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  1. Skipping over the discussion about pedophiles and normal men. I'm just explaining my answer.


    We have a pool in our backyard and swim in it daily. When we are swimming as a family, the girls can wear bikinis. When we have friends over, the girls wear their tankini.


    I grew up in a very uptight family and I was very uptight about my body after we got married. I want them to understand that when the time is right it's ok to show it off.

  2. 2 girls mommy, thank you so much. My oldest is going into 6th, not 8th...not sure what I was thinking when I typed the title, but thank you for the information. I was wondering about those too, and if we could stay with MP for a few years or not. They girls like talking about animals and looking at pictures, but if they have to touch it, well, we go ALL GIRL. Our co-op offers a lot of great classes, but I would love to be able to give them enrichment there instead of academics, at least until I can no longer teach them confidently--another year or two, at the rate oldest is going! :bored: And your point about not flashy, thanks on that too! Oldest is easily distracted, so that too, can make a huge difference!

  3. I've been looking at different science and history curriculums. I don't do very well with these two subjects, probably because most of them require parental involvement. Ok, that sounds a bit harsh and extreme, but that's the concise way to put it. So anyway, my soon-to-be 6th grader is a bookworm, loves to read history books, myths, science fiction, and anything but the assigned reading. She Enjoys bookish science but has sensory issues that cause her to freak if the word dissection is even mentioned. She might do okay with Chem and Phys. experiments, but biology/life science experiments are OUT. She won't even pet the starfish at the aquarium. BUT, she is VERY smart.


    My 3rd grader hates school. She has never been in a B&M school, but she is artsy and creative, still misspells words she should know, and rushes through everything except handwriting--but that comes in various artistic forms: block, bubble, swirlies, hearts, etc. She has been tested, and is NOT Dyslexic. There might be something else though, and we might do further testing in the near future. She too, is not a fan of life science. I think she might enjoy chemistry experiments that go POP and BOOM, but generally....not science oriented. She also does not like to read anything but her boxed set of Beverly Cleary.


    I give you that information as background so you know where I'm coming from. I don't think I need a STRONG hands on science curriculum for either girl. In doing my research I stumbled upon the Memoria Press science. In my cursory look last night, it appears to be more bookish. It looks like it covers the historical aspects--scientists, important dates, etc. but not a lot of 'gooey squishy' stuff. (That is how my girls describe science).


    In addition, I looked at their history, and it appears that my 6th grader would be able to do the reading herself. I was going to put her in an Amer Hist. class at the co-op next year, but I might not need to do that if I use Memoria's history.


    I'd *LOVE* any feedback you have on their stuff.

  4. I actually have our salads all made and ready to eat. I have these bowls (MUCH cheaper at Target) and a bunch of 2 oz plastic cups with lids. The salad has greens and carrot slivers in it. Then I put several of the little cups in the salad bowl. One has dressing, the others have a variety of nuts, Asian noodles, cheese, fruit, meat, etc. It's easy to grab and there is NO thinking about what to do for lunch. I make 7-10 on Sunday.

  5. I agree and some of the scalpel cutting should start with the ones making these decisions!



    while it sounds political, to me, it's not. Flat out, if you create a problem, overspend, destroy someone's property, injure someone, etc. you should fix that problem yourself. Pay your debt, repair their property, pay for their medical, or whatever else restitution is needed.


    With that as my viewpoint, the first cuts should begin in congress. Then see how long it takes them to fix it :glare:

  6. Does anybody know if an "unplumbed" type is available in the US? I have never even heard of such a thing, and I wonder if that is why? If so, no big deal, but I was just curious.



    I can't imagine that a place that carries that brand can't order one. It may take a while to get. We have an HG Washer/Dryer combo unit, VERY common in Europe, but nobody in the states has ever heard of such a thing. most of the time, I *LOVE* it. I can put a load of jeans in at night, and in the morning they are ready to put on. We got it at Best Buy in their discounted section. It was a return. Apparently a special order that someone didn't like.


    I would check this website. http://www.ajmadison.com/ they seem to have access to TONS of appliances. And some of the European stuff is becoming more popular in the states as we become more conscientious about what we put in our bodies. <struggling to walk away from the soapbox>

  7. We've been in our current house for 16 years and are planning to move in the next 6 mos or so. We were planning on living here until we grew old and needed to downsize, but during that 16 years we acquired 2 children and it just isn't big enough for us now. Our next home will either be a ranch or have a 1st floor master so we can stay there until we 'end our retirement'.

  8. This whole arm pain thing scares the bejeebies out of me. I shattered my collarbone when I was a kid, so my arm hurts a lot of the time. It is my right arm, and even though I know it always hurts, still, in the back of my mind, I sometimes wonder.


    Praying for a good recovery for your mom.

  9. Maybe they are closing out the books for last year, before they open up this year's conference? I've had that happen with my card too. In our case, if the bank is doing something in our account at the same time, it will be declined. Or, the more obvious thing, if the number or date is typed in incorrectly. I would still think they would have called or emailed you before now, though.


    Although, when my mom died I was getting medical bills up to 18 mos after she passed. And the estate was closed so they went unpaid. Although it would have bene cheaper to pay them than to have the attorney tell them that. But, I digress.

  10. We are planning on moving sometime in the next 6 mos. I am completely overwhelmed at the thought of packing everything up, but I'm slowly getting things packed that we don't use on a regular basis (China, The Library, etc). DH really wants to move us himself, but I'm not thrilled at the thought of helping him load all the furniture, TVs, etc. So, I've been thinking about hiring movers. We aren't moving real far, just to another part of town. Maybe even staying in this part, just upgrading a bit. Anybody have experience with this?


    Was it expensive? Was it worth it? Did your stuff arrive intact and undamaged? So much to think about for my little brain! :willy_nilly: (I really need an exploding emoticon!)

  11. I go through this with 'only' having 2 kids. Yes, I know it's only 2, but some days it's more than I can take! And I am careful to NOT complain to my mom friends with 4+ kids because I feel like a schmuck complaining about it. I do have 2 or 3 close friends who I can vent too, because they know the whole story about my oldest dd. But even then, I need to be careful, because her special needs are relatively minor.


    If her shoulder causes her pain, then I would gently say to OP that chronic pain can wear a person down very quickly, especially if this pain is in her dominant shoulder.


    It is very hard to put ourselves in other people's shoes and understand what they are going through. It is said that 90% of people would quickly go back to their own struggles once they get a glimpse into the world and struggles of someone else.

  12. I have seen some recipes for green smoothies that are chocolate or peanut butter. That might help with the kids. I also use small insulated mugs with lids, so the kids don't actually see what they are drinking. You might even want to start with just fruit/yogurt/milk smoothies for them, and then gradually add the green stuff. A fruit smoothie is healthy in and of itself. The green is an added bonus!

  13. Well, we inadvertently left our girls home by themselves for 2 hours, in the afternoon, when they were 8 & 5. It was suppose to be 10-15 minutes, but there was a miss-communication. They were fine though. Watching TV and when I walked in the first words were not 'where were you!' it was....What's for lunch!' After that, we left them for SHORT periods of time, usually under 30 minutes. When they were sick, I did go to church and leave them at home, which was 2 hours, but I live literally a 5 minute walk from the church, and they could call me on my cell phone. And last year, when dd was 7, I left her home while I drove dd10 to co-op. It was a 20 minute round trip and she had a puky bug. She gets car sick very easily and she didn't want to be in the car any more than I wanted her barfing in the car.


    My oldest is mild aspie and everything is black and white. So if mom said no, then it was NO. EXTREMELY obedient child, to a fault.... And a real tattletale. That makes things a bit easier.

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