linking cubes, and the 100 chart and place value I could print out. Start him back on 3A with singapore? Grrr.. Teacher prep too? How long does that take? Juggling lesson planning is not my forte. Love open and go curriculums...
  12. Kiwik - I did follow MUS and We did place value notation, I didn't think it was important, but we did it anyway following how they did it. He got it at a very base level, but just couldn't make the leap forward. We did that place value Unit twice (I was never was taught this method in grade school- we just memorized the multiplication tables and applied them using simple carry over method and add up) but I understand it now, and with MUS it reviews it until you know it very well, but he just couldn't do it with confidence to apply it to his multiple digit multiplication in a quick fashion. I reviewed multiplication tables and am still reviewing it, so that he's not taking 2 hours for 4 problems of 4756 x 349 for example. This has been the second year using the same curriculum MUS DVD and same stumbling blocks. I needed another way. It's painful to sit with him through this and he was struggling with his simple facts yet again. We have since put on timez attack and for simple math tables review and LOF. He still hasn't mastered 6,7,8,9 with times tables accurately with speed (3 second mastery) on his xtramath chart. I like the act of writing out his times tables once every day for 2 weeks, we'll see how that goes as well. --That idea was on the other thread that someone else linked me to. k button- i don't know about slowness - He seems to really understand most things well, it's not the same "slowness" that I have witnessed like other kids I've taught. First time knowing he has Irlen, and might possibly have a form of lexia. His Irlen- is a visual processing issue that was corrected, but I don't know if he's still missing something. I used a musical method MUS audio multiplication audio cd to memorize his times tables but it's not clicking fast enough. He has to run through the whole song to get one math fact right and sometimes he sings the fact wrong... So trying everything and anything to get him back to the right concepts track.
  13. My friend just lent us Life of Fred. He started on Monday and he's on chapter 13 of apples!!! I am so proud of him. AND HE LOVES IT. He'll be done apples by the end of the week! All the while tagging along to his sister's Dr. appointments and doing other homework. I can't believe how much he loves it. This is 'drop jaw' amazing. I know that Apples is the equivalent to Kindergarten, but this is still so much fun and the least time consuming ever, and he is learning mathy concepts and Mathematician history . Teacher intensity and involvement is close to 2of 10 (which is barely anything). ( When my DS loves it, the frustration is over for both of us. WHEW!!! Hope that if/when he gets to "g or H" level in a month or 2, And if He gets into a nice groove and doesn't have the same road blocks, then I will have really found my answer. As much as I want to try CLE- I think that LOF is doing what I could not with the other 2=Instantly love math. I will eventually hand him some worksheets for reinforcement for harder multiplication problems, etc, but It's going to be LOF for awhile. Thank you wonderful ladies for all your input. And, he is answering things mostly correct without cheating and he understands the concepts readily. Somehow, I think that there is a method to learn every subject without too much drill and kill, just have to find the right combination for each kid.
  14. Thank you One step!!! Is CLE spiral? Oh and Thank you for linking from the dyslexic board sbgrace. Hugs! I just need to stay over on that board! LOL.
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