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  1. SchoolAid/Spunky?


    I've been looking through it and love it. I didn't like all the book changing etc with Singapore either. SchoolAid is quite rigorous and has an amazing spiral review built-in.


    Its an amish based math. The great thing about it, i its supposed to be all the rigorous, basic math from yr1-8 (since they usually don't have K, and stop at 8). The series is supposed to be easy enough for a person who has done that math to teach (so a person who has finished the level 8 math), and for one-room schoolhouses, so independant as possible. It has to encompass all children, from the late bloomers (bringing them upto grade) to challenging the gifted students. The math has to cover all the basics, very well, as one of those students may be a future community breadwinner, nd might open their own business (like the publishers of schoolAid themselves) so has to be able to do business related math easily, and be extremely comfortable with numbers in a non-technological format. (Certain dispensation may occur, yes, but I can't see a lot of businesses being able to use certain registers or software like MYOB).


    *All the above is my opinion based on my research of SchoolAid, and previous posts on here regarding such.

  2. For later on, my kids love the Core Knowledge Preschool & Actitvity Books.


    For your age, I would say (and I recommend these to everyone) is the Maryann Kohl Books. Maybe toddlers & Twos, Mudworks, and Messy Art. and Later on look into Preschool Art.

  3. I just wanted to say I ordered these, and the lady is wonderful.


    She is willing to customize to your needs. I've heard of people just wanting them sent looseleaf so they can add extra pages, and I myself asked for a few custom details.


    I had the dates & days removed from the weekly pages. I have found we don't go we'll when something is pre-dated, there ends up being a lot of blank space from holidays and me just plain getting annoyed at the planners (How dare you presume I will be schooling on Tuesday but not on Sat......LOL!)


    I plan to use it as follows:


    - Write down on the page the date started, and once all checked, day completed

    - Possibly write down lesson numbers in boxes so I know where I am upto with that child.

    - They have the responsibility of checking the box off (I will have a simple picture/symbol in the moving list to let them know what it is, and if not putting down lesson numbers, I will tell them how many boxes of that one to check off (sometimes we'll do a couple or all the lessons for that subject that week in one day, it depends on whats going on)

    - Opposite page is blank (half gets covered if you move a new checklist to the following week).Two of my kids have diabetes, and one has SN, so I use my filofax to hold all that jargon. The blank filofax papers will be paperclipped to that blank page for the week, and for the diabetes children, they, themselves, can right/copy down their levels, insulin, plus note down their day (smiley for fine, neutral for so-so, sad face for sick day). My sons paper will help me note down achievements, delays, emotions, tantrums, etc. All the little bits I need to collect on him for the week. At the end of the week, these get removed, any odd readings (or things I have to talk about with doctors) post-it-noted, and filed into my filofax (which goes everywhere with me).

    -Once notes filed, this half-blank page will be used to write notes regarding curriculum & child (i.e. if a particular "week" took so long, why. Or notes about curricula I am thinking of changing and why. So a history of what was going on with the child & curricula/resource at that time). Notes will be written at the end of the "week" as I look stuff over.


    I plan using spiral notebooks and plain paper. Konos activities & life learning stuff are recorded in my daily pages in my filofax. The filofax also has my index card setup in the front pocket (it holds index cards reminding me of certain things, plus DS's speech cards etc. Right now there's just my supplies list for stuff needed for Konos). It also holds a page that shows me the "if then what" page. Basically we have some small concept of how we get things done, but no real schedule (hence the need for a checklist), so this page says stuff like "If Atlas is doing Math, C&E can be doing Preschool Art". Well actually looks something like:


    A. Spunky Math = C&E Preschool Art

    C. Speech = A does craft with E.

    A. LLATL = C&E R&S Workbooks

    A. ClickNRead = C&E Bright Beginnings


    etc. Plus another page that tells me "the absolutely perfect, never happens, dream day plan" which is a really long name for how our day should go if we were in Fantasy Land. But helps me keep an eye on how off track we are getting, or if that "goal" is too idealistic and something needs to be dropped, or just to remind me how I like to start the day :p


    So I am REALLY EXCITED to receive the logbooks, and can't wait. It allows me to retain flexibility (in case I need to drop or add a resource) and gets the kids to start being responsible for their own work (baby steps ;) )


    She was wonderful to deal with, and I will definitely be looking her way next year! (I might even get one for myself in the not too distant future to remind me of daily chores that need doing. lol)

  4. I think I have figured out the rest of it, but am stuck on this.


    Pathway Readers Grade 1 set (Readers, Workbooks & Climbing to Good English)




    Learning Language Arts through Literature Blue


    (looking to use programs from beginning to end)




    is there the possibility of combining? Would that add too much work?



