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  1. Like SS I use Cloth. There are some very beautiful ones out there for sale, I usually use velour topped with hidden PUL.


    I am 100% useless at sewing, so I buy, the brand I have is twinkly Lily, but they are Aussie, but there is a US version of the Shop/Mall I use




    They are not any trouble at all, and feel way better than plastic stuff, better for the environment too.


    In the meantime, not sure how useful this is, but is there the possibility of using ones without plastic backing? Non-waterproof? Its usually not the bit that touches your skin that much, but the "waterproofing" is what usually causes the rashes


    Hope that helps hun xxx

  2. It depends on the type of fabric the covers are. Usually its best to hand wash the covers and put them back on when they are still the slightest bit damp so that they stretch back into shape.


    With foam cushions that old though, the slightest bit of moisture may squish or skew them, same as if you put them in the sun for the disinfecting UV rays, they may disintergrate (sp?)


    Its a very very grey area over what to do, the possibility of a steam clean is an option whilsts its all together,


    I believe there are dry foam cleaners meant for couches etc that bring up the dirt and disinfect and then once the foam has popped/dissipated, you vacuum the couch.


    Sorry I couldn't be of more help. We usually just get another 2nd hand couch lol.:lol:

  3. He does look more like a kelpie type body, which if hes jack russel one side would lead me to believe he has cattle dog in him. If theres cocker spaniel (which he does seem to have a lovely colouring similar to a light one on parts of him) I still reckon there would have to be some sort of medium working class dog in him.


    But thats just my opinion lol, I have seen many mixed breeds that I actually know their heritage and they still don't look like it.


    I agree that DNA tests for crossbreeds is probably a slim chance at finding the real heritage.


    If hes the best dog in the world, then thats all that matters. But it is interesting as a "science experiment" and I would love to see what another non-affiliated company would come up with, it would be funny if it were totally different! xxx

  4. Lentil Stew. even Meat lover hubby loves it!


    Its from this lady:




    The book saying "heres an extra $150 a week" thats the first "revised" book, (on the left scrolling down) the middle $75 a week one is more meat-lovers, I believe, as I have both, it contained stuff more lik hamburgers etc, so its the left side one thats the best.


    And he hates lentils, it actually took me making it a couple of times before he found out it wasn't meat lol.


    Im not really big on meat, I like lots of fruits and veg, DH is very meat & carb man though, and totally forgets about F&V.


    PS: We are aussie, so not sure on the availbility of the book to US. It could also work out different due to aus vs us currency, but could still work out cheaper, as we don't really have "coupons" out here.

  5. You don't want to be where I am then. In my area of Aus, because of the weather, there is an overabundance of mice due to the overbundance of good food weather. They are EVERYWHERE.


    And we live rurally, so we can't even share our plagues with the neighbours lol.


    We have tried every kind of trap, but unless we want to be re-setting them every few minutes (that is how many we can catch!) then prpppph to that. Our birmans are wonderful indoor mice catchers, and our dogs take care of the mice outside, we actually just re-arranged the sleeping quarter (dogs used to be in kitchen, but ignored mice of a night) now the cats have free run of the kitchen of a night, including us leaving the cupboards open so they can hunt the ones in there.


    Its a pretty normal morning to find whole remains in the litterbox, drowned played with ones in the shower and "ones for later" dropped into their food bowls. They growl at each other if they have one, "mine!" they say, and generally have a ball.


    Hopefully the plague will end soon, but considering the current weather, I doubt it. And we have lovely crops all around us, and lots of rural sheds round for shelter. We also tried the peanut butter can on a string with water bucket thing....and caught nada with them.



  6. We just started.


    We're currently combining Sonlight 3/4 & 4/5 Plus Language Arts K. We also have Artistic Pursuits Preschool coming (waiting....waiting).


    We're using P4/5 as the kindergarten program, its the best all combined Kinder program of all the ones we looked at, we have all the extras like ETC primers, LA K, etc.


    Next year, DD5 will move on to grade 1 and we'll get seperate subjects, mostly based on WTM, but with a few additionals/others.


    DD2 will stay on P3/4 and I am unsure as yet whether we'll keep DS 3 on 3/4 or move him up, and if we do, we may omit the Language Arts and just keep it as a preschool program.


    We'll definately stay with Sonlight for the younger years, once we get to grade 1 we will seperate, but will still use their readers, Read alouds, and any interesting lit that ties in with our program.


