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  1. Anyone go from CLE 410 to saxon, and which one? or did you switch solely from CLE 600 to saxon 8/7? Just trying to line up with the co ops in the area.
  2. all about spelling transition

  3. classical conversations

  4. 5001! brown used JC penny belt==============> booyah booyah booyah (underneath) Slach e (There-- the name was cut to a smaller size...) Yay Me! edited ....NOOOO!!!! by the time I wrote this I was 5070? what gives??!??!?!
  5. SOOO close! I am 8th away to being the 5000th post writer!
  6. Considering God's Creation- Christian based, VERY inexpensive, best quick lap book, with hands on games and observation sheets, and cd song science from creation to the sixth day of creation, covering astronomy to geology, botany, marine bio, zoology, and human anatomy with apologetics. You could do as fast or slow as you want. I use it to fill in gaps with any science aside from chem and physics.
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