    Note - I have both programs in full right now (I've found unless the program is shown online in full, I can never figure it out till I get it) trouble is, I love both programs, so am wondering what others have found with the programs themselves and whether it could be combined (maybe using Pathways as the base and LLATL as the extra. I just remember a lot of people saying how easy it is to add-on things to llatl since its "light" in work, so thought this may be a possibility).




  5. Thank you, yes I plan on having the support package.


    :) I think the person who mentioned graphing being weak (after researching into that more) may have had the old 4 book starter set, because graphing (and word problems) seem to be in Math Resources.

  6. Thanks Hunter.


    I managed to Nab it second-hand (not sure I would of thought about it otherwise...even though I've spent a similar amount on math on another program), I'm figuring it does what I currently do....just more organized, rofl, which is what I need....because I have no idea what's going on :p


    I have HTT coming too!


    We currently do more life learning maths. I have lots of math curricula here I may sell, and others I will definitely mostly keep. I probably have your dream math haven rofl (I don't even want to think about the math curricula currently in my posession). I'm just trying to figure out what stuff I can incorporate or use, and what stuff needs to go.


    I'm not sure whether I'll do the rest (we've just begun) of RS A, and jump over to MOTL after that, or incorporate starts/ideas from RS as pre-motl, then begin, or just skip the rest. Rightstart we will definitely mostly be keeping (if I sell anything, it will just be the teachers guide to Lvl A. I have Activities for the AL+Worksheets, so I can do without the levels, an just pull from that when I want with MOTL)


    My good days consist of incorporating math into whatever we are doing (be it art, cooking, handcrafts, cleaning etc) my "bad" days (i.e. CFS plays up or I'm just lazy) it consists of giving Atlas blank fact strips ( _+_=_ , _-_=_, _x_=_) and letting her come up with her own math problems, then she hands me the completed strips :p The two youngers on bad days involve opening the teacher cupboard (where math manips are stored) and letting them "have at it". lol. It would be nice to have a more organized approach like this.....but I do like math programs.....I may have to go to a Mathaholics meeting to give up all my curricula. I'll probably keep one very very simple basic, can do in 2 minutes math book alongside it, so it touches upon the silly standards, I just haven't decided which one that is....lol.


    Perhaps I should just list the gazillion and one programs and resources I have, and people can tell me whether they are useful or not alongside MOTL, and which one would be best as a graded basics keeper (once they pass a certain area, the basics one will probably be something like TT or Chalkdust, unless I continue with the Amish stuff upto 8th, or maybe both TT & Amish? see....I'm useless. ROFL. I know MOTL will be best for us, just need someone to help me decide what to keep, and what to let go.....:( Sad Panda)

  7. Thanks for the reply. Its helped a lot.


    As I come across weak areas (I'm searching through posts on various forums now), Ill write it down here, which can allow people to comment back if they have found it different or have resources for that area:


    Weak In:


    - Graphing. Apparently you would need to do a unit on graphs

  8. I'm looking into MOTL (Math on the Level), and was wondering what its weak spots are.


    How is it at:


    Introducing the concept?

    Mastering the concept?


    Word Problems?

    Thinking outside the box/creative-different views?

    Anything else?


    For areas it is weak on, what would you suggest would be a good math supplement/curricula/resource/whatever to cover that area?


    I know most curricula in math have their strong areas, and their weak areas, hence why a lot of people on here use multiple programs. I thought I could find out, and hoping that whatever areas its short on, what people suggest hopefully will be something I already have, lol.



  9. No way I'd let them out here.


    We are hoping to have the cat run & outdoor play area up soon though. I already have the plans drawn up as to where the runs will lead and the schematics to the play area.


    Our cats are Birmans...and I've seen the porcupine/dog next door, has burrs and mattes everywhere...owner brushes twice daily, dog goes right out, rolls on grass..instant matting & lots of prickly grass weeds. From dog to porcupine in 1.5 seconds.


    Secondly, cats get up to mischief. My outdoor cats got into so much trouble, one always going where it didn't belong (like down a chimney into a boarded up fireplace), another was always getting into fights with other cats (requiring constant care & vet fees), its just too much trouble.


    Our lovely, white fluffies are very happy, and will be happier indeed once we install the cat run. As long as they have my bed to lay in of a morning, and some sun to lay in in the afternoon, plus food, they are in heaven.