    MFW looks quite interesting, but we just added our own stuff to make it similar, most of the lit-based programs all look pretty much alike, they just tend to differentiate with their extras (like MFW has puzzles, and ant farm, we already have 5000 puzzles, and we just purchased 2 interconnecting ant farms to go with the learning about ants bit in Sonlight, plus the ant explorer book)


    Bottom Line: We love Sonlight P4/5 for Kinder, and you can add as much extras/tailoring as you want, or keep it as simple as you want. We also use Handle on the Arts for P4/5 activities. So we have a whole heap of extras, started at 8:15 this morning and ended at 10:30, and the kids are happy enough playing with their beautiful items they made now. This afternoon I will put one section of mathtacular & rock n learn on, then give them a box of toys to play with, and if it ever stops raining, they can go outside lol.

  7. New, and haven't started but the WTM mentions starting in the 2nd or 3rd grade (if you don't have the book, I would reccomend it, its one of the best books I have purchased)


    So I am planning to start Latin using one of the WTM resources at the age it reccomends, but I was thinking of starting with Rosetta Stone Latin (no workbooks added) at the end of this year or beginning next year (which DD would then be end of K, beginning of 1), then follow Rosetta with the more workbook type resources listed in WTM as per its schedule.


    This works well for us as we want a start in it soon, and I believe from researching Prima Latina will be the best one for them to start with, but right now my kids are more visual/interactive (as per little kids lol) then workbook-able.


    HTH xxxx

  8. Is it possible to have some sort of outdoor enclosure for him? There are many different types, and can be as elaborate or as simple and small as you want. Even just a cat flap in a window to a mesh box where he can catch the sun and feel the wind.


    All my cats have been, since I was little indoor cats, but we usually have some outdoor area for them, our last one for our foster cat was a shadecloth enclosed verandah, he used to spend 95% of the time out there.


    Our new place we are renting till we purchase it, so all we have is the sunroom and a cat tree, once we purchase we plan to enclose the side area outside our bedroom add a catflap to the window, and possibly a upwards tunnel leading upto the roof with a dome lookout.


    Theres an Aussie cat forum called Cat World, if you go there and look at there enclosure section theres many ideas. That way the cat can be safe but still have an outside area he can stretch.


    Hope that helps xxx


    Oh, and they are expensive but there are cat litters that don't require touching much of the remains. Theres one than cleans the litter itself, like a re-usable toilet bowl, and a robot dome/ball litter one that revolves the circle around.

  9. I suppose in a "normal" setout house we would be counted as doing it in both the loungeroom and kitchen.


    Our loungeroom is my hubbys relax room, so its more where the fire is, a big telly, his lazyboy, and a shag rug...oh and the cats play area at the other end of it.


    Where we "school" is in the kitchen area, we have a big open kitchen, so the area next to the benches is where we have our dining table, we use this for textbook work/crafts/messy things, theres also a big alcove off this area thats supposed to be a 2nd dining room, we just used a mesh long baby gate to "seperate" it from the kitchen (mental more then physical), put a rug down (as theres floorboards, we want a soft surface) some book and low shelves, a big coffee table at the end, and a old vintage couch with foot rests at one side. We use this area for reading, collecting & sorting/games/more informal play, it also has a cupboard that we keep all current supplies on hand.


    So to sum it up, we just need a couch for snuggling/reading together (and a blanket :) ) a soft floor to play on , and a work surface (dining table). If we're counting me as well, I have a desk in the corner of the kitchen that I keep all my stuff on, this is because I may be working on planning or my own work, and I need a safe place, as if I left it on the "communal" table by accident when hubby came home, he'd likely just plop spaghetti bolognese or something else helpful on it LOL.


    I'd say for the younger years, you'd be fine with communal items, for the later years, its best to have a desk of some sort for the child to work on, as they may be upto a certain point and not ready to close / pack everything away.

  10. I know where all 3 are.


    Off the hook, my 3yr old DS having called the emergency number.


    Yep, it has happened before. I found the phone, told him not to play with it, and next thing I know the police are at my front door....took an hour for them to believe me, including them investigating the one milli-second he was "out of my sight" in order for him to grab the phone. And a big grand tour of my messy house and introductions to my other 2 kids before they would leave, and they still left looking suspicious.




    He's called many people over the years, all in the effort of trying to speak to daddy. We're in Aus though so the emergency number is 000 which is located enticingly at the bottom of the phone between two pretty symbols.

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