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  1. My daughter auditioned and is going on a trip to Japan with a group of students from our community next spring to play with a local high school band and they will be staying in host homes. She wants to study Japan and the language as a result for this upcoming school year. Does anyone have some good recommendations? Thanks, I haven't been homeschooling her for the last year or so and I am feeling a bit rusty 😉
  2. Hello - I am a teacher this year for the homeschool enrichment program run by the local school district. I am also a homeschooling mom and recovering curriculum junkie. So, they put the curriculum library (we check these out to our parents) in my hands. Our offerings for both Language Arts and History are just sets of old textbooks discarded by the local high school and I am hoping to replace those with better curricula for our parents. However, it has to be secular as public funds are being used to purchase. So, What recommendations would you have for High School Language Arts and High School History. I really want these to be easy to use as well as effective content. Any ideas are welcome! ;)
  3. Thank you, I think the idea of using pinterest in this way is great! I followed your other homeschool boards too :001_smile:
  4. I bought it and though I do use some of it, I just found that we did better with the free Raising Rock Stars curriculum (http://www.1plus1plus1equals1.com/RaisingRockStarsPreschool.html). So, we actually use that more and just suppliment with the other.
  5. :iagree: my kids loved this, especially the images.
  6. I often make green smoothies and those are really healthy. So, for breakfast I make one that consists of spinach (loads of spinach), one banana and about two cups of frozen berries. I split that among my husband, me, and the three kids. Everyone loves it. I have had luck making green smoothies with greens like kale and collard greens too. I have a vitamix - that is all I need tool wise.
  7. You don't have to make a separate order but, they give you the cheapest ones for free. So, say you are getting 4 books that are 6.99 and 4 that are 3.99. If you order all eight, you will get two of the 3.99 ones for free. If you order separately, you can get one of those 6.99 ones for free and then one of the 3.99 ones for free. So, your savings is better. If they are all the same price, you can just order all 8 at once and not worry about it. The prices get reflected in your cart before you order so, you can play around with it and see how it works.
  8. As we are rolling into next year, I realize I am still not sure what to do for my son as far as language arts goes. He is currently using CLE but, it takes so much time. I would be fine with the time but, we got his test scores back and he is way advanced (like grade levels ahead) in grammar and spelling. Which is great but, I would like something that does not take as much time in those. His vocabulary on the other hand was pretty low. He is high functioning autistic and has issues picking up on in context cues. Because I have other kids and in other subject areas my son needs extra help, I rely on language arts to be the subject he can pick up and go with. This is why I switched to CLE from FLL this last year. So, I guess what I am looking for is: - grammar that will continue to sharpen his skills but not take so much time, maybe even not every day - same for spelling - program that will help him with vocabulary and the skill of picking up on in context cues. - programs that my son can do independently Oh, and these can be different programs. I have writing covered (he loves to write). I even toyed with just taking a break from grammar/spelling but, will he forget everything? Okay hive, what do you think?
  9. I am one that started using TT with a math phobic child. At first, I loved it but, found he was not retaining from lesson to lesson. He was also missing some problems repeatedly in certain areas and not progressing. It just seemed like he needed more review of things like long division and not nearly as much constant review over things like angles that he got the first time. So, this is probably that spiral vs mastery issue another poster mentioned and may not really be due to TT at all. Though it takes more work on my part and he does not like it as much, he is really now plodding along with math mammoth. I may give him a break this summer and let him go back to the TT for a bit, he really did like the format - and it is a break for me too.
  10. I would second Boulder or Fort Collins - Fort Collins is more affordable. Or, many of the mountain towns are very hipster and cool. Try to visit Steamboat, Estes Park, or any of the ski towns off season to pick up on the local culture.
  11. I got CLE reading 2 this year and find I cross out about every other section in the light units. I do think those dictionary sections are weird and we did not use them for phonics so, it makes no sense to my dd. So ya, I say - still skip the light units at grade 2.
  12. The more I hang out here, the more classical I am getting :lol: The book helps with that progression too.
  13. As of tonight, many items are still $1. And, the coupon code worked!:lol:
  14. History can actually be taken as a set of skills ... Skills to think and analyze about any given source. You can quibble about facts and what not but, we are all really here to give our kids the skills, in this case, to think about history. So, last year, I was in a coop, teaching American History. I was having the kids do a picture analysis with a pic of George Washington from the Library of Congress. The kids came up with essentially what I would expect them to. Then, my son, the autistic one, says, "he had slaves.". Honestly, it was a blurred out man, holding his horse. I didn't even notice it before he said it. I was so proud of him. He caught what I didn't. So, really, my suggestion is to teach your kids the skills of historical thinking, And you might be surprised at what you find.
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