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  1. That is quite a decrease in size! I hope that you are feeling OK.
  2. I hope you find something useful in there, and I hope that most of the links are still active 🙂 I always appreciate thread follow-ups, so here is mine: My son would have been in 7th grade then, and he just graduated. We continued to homeschool through high school. If I recall correctly, we stayed with the path of writing without a curriculum through middle school. He took multiple Brave Writer classes in 9th and 10th grade and then AP English in 11th followed by AP Lit in 12th. I continued to come up with my own writing assignments for history in high school. He also started taking Dual Enrollment history classes at a four year college in 11th. It all worked out just fine 🙂 I don't know if the book Engaging Ideas came up in the thread, but that ended up being one of my favorite resources.
  3. It is nice to “see” you here, @Pen. Good luck with your new challenges! I really like my 10x10 framework in spite of my slow progress.
  4. Yes, you do 🙂 You will love them. The place to start is with The Great Flood. That is their "origin story" and tells how they came to reside in Moomin Valley.
  5. Well, the Latin book is just the Cambridge textbook but I read the whole thing, so by golly I am counting it! I will look at my streaming app for a Danish Krimi to try out. I forgot to say what I am currently reading: Absalom, Absalom (Faulkner) and Mumitroldene in Danish (The Moomins). I love both books to the moon. I want to visit Oxford, Mississippi and Moomin Valley!
  6. Well, funny enough, I have never read a Danish crime novel. They are called Krimi in Danish, and they take up a sizeable chunk of the real estate in mainstream Danish bookstores! But I have in fact begun to feel a slight urge to venture in to the realm... I just looked at my subscription to a Danish streaming service (which is like Kindle Unlimted but 1000X better) and, unfortunately, only one of his books are in there. It is a Christmas book. -- Here is an update on my 10X10 categories. My volume of reading has not been great this year, but I have loved most of the books that I have read. I allow overlaps in my challenge. At the moment, it appears that Digte by Yahya Hassan managed to tick the most boxes for me: In Danish, Nordic, Poetry, and Politics. 1960s (3) In Danish In a Foreign Language (4). I am now counting Dutch and Latin, too. Non Tropical Islands (2) Good Catholic / Bad Catholic (0) Fantasy (4) Nordic (4) Poetry (1) The American South (5) Around the World (2) A perpetual challenge. New countries only (added Canada and the Netherlands) Politics (2)
  7. We had the tornado warning today, too. This is the second one I have been through here, and I don’t feel like we have a great safe space. Hugs! On days like that I usually challenge myself to stay up until 9 so that I don’t wake up at three AGAIN.
  8. Happy Birthday, @tuesdayschild !!!!!!!! I finished Alberta and Freedom (1931) this week. This is the second part of a trilogy by Norwegian author Cora Sandel. It is surprising to me that Cora Sandel is not better known outside of Norway. She is a really big name in Norwegian literature. The trilogy is semi-autobiographical. The first book, Alberta and Jacob, takes place in rural Norway. The second book takes place in Paris in the 1920s. I did not like this book as much as the first book. There was a scene at the end that I though depicted Africans in a racist manner. That nearly spoiled the book for me. And the Starving Artist social scene became tiresome. But I certainly liked it enough to finish the trilogy. The writing is excellent, a bit Virginia Woolf-ish, I think. I have just started Absalom, Absalom. I did a reread of The Sound and The Fury earlier this year, and I am very much looking forward to another Faulkner.
  9. Has anyone been to the Edgar Allen Poe House? It is free! (Thank you for the thread, Garga! We are about to spend a weekend in Philadelphia, too.)
  10. Thank you for the warm welcome back. Yes, my Latin class ended on May 16. We completed the first Cambridge Book. And I got a perfect paper on the NLE Intro Level exam!
  11. Yes! I should have more time to read now 🙂
  12. Hello, BaW friends. I have been away from this thread for several weeks, and I have missed all of you! I have been wrapped up in wrapping up my homeschool career. The youngest finished up on May 10, and we had our graduation party on Sunday. It has been a bit of a whirlwind. I'll try to read through the most recent threads to see what everyone has been up to. A week ago, I went to hear Neil Gaiman speak. It was such a wonderful evening. He talked about making The Good Omens show, and he read three short stories to us.
  13. All good thoughts, thank you. I have this irrational fear of waking up on May 2 and finding out that we didn't do some unknown thing and then he won't have a place at the school. It is silly, I know. The deposit secured his place. Mind you, I was one of those people who had the final exam dream years after I graduated. I'm surprised I haven't had the "we forgot to deposit" dream yet, lol.
  14. I'll nudge him to get this part done ASAP. Housing is guaranteed, but I wonder if the selection is best if done promptly.
  15. DS indeed needs to complete his housing application and some other forms. They are all due June 1, so we will get to them as soon as the DE finals / AP exams crunch passes.
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