    We do "have" outdoor cats though, but they aren't ours. They are strays that seem to have taken a liking to me, no matter how much I tell them to shoo. They eat any of the dog food the dogs leave (saves the snakes eating it rofl). The cat (1st one) came to me a couple of months back, scrawny, mewing, and saggy. It ate the dogs food that was left out, and came near me, purring and acting real friendly, after this long I've figured out it was probably dumped, its too kind/tame to have been born a stray. I held still and let it get close because the sagginess worried me, after a few minutes, I finally managed to pet it under its belly, and found distended teats. The tiny little scrap was barely getting out of kitten stage itself (it had that new to teenage years awkwardness), and had babies! After a few nights, I managed to catch sight of the babies...3 little tiny balls of fluff following "mom" around. I think they now live under our house, one of our dogs chased one of the kittens up a tree a few weeks back. I don't encourage them, but they hang around and are persistant (I showered one of them with my bottle of water, took forever before it got the point and ran off....only to return a minute later and start purring and rubbing itself against the bottom of my foot). I don't want to be mean, but I just don't want them rubbing near me, they could have diseases they could give to my cats. I even used my foot to firmly nudge it away, still it returned and kept nudging me back *sigh*. A few nights ago, the mother turned up with a hank of hair missing on her hindquarters and a cut/slash. I've had to stay up every night to wait for her and keep an eye on the darn thing. Luckily the cut healed up fine, nice pink flesh healing together with no puckering or swelling.


    We also have farmers who protect their livestock, loose dogs (we are in farmland), snakes galore, gazillions of foxes, and a heap more.


    So first I say PLEASE get the cat desexed (whether its indoors or outdoors). Secondly, get the cat a collar with bell if its going to be outside to warn the birds away. Third, really have a think what you would do if the cat came back with bites/scratches/slashes or even didn't return for dinner one night etc. These cats aren't even mine, but I sit there worrying if I don't catch sight of the ginger kitten every now and again. There can also be problems with neighbours, perhaps one of your neighbours owns a sandpit, to cats thats like one big litterbox. Having your cat roam free (no matter that it was a stray before, its now your responsibility) can cause lots of dramas.


    The stray cats that currently hang round here, I've been looking into the charity/free desexing offers, and trying to get the kittens (whom are terrified of humans) to get used to me. I'm hoping if all turns out well, I can get them use to me enough that I can put them in carriers and take them to the vets for desexing. Even if they aren't mine, we have a lot of birds in our yard, and there is obviously an undesexed male cat around somewhere for that female to be pregnant, that I don't suddenly want there to be 20 cats killing the wildlife and spazzing round in my acreage.

  10. I forgot MATH ! LOL. What a hoot. Especially considering I have collections of math curricula.


    Funnily enough I can't remember what WTM mentions for Math. Maybe getting something like Ruth Beechicks The Three 3'R's & Miquon, then you're sorted for K-3 Math.


    I love Rightstart and the way it teaches math from the beginning.


    Hmm...aha! I found this post from SWB, and she lists Saxon, Abeka, Singapore or Sonlight.


    Perhaps for ease of use Math in Focus, which is US? version, I believe, of Singapore Math. A number of people on here like it.


    Math, to me, is a very personal area, it depends on your time/focus, what you want to get out of it, the number of "students" you'll end up having, your learning/teaching style, and your childs learning style.


    Ease of Use, independance, the top one would probably be Math Mammoth. But its very worksheet based.


    For thinking outside the box CSMP, MEP, and Miquon are ideal. MEP is teacher intensive (teaching and following the lesson-staying with the child throughout), and has been written for the classroom, CSMP requires a learning curve plus time on the teachers part to get it all setup, and Miquon is a learning curve for the teacher, that really requires pre-reading on your part to understand the program before you actually begin it.


    Math-U-See is mastery based (thats another area you will have to choose between, do you want spiral or mastery based?) has manipulatives, hands-on etc. The DVD is meant for the parent to watch, so they know how to present the lesson, however a number of parents just get the child to watch the DVD themselves and do the lessons. The teacher can be rather dry (as its meant for parent viewing) but some people like him.


    Singapore Math is another option. I will leave that up to others to discuss, as I have a personal bias and don't fully like it.


    There are literally SO many math programs & supplements out there its not funny: Beast Academy, AoPs, Rod & Staff, Abeka, School Aid, Study Time, Touch Math, Rightstart, Singapore, Math in Focus, Math on the Level, Chalkdust Math, Teaching Textbooks, Math Mammoth, MEP, CSMP, Miquon, Horizons, Saxon, Oak Meadow, Christopherus, Math Rider, Moving with Math, BJU Math, Beechick Math, IXL Math, Dreambox Math, Aha! Math, Ray's Arithmetic, Strayer Upton, Mathtacular, Family Math,


    I could honestly keep going and going, these are just ones off the top of my head, so am missing probably hundreds (rofl).

