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  1. With apologies to the OP, I am following the NC info carefully. NC is our stateside home, and I don't know when we will end up back there. Obviously, it varies quite a bit by county (?). I looked at the dual enrollment policy for our CC and it said that only math and science courses were free for dual enrollment.
  2. Oh, I should have also said that I see nothing in your post that you should feel guilty about. Likewise, there is nothing wrong with adding a bit more discussion if your gut (not guilt) is telling you to do so.
  3. Great topic! I just (re) listened to SWB's talk about moving toward independence, and have been thinking about this recently. I struggle with the opposite reaction. By high school we are only supposed to talk to each other once a week? Is that supposed to be my goal? My college student kid interacts with his professors more than that! I think some of it is personality driven. Some students want to be left alone, and some want to talk. For next year, I am contemplating moving us toward the model of being (and talking) together in the morning and being on our own in the aftern
  4. I am just finishing this book, and I had no previous Latin experience. I have really enjoyed it. I did dip into Henle a bit along the way so that I could get a faster overview of the grammar.
  5. My conundrum is that I want to do 20th century history and lit in 9th. Then combine Greece and Rome into a single year in 10th. And I want to pick my own math. But if DS wants or needs to transfer to the private school , Kolbe's credits are acceptable because of their accreditation.
  6. Wow, y'all are awesome. You have given me such great ideas. Our not-so-small wrinkle is that we may have to return to the states sometime before DS graduates from high school. I am just trying to figure out whether we should even try to return before he starts 9th grade or not. Perhaps I should state the obvious - our 13 year old will not decide whether or not his family should make a transatlantic move. But there is some wiggle room; enough to make it worth taking his input into account. Having raised two teenagers already, I know that life is smoother if the child has bought into h
  7. We used Kolbe Academy this year, and (if we homeschool high school) I would like to continue with Kolbe through high school. But the more I think about course planning, the more I think that we will end up deviating from Kolbe's courses. Given that you can only get the Core (K) or Honors (H) designation on your transcript if you closely follow a Kolbe course, would a Kolbe transcript devoid of (K) and (H) designations make it appear that the student had not taken the most rigorous course load available to the student? Looking at a sample transcript, I see that the key for such codes wil
  8. If your eighth grader was given a choice about whether or not to homeschool for high school, how did you help your child make the decision? I would imagine that the choice is easy for some kids, but that is not the case here. Any words of wisdom to help guide the child through this process?! (We are finishing up 7th grade right now. We have talked about this, but I have not pushed the issue. I will have to push the issue in early 8th grade, however.)
  9. Eight year survivor here. Double mastectomy, reconstruction and chemo. For the basket, I suggest a pretty journal and perhaps some nice pens.
  10. The party was today and it went quite well. Yesterday, DS baked brownies, then I baked lasagna, and then I baked a cake. I burnt the cake and had to bake another one. Grrr! I also made vegetarian chili yesterday for the crockpot. DH made coleslaw and sliders. We got fresh peas (in the shell) from the market and set out a big bowl of those. We managed to use the grill, the crockpot and the oven. It was too much food, but several guests were unable to attend. We ended up with 12 people, and everyone had at least one friend - so it was fine. And I won't have to cook for a few days.
  11. I have been thinking of you, Luanne. Chemo is tough. I frequently watched really long, classic movies.
  12. My son will be taking Latin 1 in the fall through the Harvey Center. While I can't yet comment on the course, I will comment that Beth has been very helpful and responsive to multiple emails. She really went out of her way to help me decide if this would be the best course for my son.
  13. I am glad to see that IB is beginning to offer online courses, but not really because of homeschooling. My hope is that this avenue will make it easier for kids to switch from one IB school to another. Considering that IB was supposedly created for those international kids who move around a lot, switching from one IB school to another is complicated - unless the new school's offerings match up with the previous school's course load. My middle son finished an IB program last year. I am considering the same program for the younger, but I have great concerns over what would happen if we made
  14. Where I live, they do not exist or I have been unable to find them.
  15. Pretty sure that is the one that I recommended, LOL. My teenager and I loved it.
  16. I came back to correct myself...just because. I do know two people who homeschool. However, my only contact with them is through Facebook, and neither one of them ever post anything about homeschooling. So I don't think "homeschooling" when I think of them. But - yay! I do actually know IRL homeschoolers.
  17. The film by Suzie Templeton is fantastic, but not for young, sensitive children.
  18. Tutors run about $50 / hr here in Denmark. Labor rates are high here in comparison to other countries. We have had the same Skype tutor for a year, and we like her. I am looking into adding a second weekly session with a local tutor. I am not sure if it makes good sense to use two different tutors, but I have plans to work differently with the second tutor if we add her. Kind of like using multiple math programs:)
  19. My foreign film watching is limited to Danish films these days. Here are few I like that have not yet been mentioned: Jagten (The Hunt) Festen (The Celebration) Flammen & Citronen (Flame and Citron) If I could only pick one to add to the list, this would be the one. Marie Krøyer En Kongelig Affære ( A Royal Affair) The Monastery: Mr. Vig and the Nun (documentary, partially in English)
  20. THIS. After my breast cancer diagnosis at a fairly young age, I decided to stop making long term plans. That was eight years ago, and I still view things that way. What my family is currently doing in no way reflects what I would have predicted five years ago. I would prefer that high school could feel like a one-year-at-a-time homeschooling decision, but it doesn't. Nevertheless, we will do whatever we can to not close doors prematurely.
  21. While I am (so far) the only one who does not know any other current homeschoolers (even in a vague or disconnected sense), I am obviously not the only one who does not interact with other homeschoolers IRL. Our friends have come from other sources. While legal and not paperwork-intense, homeschooling in Denmark is rare. In the USA, we were not a homeschool family and I did not ever meet any there, either. Thank goodness for the forum!
  22. I do not know a single IRL homeschooler who is currently homeschooling. Am I the only one? Just curious - the forum vs. real life thread made me wonder.
  23. I don't know any IRL homeschoolers who are currently homeschooling. Seriously - not even one. So I guess "this" (meaning this forum) is all that I know.
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