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  1. I love the original Wii Sports, the one with Tennis. It got to the point where I was the only one playing it, and all I played was Tennis (with the occassional bout of golf) DH decided it wasn't worth keeping it since I was the only one playing, and I only played one game.,,,,


    Then he went out and purchased a PS3 and HE only plays GTA on it......


    Go figure.... :glare:

  2. We're slowly workin our way to the "almost self sufficient" lifestyle.


    Our first plan is to buy a house, we are planning to put all our money towards that, to pay it off as soon as possible.


    We only have tank water here, plus irrigation allotment for the garden, our next step is to turn the back paddock into a permaculture circle of mandalas, we also plan to get a few smaller farm animals.


    Our eventual hope is to cover not only our food expenses, but to have a hobby business that will cover the rest. People can come in with their familys, pet the animals, feed them, and collect fruit & veges to take home. A nice little day out for a family and some lovely just picked food. Thats still quite a while away though.


    Even if you live in a unit with a balcony, there are inside foods you can grow, you can have a pot of runner beans growing up the balcony wall, stuff hanging from the balcony.


    I can't offer much advise, but in the way of food, use every available surface to cover, hang stuff from the carport, have upwards growin plants growing up the side of your house. use trees for food and for stopping winds, cutting on your heating bills, if you house is on stumps, retrofit insulation under the house.


    hth xxxx

  3. Haven't read the replies.


    Doesn't sound like the kids would be "very good friends" if they would just not see her. I understand more than most the working of "cliques" though. I started out in the "popular" group when I started at a new highschool, for some reason they took a shine to me and pulled me under their wing...I hung out with them for about 2 weeks before I had had enough, they were rude, not very nice people, so I turned my back and walked up to the outcasts and hung out with them. Which apparently made me a hero in the eyes of the students ROFL. I had a lot more fun with the "non-clique" group than I did with the "populars"


    Maybe you could tailor 2 afternoons a week to something really interesting and fun, that would also interest her friends in school to come over and hang out? I have forgotten the age of your child, but most kids would love a sleepover with a "cocktail" party. Theres drinks that you can make, strawberry slushies, blue drinks, with sugar encrusted round the rim, that you could put in a martini glass, you could be a bartender, and they could watch a fun movie with some popcorn? A sort of "welcome to homeschooling" party?


    I hope everything works out for her :)


    P.S. We have 5 Primary schools and 2 Highschools available to us on DHs work route, but have passed on them, if you can a home education with interests tailored to your child can make your child have a love of learning for the rest of their life. :D

  4. Another brother lover here :lol:


    If dh purchases item like that he always buys items like Canon & HP, and they all break.


    Brother's items are very well priced, reliable, and very sturdy. We had both a copier and printer at work that were yellowed with age, every other printer , fax etc was new & shiny....yep, the yellowed ones were Brother branded :) they last forever, and work well.

  5. and also the Kinder Visuals


    I got a good reply about another health thread, and its made me re-interested in Abeka for Health


    Does anyone have a list of whats covered for Grade 1 Health, and also anymore info on the Kinder visuals? Does the teachers guide for health give more hands on ideas/projects? As my kids aren't very workbook-y


    Is there any other subjects you would recommend from Abeka for not much workbook-iness?


    Thanks :D

  6. Theres good replies for both sides.


    I think it is a very fitting assignment.


    I do not believe the parents should of given a "choice" per say, but the child to give explanations of what is important to him about both the game & the class. Then perhaps him asking your DH if there is the possibility of being able to have a "make-up" assignment to cover the class. So it should of been upto the child to cover bth of his responsibilities faith & sports wise. I.e. if he had missed the game instead, he should talk to the coach about it beforehand and ask for some extra coaching/home ideas to make up for missing the game.