  11. I was going to suggest Memoria Press, but if you are not happy with that, I can give suggestions for Subjects.


    Peace Hill Press (banner/link at top of page) has History, Phonics, Bible, Writing and Grammar. So thats LA, Religion, and History pretty much covered. This is *basically* SWB's shop, so also carries TWTM (and sponsors this forum).


    For Science go with Elemental Science, as its inspired by WTM.


    For Art, go with Harmony Fine Arts which follows the 4year history cycle.


    Am I missing anything?


    I think if you're wanting it perfect WTM, you are not going to get that in a box. Memoria Press is a nice classical feel curriculum. Seperates are the way to go elsewise.

  12. lolololololol


    I don't think I even own an apron. I'm always grabbing kitchen towels and stuffing them in my denim front pockets to use what hangs down when I wipe my hands on my "jeans".




    I......I have an apron fetish. There, I said it.


    I own a lot of aprons, from BBQ type simple ones to the "old lady in the charity shop" to the 50's skirt type ones, to a big full-on one complete with swing skirt.



  13. Umm.......I tend to look different all the time, plus I usually pull stupid faces in photos.


    Here's the best of the lot (lol) (click to enlarge....if you dare :p ):


    Trying to get a picture of baby carrier, and got a picture of myself instead (unintentional, probably why its the most normal of my pics)



    Obligatory Stupid Face with Austin Powers Glasses (photo taken by DS)



    The Angry Rainbow Brite look (yes, my hair was actually rainbow, I still have green tips)



    There you go, the house of distorted, scary mirrors, maybe I should find a moustache and tophat and take a new photo??? lol

  14. They don't allow atheists?


    And what is up with the gay leaders thing? I am so sick of people thinking just because you are attracted to the same sex, that automatically means you are going to be jumping on everyone around you. I actually found that to be more the case with my straight, rather than gay friends.


    I, myself, am Pansexual (something I rarely say, but I don't hide it, it just doesn't come up in conversation). But am married, so what does this mean? That I am likely to jump upon everyone and everything that passes me? That I shouldn't be a mother? I could of just as easily been in a relationship with a female, transgender, or any other human. How much of my life would be different if I introduced my partner "Shirley" rather than my husband, DH? The person beneath the skin and gender is what interests me, not what they look like.


    And I'm UU, so I suppose that would be another reason I would be banned. Its quite sad, really, the exclusionary tactics of todays world. What happened to forgives, compassion, lending a hand, judge not, and all that? I was actually trying to find a copy of UU Principles (which I did, below. I have the kids version, too, in the front of my filofax), and came across UU Scouts. Might be an option for those of you not fond of the exclusions.


    Here's a KID version of the principles of UU (The main ones are a bit more eloquent, I also have a poem version somewhere). The beauty of UU, is a person can bring along their "faith in crisis" husband, christian PIL, Catholic father, and atheist mother (yep thats my family rofl, and thats not including the kids beliefs) and everyone can get something from the service.


    Kids Version of Principles:



    1. Each person is important.

    2. Be kind in all you do

    3. We're free to learn together.

    4. And search for what is true

    5. All people need a voice

    6. Build a fair and peaceful world

    7. We care for Earth's Lifeboat.


    Anyway, because of the dramas, UUA has a list of Boy Scout alternatives here: http://www.uua.org/re/children/scouting/169569.shtml


    And scouting curricula here: http://www.uua.org/re/children/scouting/169557.shtml



    And WOW!! A little pop-up just came up advising me 48 (FOURTY-EIGHT) replies have been added whilst I've been writing this (what the? lol)

  15. I have the new one. Apparently the planning pages have a few extra activities Jessica came up with, so before dismissing the yellow sheets, look at any activities written out in full on those sheets.


    From 2001 a Revised booklist was added to the front of volume 1, as far as I am aware, this cannot be purchased separately as it is bound within the volume.


    I did something different with mine (I am not so fond of 3 ring binders and wear and tear of the holes).


    I took the cover completely off by hand, put it aside, then slowly tore off each page individually away from the glue base. Since I was doing it one by one, the edging was okay, and I saved it from being ruined by over-ethusiastic salespeople (I'm not giving my volume to a spine-cutter just for them to cut it wonky, or cut off some of the words, you'd be surprised how much it happens)


    Once that was done, I separated them into traits, and each trait became its own book. The planning pages and activity pages. I then added a back cover and clear front cover, punched them with my pro-click, and put them all together. The traits I am not working on are in the back room. The one I am currently working on, I just un-cliked the spine, photocopied the pages, re-clicked the spine, and put it back into the storage room.. I then made the photo copies into books (I photocopied one side only, so I had room to scribble out ideas etc). This allows me to scribble all over my copy, without worrying about the fact I may not be able to read it if we decide to come back to that unit in a couple of years, it also cuts down on the wear and tear.


