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  1. I think my son will have to do a summer week somewhere if he wants to get all the volunteer hours done.
  2. Well, I am feeling like quite the slacker for posting that my son is in 10th grade and is not-quite-eligible for the Bronze Medal. And he started in May of 8th grade. But them's the facts. Here is a good reference point for deadlines: http://congressionalaward.org/gold2017deadlines/ Looks like record books should be submitted should be submitted by Feb 1 for a June gold medal ceremony.
  3. Interesting.DS just shifted coordinators (we moved to a different region), and will be sending his new coordinator an email soon. I will report back. That does change my thought process. He is pretty close to the Bronze Medal right now, and an overnight vs. two dailies + overnight moves the finish line quite a bit.
  4. When my son was volunteering weekly at a nonprofit, he kept a small notebook that he got initialed each time. It just noted the date and the number of hours. This made it easy to fill in the official form when it was time for that. Also, maybe the person signing off on the validation form is not the same person your kid sees each time. We thought the informal log would make it easy for someone to feel comfortable signing off that the kid was there for X hours over a (possibly long) stretch of time.
  5. No BTDT experience with your specific situation, but I don't think that either method would be a problem. You could email your coordinator or call the office. I have found them to be quite helpful. For example, DS accumulated 76 hours of personal development this summer, and that is on one form. I think he will submit for each level. So what happens to the remainder of the unused personal development hours? I called the office, and was told that they will be held for the next level. BTW, one reason for submitting at each level is the ability to change goals. That doesn't sound like an
  6. For my son's one day expedition, we went to another city. He did all of the planning, which is the key. He chose the itinerary, figured out the train schedule and how to buy the tickets, bought and packed our lunch, led the way around with street map in hand, etc. He is a pretty experienced traveler, but I am usually the one doing all that planning stuff. It rained and his paper map got wet and fell apart, and he had to figure out an alternative means for not getting us lost :)
  7. Oops, I meant Bronze certificate. Thanks for catching that. I don't quite get the cumulative nature of the Explorations/Expeditions. If one submits for the first time at, say, the Bronze medal, what does one have to have? Three individual day things plus one overnight? Or just one overnight? All the other aspects, you could just read down the column: 100 hours of service, 50 hours of personal development, 50 hours of physical fitness. -- And for those just getting started, I have emailed our regional coordinator with questions multiple times. I have just realized that I probably have
  8. It is nice to see this thread revived. I hope that people will periodically post updates. Here is what my son is doing right now: Physical Fitness: Fencing. He'll probably go back to fitness walking as soon as it is no longer bitter cold. And will be getting a SCUBA certificate before the summer. Voluntary Public Service: We just moved here in November, and he doesn't have a place to volunteer yet. The move took its toll on us - he hasn't even looked yet. This is an action item for January :) But he already has about 100 hours so that is Ok. Personal Development: He banked a lo
  9. I bought this in Danish, and I can't wait to read it. The edition is oh-so-lovely; I don't know if such an edition exists in English though.
  10. (Not that I am bothered by new replies, but the original post is about a year and a half old.) Helena, I hope you are feeling better now :) Your homeschooling ideas have inspired me many times.
  11. bumping for the update in post #1 2014 Subara Impreza. Woot!!
  12. Do you have any family stories that get told and retold? Those are great for fine-tuning (and embellishing!). Storytelling FAQ: http://www.timsheppard.co.uk/story/faq.html#Introduction TED Talks Storytelling 23 Storytelling Techniques https://www.amazon.com/TED-Talks-Storytelling-Techniques-Best/dp/1507503008 Google Ted Talks + Storytelling for lots of hits applicable for high school and up.
  13. I have long thought about doing a storytelling unit, as I think my DS would really enjoy it and be good at it, too. It also syncs well with the oral traditions we have been studying in literature. Sorry I do not have more concrete advice at this moment. I have some links to explore, and I will come back and post them. We are moving this week, so I may not do it promptly! Am eager to read replies, too.
  14. Back to the USA!!!! Back to the same state that I grew up in, but have not lived in since 1997. We are moving to a city that we have never lived in before, so it should feel somewhat new-and-different.
  15. Hi, I am back. We are moving in less than a week. :willy_nilly: Paperwork and errands are consuming much of my time at the moment. This afternoon is going to be tough - it is our last shift at the refugee center. Most of our friends are there and it is going to be very emotional for both DS and I. Am trying to prepare myself... As for school, fortunately DS has some outsourced classes and independent work to keep him going. He does not have nearly the mountain of moving-related tasks to deal with that I do, and he needs to keep doing school so as not to spend time brooding over the
  16. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: Thinking of you and your family.
  17. Pace. My son could do the work, but not at the pace necessary to complete our desired high school math sequence.
  18. I hope her school is understanding. My son was down to nearly empty - yesterday everywhere was out. He just got gas. Whew. He goes to a community college in NC, and they would not have been understanding.
  19. Hello, folks. We are making our international move in about two weeks, and we have not dropped the ball on school so I can feel accomplished just by that, right?! Picking up medical records today. Movers are lined up. DS is registered for extracurriculars. A fun day planned tomorrow with a close friend. My mom is here cheering me on and reminding me to BREATHE.
  20. You could email Novare and ask for ideas on how to make the text suitable for high school. I have emailed customer service several times about chemistry, and have found them to be super helpful and prompt with replies. I haven't looked at the Earth Science text, but in my opinion a textbook does not define a course. If you like this text instead of a higher level text (Tarbuck is a polular one) for whatever reason, you can still beef up your course. The Great Courses has several that would work - I just peeked at Nature of Earth: Intro to Geology and How the Earth Works. I have thi
  21. My son went through IB. In his case, he was also adjusting to life in a different country at the same time. He started out in IB Physics but quickly discovered that everyone else had already had a lot of physics before starting IB Physics. He had had the normal USA-style Bio and Chemistry, and wanted to round out with physics. But in order to be successful he switched to IB Bio and ended up with no physics. In some respects, IB encourages more specialization than the standard USA curriculum. That took some getting used to. Transitions are hard!!
  22. Thanks. This kid would not be interested in the military, though. I wonder if there are any deals similar to debt forgiveness for teachers who agree to work for X years in underserved districts. I could see him doing that. Probably no such program exists for mental health professionals, but it seems like it would be a good idea!
  23. That is my fear! There is one private school (not an outrageously expensive one ) close enough for him to live at home and the numbers work out to equal to a state school with room and board. Assuming he gets in, of course.
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