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  1. For my third grader, I try to stick with things that don't take a lot of time. He's been in school all day, I don't want to make him spend the remainder of his day doing too much more, ya know? Reading/fluency practice: 5 Minutes to Better Reading Skills and 3x per week, he does Ace Reader Reading: An AR book on Epic! (a reading app, takes about 15-20 minutes) Math Facts: Math Facts Pro (takes about 10 minutes) Math: We were switching between CTC Math and Prodigy, depending on what he wanted to do. But we just started using book 1 in the Learn Math Fast series. He likes it because the explanations are easy and (so far) have been quick.
  2. I chuckle every time I scroll past this thread. You guys are a mess. :lol:
  3. I'm using Mastering Essential Math Skills for my fourth grade daughter through Kindle Unlimited. It's great!
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