    The front and back of the book (intro & index) were also made into a book, and photocopied. So all originals are in the backroom, less likely to have coffee or glue spilt on them, and frees up my stress levels. I have two books containing my current character trait (2nd book in cupboard since its the latter bit of the trait and I won't be using it for a few weeks). I carry one trait book, plus my intro/index around.

  16. Something like Global Village school thats actually REAL, interactive and fun..


    UU-feel with Social Justice and other subjects GVS contains. I really want to like GVS, but to me, it seems like you are paying $120 for 3 pages of book reccs and a whole lot of page fillers. When people said it was just a booklist, I was like "oh okay, but maybe it would still be worth it to me" well not when the list itself is 3 pages of "optional" stuff, and the rest is page-fillers where they tell you choices are upto you, and it seems to divide the books you have chosen into the 36 weeks. Isn't that what anyone does when making their own boring, lit based curriculum? Find spine book, split spine book into weeks, add extra boring books based on spines chapter. done. Its very upsetting, as I was really hoping for something different.


    *I haven't purchased it, just viewed the samples, so maybe I am missing something.

  17. We are usually after specific book or genres and our library usually has none of them.


    Its also just another thing that lowers the stress factor. If I'm borrowing books a lot and using them as the main books, I have to hover over everyones shoulders and make sure the books are treated like gold. Its just too stressful (kind reminds me of when I visit my brother, on his hands and knees picking up little micro bits of dirt, because his landlord is strict). If one of the books was "hurt" under our care I'd be feeling guilt for a long, long time, no matter how unreasonable it sounds.


    So we buy the majority. Specific titles from BD, and genres/subjects from used bookshops (either online or IRL).


    This way I don't have to worry if anything happens.

  18. I did write out a post last night, but my computer closed the window and I was too lazy to re-write it. Yes, I am in Aus, and not near a city which limits my options.


    Thank you to the person who mentioned the online UU, I am slowly going for membership.


    It looks like if I want a local place in the future, I will be looking at Anglican or Uniting unless something else opens.


    There is actually apparently a church in my suburb, in town (the town we never go to, as its a blink and you miss it type one, mainly consisting of a bar, and corner shop) I had no idea about it. I can't find out what type, but considering when it was established and the area, it would probably be very conservative and either christian or catholic. DH says we'll have a drive-by just in case.


    I'm glad I found somewhere for support, not only that, but I found another UU site that has book study guides, and I can't wait to get started on those.


    I'm sorted now :) Although I do need to ask another religious question, but I'll post a new thread for that

  19. Thanks. I changed the title.


    I was thinking that might be the case :( I was just hoping to save hubby some trouble, plus have it all arranged in there how I like it (veges undernearth silverside, adding stuff according to whim etc) Giving instructions to hubby is akin to sending a letter to the government....they may read it, they may lose it, it may be done according to your letter, or they may destroy any hope. rofl. Its a toss-up.


    I guess I might have to try having everything ready, but separated and see how it goes....each time I give him something to do, at least I can say its not boring, its always a different surprise lol..I love him dearly rofl.

  20. I have some silverside/corned beef I plan to SLOW COOK in the crockpot tommorrow for dinner tommorrow night.


    DH usually does the morning things (breakfast, injections etc) before he goes to work, whilst I slowly wake up, stumble round like a zombie and go find a quiet corner for a dose of caffeine. So if the slow cooker was to go on, it would go in in "DH's time" which he is fine with, as long as I leave instructions.


    This time, however, I would really like to make it my way. Its corned silverside.


    I was wondering if can "pre-make-it" tonight in the crockpot, put it in the fridge, and that way all DH has to do is take it out, and plop it in the crockpot base and turn it on. Is that possible or will it toughen the meat (I know silverside can get tough if you overcook it, even submerged in water, so will being in water overnight wreck the meat or ingrediants?


    I tend to do stuff by feel, so I don't really have a recipe, just what feels good at the time. It will be something like onions (halved), roughly chopped carrots, potato and celery, brown sugar, vinegar, garlic, bay leaves, stock (or flavouring) water. The stuff in there is all just for flavouring and none will be served with the silverside at the end.


    Thank you, must go make tonights dinner now (stuffed yorkshire puddings with creamy mash, gravy and a big salad. nom nom lol!)

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