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  1. We used mus from the beginning (and love it!) and when my dd hit algebra,it was a struggle for her and for dad who taught it - like you said, an age thing. It took us two years! And now we are playing catch-up. We switched to TT and my kids are all doing well with it - once they got past the silly-kid help in the corner. (After the lesson, they turn the volume off so they don't have to hear "time out for hint!" And just turn it back on if the teacher is talking) It is a year behind, but if you move up a year, it's fine. My best friend used it all the way through and her daughter just scored in the 99th percentile on her SAT! Her other kids score crazy high in math in their standardized test. So it didn't seem to set them back! :) TT has taken out the "teacher intensive" part of math and erased almost all of the tears and complaints - not because it's sooooo easy (we don't find that to be true) but because every problem has an explanation if needed. Dad still helps when needed, but its much more rare. It has been a huge blessing here. BTW, my oldest is a comp sci major.
  2. My poor youngest! With the older three, all 1-2 years apart, we did crafts and projects and unit studies and literature studies with read alouds and lots of mom interaction. They are all older now and have basically self-directed curriculum. Oldest is doing Running Start (college and high school together) to get some free credits for college, next one is going to try high school, third is still at home, but loves to do things independently. My fourth is just in 1st grade and with all the carpools and driving and sports and youth group activities, I hardly have time to do anything with her. So I'm moving her to more independent work even though she is young. Teaching Textbooks, Online Veritas History, lots of books to read, I'll basically be doing English stuff with her and that's it. I'm hoping I can work in some fun stuff, (I bought art curriculum, but even that is on a video!) but it seems to me we have to fit in whatever we can between taxi-ing everyone else around!
  3. Thanks for posting this, I just bought it for my dauther!
  4. We only have four, which seems perfectly normal to us, but we get comments all the time! "Don't you know what causes that?" Yes, and we're really, really good at it. Wink. Wink. "Your hands are sure full." Full of good things, yes. "All girls? Poor daddy." Then one of the girls will look at them with sweet eyes and say, What do you mean? I love my daddy! "Too many kids!" Well, friend, why don't you look my kids in the eye and tell them which one doesn't deserve to exist? I have no problem with comments, really. People are surprised, I get that. It usually makes me laugh. But I have gotten a couple of the extremists that are actually not just surprised at our choice to have children, but are actually offended on behalf of humanity and the planet. Seriously people? I've even had people cream me for adopting. Really? You are going to scold me for loving a child that is already here and all alone? I don't get it...
  5. kids let me sleep in Christmas morning... what is going on?!

  6. Forget school - it's snowing!

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    2. *Jen*


      Fun! Wish it would snow here. We only get a decent snow fall every few years.

    3. kpnick in nc
    4. dmmetler


      I wish we'd get a snow day. We didn't get any last year, and it looks like we won't get any this year. Something about Christmas lights and 70+ degree temps doesn't mix!


  7. My dd just stated she wants to marry Howard Carter. We are soooo homeschooled!

  8. Reminding myself to have all the kiddos share what they are thankful for before we eat our pie!

  9. it's amazing - I just began reading this thread and I'm so encouraged. I've always had a list of historical fiction books my kids were supposed to read, but we just never got to them - because I always had great old books that I thought "This is so awesome they just have to read it - even though it totally doesn't match our history!" I guess my love for good books won the battle and that's ok. No more guilt for not reading the recommended historical fiction! :)
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