    This next bit is just my opinion - I think missing the class and going to the game, if the sport was important enough to him, is the ideal choice, if it were between soccer practice & the class, the class would be the better choice, if it were between the actual confirmation itself and the game, the confirmation is the better choice. But this is all from the mind of a logical adult. Obviously, faith should be put first, so the confirmation goes above all else. But classes can (at the discretion of the holder) be made up, games can't be re-played. Soccer Practice can be caught up by doing extra hours at home.


    xxxx :001_smile: And there are a few people whom have such passion for both the Lord and their sport, that they have done quite a few miraculous deeds because of this passion.

  7. I tried online ones like HST and the others, and I didn't like them, if I was going that way, DH work google calendar looks the same.


    Whilst I like the idea of on computer/online planners, I haven't yet found one that doesn't make it more hassle than just typing and printing or pencilling in.


    I have purchased a number of planners (Aussie ones like downunder lit, Master Planner, The Old Schoolhouse, and plan to purchase the PDF of Well Planned Day. I will just whack all the pages I need from those together, and ProClick Them with a Pretty Laminated Cover.


    I love what Dawn does (From Filecrate system) with her planner and has the 3d trees etc on it, but I think that would make it lumpy, and when it comes to shedules and planners, I am not good at making my own like her, I just leech off of everyone elses planners, but at least I am keeping the economy in good order with all my planner purchases :D

  8. hmmm, good question!


    I am a bible collector myself, as well as various bible related books, and some mre controversial books. Some of mine aren't in great condition either.


    I know some charity shops out here take old, tattered bibles. Ones they can fix (via tape etc) they give to the homeless and others. I am not sure what they do with the rest, maybe recycle them?


    I don't think I could ever do that to a bible either!

  9. We're a bit below you academically lol, but hopefully I'll be of some help.


    We currently use:


    Sonlight LA K

    Language Lessons for little Ones by Sandi Queen


    Whilst the sonlight LA K is good, does everything it needs to, I am starting to be quite bored with it, its too repetitive. Thats good for children, but can drive the adults slightly bonky. I am going to look for an alternative for my younger ones for the future. We will keep with explode the Code workbooks though, we love them.


    LL4LO - We love this, we plan to continue using it. The lessons are short simple and fun.


    Next year our tentative line up (for grade 1) is:


    Writing with Ease Manual & Workbook 1

    Writing Strands 1 (this is a pre-writing level, uses creative ideas, seems similar to Language & Thinking for Young Children that we are using this year)

    First Language Lessons - These are a bit more structured than Queens, a bit more academically minded, but still fun and not too long.



    Theres also other ones we are planning to use or have looked at:

    Wordly Wise 3000

    Schoolhouse rock Grammar & Math Songs

    Grammar Songs by Audio Memory

    All about Spelling


    And of course we will continue with Queens Language Lessons and Explode the Code.


    HTH xxx

  10. I had a period with my two oldest when I was worried about their speech.


    My oldest was going on 5 before words "clicked" and her speech became more clear/fluent.


    My 3 year old still babbles, has his own sentences that noone can understand and only uses point nouns.


    We use a lit based curriculum, read lots of stories, I try to enunciate clearly each of the words, and he is slowly improving.


    It doesn't help that my 2 year old is quite a genius conversation wise, as it just shows the enormous difference between them.


    Kids grow at their own rate, my son is rather gifted logically, so the speech part has obviously fallen to the wayside. Each child has their own unique talents, and if they show it early this can slow down other areas of their learning.


    A program I am aware of is speechercise, which is a couple of CDs that use silly fun techniques to help children.


    Heres a blurb from them:


    "The excercises and songs on the CD are designed to help in a variety of speech and language problems including: mispronouncing a sound in certain words, yet pronouncing it clearly in other words; leaving or entire syllables from longer words; leaving off the beginning or ending sounds of words; making the /T/ or /K/ sounds incorrectly; pronouncing words differently from situation to situation; having difficulty combining sounds into words and struggling to move the tongue, lips, and jaw consistently. "


    Hope that helps hun xxxx

  11. I was actually looking around not long ago for this.


    I wanted something that would do Grades K/1, most health curriculums don't start until 2/3rd grade, and even then its just nutrition, where as I wanted the whole she--bang, mostly concentrated on hygiene, and others as opposed to just "the food pyramid"


    I found this:




    Unfortunately I have had to have budget cutbacks, so can't do this next year :( I will be doing unit studies with lapbooks instead, but plan to signup for Grade 2. It seems to do from K-12. Its a little expensive but they seem to cover EVERYTHING from A-Z. Drugs, Hygiene, Safety, Nutrition, and I haven't seen a better ore thorough curriculum elsewhere.


