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  1. For my third grader, I try to stick with things that don't take a lot of time. He's been in school all day, I don't want to make him spend the remainder of his day doing too much more, ya know? Reading/fluency practice: 5 Minutes to Better Reading Skills and 3x per week, he does Ace Reader Reading: An AR book on Epic! (a reading app, takes about 15-20 minutes) Math Facts: Math Facts Pro (takes about 10 minutes) Math: We were switching between CTC Math and Prodigy, depending on what he wanted to do. But we just started using book 1 in the Learn Math Fast series. He likes it because the explanations are easy and (so far) have been quick.
  2. I have no idea what any of these numbers mean. Can anyone tell me what I'm looking at? LOL. My 11 year old daughter was evaluated by the school, and this is what they gave me. Might as well be written in Arabic, because I have no clue what any of it means. :p GIA SS 92 Reading Fluency SS 70 Oral Language SS 99 Listening Comprehension SS 101 Broad Reading SS 75 Reading Comprehension SS 82 Broad Math SS 76 Math Reasoning SS 79 Written Expression SS 94
  3. I chuckle every time I scroll past this thread. You guys are a mess. :lol:
  4. Thanks so much for this! What an awesome giveaway! :thumbup:
  5. Where did you get this offer? I'd love a teacher's license for that price!
  6. My three kids use it and have had great success with it. They've been using Reflex for about 7 months, and it has definitely transferred to their school work. My fourth grader actually won a multiplication/division math facts competition at school. My first and second graders are at the top of their classes, since a majority of their math work is addition and subtraction. Are they tired of it? Yes, and they are especially tired of Coach Penny's Picture Puzzles. LOL. I have them do it five times a week until their green light comes on. I'm positive that if Reflex added more games every now and then, it would re-spark their interest. I reeeaaally wish they would work on adding new games. Overall though, it's definitely worth the money.
  7. I feel the same way! All of those reviews are nice, but kind of skewed, ya know? Anyway, I have an account (that I purchased! LOL) and signed up a few family friends as well as my own kiddos. One girl is in Pre Algebra and had a D that was on the verge of falling to an F. In a few weeks' time, she brought that low D up to a C-. One of the boys is in middle school and has always been a C math student. He is now making A's. My fourth grader (who was struggling immensely and making D's and the occasional F last year) went into this school year with a higher math score than the entire school district after doing CTC every weekday during the summer. My second grader was also struggling and headed down the path of her big sister. She is now a very confident A-B math student.
  8. My kid's school's AR goal is set quarterly. For each quarter, they have to have acquired a certain amount of AR points to reach their goal and go to the AR party at the end of the quarter. From what I understand, every kid has a different goal based on their reading/skill level. The kiddo has to read a book, then take a computer quiz on it. They have to score an 80% or better for it to be counted toward their goal. So if they haven't finished a book, they probably won't do too well with the required quiz. Chapter books are usually worth 2 points, while "regular" books are worth .5. What I do is have my kids read a "regular" book 3 times (I'll read it to them, then with them, then they read it by themselves) then they take the AR test on that book the next day. I've found this to be the fastest way to meet their goals. At the end of the year, they hand out medals to the children who've met their goal for each quarter, so that's something they really look forward to.
  9. I have my kids (including my first grader) using Reflex Math. In six months, my son now knows all addition and subtraction facts from 1-10. You can see which facts they've mastered, which ones they have yet to work on, and which ones they're not yet fluent in. Before Reflex, he was using Xtra Math and only retained 2 facts after months and months of using it.
  10. I'd recommend checking out http://ctcmath.com/. I've tried a few other online math programs. This is the one that works and the one that we keep going back to. Each lesson has an accompanying video that teaches the concept, then you answer the questions to see how well you retained the information. Standard and comprehensive tests are also available, so you can check on what the kiddos know, and what they need to work on. Khan, ALEKS, IXL, Dreambox (and a few others that I'm forgetting) didn't work out for us.
  11. My daughter used it last year at school as part of a reading intervention program. After using it for the entire school year, there were no improvements. She also hated it.
  12. My kids really like Ice Math Ninja on Android. As far as reading goes, they LOVE FarFaria
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