    I hope that helps xxxx

  12. They are usually called for lack of a better term "compact houses"


    The micro-compacts are the just fit your feet in shacks


    There was a wonderful book about it, but I can't remember the name of it. Anyhoo, heres a link to one book, if you look at the "also purchased" list, that should give you some other nice ideas.




    Heres another site that also links to amazon books, but also has some great pics for inspiration



  13. Everything gets tossed together :lol:


    I wash all the time during the week for clothes, I only keep out major delicates, woollens, and handwash items. The rest get plonked in together, otherwise it never gets done.


    DH is in charge of his trousers (because 1 pair of his jeans could be a whole load), towels & large bedding, basically anything big. He does those items on weekends.


    I sort items that can go in the dryer (since its rainy season now) and put those in, I hang up more delicate/non-dryer items on the various airers we have.


    DH is in charge of bringing all the dry stuff from the dryer and airers, and leaving them in baskets in the family room. He also hangs up and/or dries the larger items.


    I, whenever I get the time, put away the basketed items left in the lounge.


    It sounds higledy-piggledy, but for the moment, it works for us. :D

  14. Other than free online ones, I can recommend:


    * Happy phonics (phonics games and readers, also has about making your own)

    *sonlight Readers - get the appropriate list, and loan from library

    * Dr Suess books, there especially is a 4-in-1 volume called "reading is fun" it has - I can read with my eyes shut, hop on pop, and 2 others.

    * Bob Books

    * Not sure if available in US but Fitzroy Readers.

    *Starfall online readers

    * Click n Phonics or Smarty Ants can be an online program to work alongside it, these also have "readers" in their games.


    Good Luck xxx

  15. Where do I keep it...or where does DH keep it? :lol:


    I have laundry hampers, and a bizillion washing baskets (I think at last count there was 12) I have a hamper in each room, but they always disappear with just the lids left behind on the floor LOL. The kids use them as a toy and hubby is forever disappearing off with one for one reason or another.


    Both the kids and DH just drop their clothes everywhere, Im the poor darl that collects them. I gave up cajoling and yelling years ago and am resigned to the fact that I have to commando crawl under the kids beds to retrieve DHs socks, where they somehow end up rolling after he reads them their bedtime story.


    With the laundry hunting I do, I think I am ready for seals training lol.


    Our dirty laundry are kept in extra baskets in the bathtub at this house, as the bathroom & laundry are a combined small room.


    When we purchase the house, I am planning to figure out a new arrangement lol.

  16. Explode the code as per OP


    Or there is plenty of other choices (although most aren't workbook type)


    Happy phonics


    100 east lessons


    Click N Read

    Ordinary Parents guide (WTM)

    Weaver Read 123 (is this phonics?)

    etc etc


    There are soo many phonics programs out there, it just depends whether you do want to keep it workbook style. I have found, in some cases, that workbook style is a lot slower going than others (oral, interactive etc) where they can move at a quicker pace.

  17. For the moment, we just have labeled shelves, and a basket thats like a library cart..everyone just plonks there books in the basket and I put them back.


    Sonlight uses coloured stickers for there books, so I got the appropriate colour sticker dots from our office supply store.


    Next year we will have more shelves and copious amounts of books, so I will probably use the labeled shelves plus the sticker dots idea, AND librarything and the Cat Scanner, so I don't re-purchase books I already have, and can have a list of need to gets ready.


    There will be a coloured dot on the labeled shelf, so that everyone can put there own books back next year.


    I am thinking since I will have many resources that I will also tag them in librarything according to what I am using them for, so that I dont sell/donate books I need for a certain curriculum.


    It would be nice to have a scan out option too, with a scanner and server or something in the library room, so that I know whats officially "missing" from the room, but I think thats taking extravegence a bit too far lol..


    I hope I have helped somewhat


  18. I hope it doesn't count as advertising either.


    You have intrigued me enough to actually go on a hunt through your site.


    I am still scared of the schedule I will have to make for next year (thanks to SL and my pencil, this year isn't bad)


    I love scheduling and resoucing and curriculum hunting. I am a flashy organising junkie


    nfortunately I am useless at making my own schedules, it bores me to tears, I just really wish sonlight had a blank schedule you could download lol. I have so many d/l-able planners (TOS, Master Planner, blog homemade ones) and none of them hit the spot for me schedule wise) I will probably get to the point where I make a planner myself and get someone to actually custom make a schedule template for me...I could use DH for that, but he would probably make the most dry planner lol.


    *bounces* off to look at your fantabulousness :)

  19. We used our first monies from living inheritence. From here on in, we will purchase the bulk lot at tax-back time. We will be using mine and DHs refunds, plus the education refund and other bits we receive in our tax, to buy the next years lot.


    We will probably (hopefully earlier) have our tax back in September. By then, I should have a full list of every single thing I need for the next 14 months, and purchase it all as soon as the monies hit our account.


    So in ultra reality, the government pays for our homeschooling :D lol. I won't need the items till Jan 2012 (approx) but then I have to wait upto 6 wks for items, maybe more for backordered, not in print stuff, then once I receive it all I have to make up a shedule, I will be cutting it kind of fine this year.


    I want to look at ordering/purchasing iems 6 months in advance for the 12 months after that, just so even if there is a major delay (like I have right now, where I have been waiting for some items I ordered in feb) then I still don't have a problem, and still have plenty of time to organise and schedule the items in question before the new lot starts.


    But I don't have a lot of free time to schedule, or follow up delayed parcels, we use a whole bunch of different items that I have to make cohesively (sp?) work together, and we h/s all the time. So my household is a lot more different than most..A lot fo people seem to get by with just 6 weeks before school starts for ordering.


    Sorry I am not that much help



  20. After years of schooling, I would say that I recommend:


    First Language Lessons - Grammar


    Writing With Ease - Writing


    All About Spelling - Spelling



    That is the magic mix in my house.


    :iagree: Thats the basics of what we are planning to use next year. This year (k) We are using Sonlight LA K, ETC Primers, and Language Lessons for little Ones Vol 1, plus ETC wallchart, Rock N Learn, and all sorts of other bits & programs.


    Next year we will be using the above, plus Explode the Code books & Online program, and possibly still queens LL, and as I said many many other bits & pieces lol.


    The ones OP quoted as the basics though, they are all fantastic programs. I am just one of those nuts that has to add every possible extra on top of them lol.

  21. I am not sure how much help I am going to be, but I would like to try.


    I am a major munchies person. I like to nibble, eating an actual main meal, ends p making me feel quite sick a lot of the time. I am also one of those people whom if I wam watching anything tv show, movie, I have to sit there munching even if I am full.


    I am in love with David Wolfes ideals, and the whole prehistoric nut & berry diet, but I can't give up wheat lol, even though I have been told to, but if wheat is not a problem for you, maybe you could look into that kind of thing.


    When we were in school, years and years ago, the fad that caught on from me, was chewing on raw vermicelli noodles. The amount you consume is usually miniscule, but if your a munch person like me, it satifys that craving without adding too much of anythiing. Teachers used to think we were chewing on plastic (brain dead teens lol) so we even got away with chewing it in class rofl.


    Other things I have is Pistachios (am not sure of the calorie count of that) the whole cracking of the pistachios keeps my fingers busy, and if you have kids around, you don't end p with that many that your able to eat, as the kids sneak them all off you as your cracking them.


    Cucumber, berry salads, and honeydew melon are 3 more of my snacking yums that I believe are calorie free.


    Hope I have helped in some way darl xxxx

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